Debriefing Meeting


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Debriefing Meeting

  1. 1. Debriefing Meeting What is it? The debriefing meeting is a meeting that should be held with the EP once he/she is back from his internship. The purpose of this meeting is for the EP to evaluate his exchange experience and to close it with next steps. When does it happen? The debriefing meeting should take place one or two weeks after the EP comes back to the country, so they still have fresh memory of their exchange experience. Why is it important? As part of the experience we provide for the EP, he/she should be given the opportunity to evaluate his experience and reflect on it and how it changed his/her life, in addition to proceed with next steps to engage with AIESEC . The EP has also the right to share his exchange experience with members of his sending LC, and to reintegrate in the LC’s activities (this is a focus during the fall recruitment). The debriefing meeting has value for both the EP and the LC. Value for the EP: The debriefing is part of the whole AIESEC exchange experience - through it, the EP is making his real life changing experience in reflecting his learning process consciously in order to use new insights for his personal and professional life. Value for the LC: After completing the debriefing meeting, you will have:    Motivated and skilled HR GCDP ambassadors in your LC who can promote the program and help with the process of selection and matching Satisfied people who will spread good word themselves How long should it last? Please make sure that the appointment date is set up with the returned on time. Plan about 1.5 hours for it, and avoid making it between 2 events as the talk may take longer than planned.
  2. 2. How should it be done?  Individually: preferred.  In group: for big LCs (Prague & Brno), of maximum 3 people. **In case the EP had a very bad exchange experience, it is recommended to have his debriefing meeting in group with 2 other returnee EPs who had a good experience. What should it include? Check the guideline. Should an output be made after it? There is an output template available within the package that contains important notes that has to be discussed, and that should be filled by the VP/buddy during the meeting by the EP buddy. What is its MoS? The measurement of success of the debriefing meeting is that 40% of the returnee EPs should join the LC as active members. For further questions please approach Yousra Mouchtari, NST GCDP OG of AIESEC Czech Republic at