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Webinar Webinar Presentation Transcript

  • Preparing for the Social Media Webinar Virtual Meeting Tutorial Next
  • If this is your first time using the Illuminate software you will need to install Java. This is a one time installation. To install visit the link: bit.ly/my-java Next Previous
  • Click on Get required software Next Previous
  • Next, click Save Click Save Next Previous
  • The Java download begins. Please allow the download process to end by reaching 100%. Next Previous
  • Finish the installation. 3 1 2 4 Next Previous
  • You’ve successfully installed Java. Please continue to part 2- accessing the Webinar. Next Previous
  • The link to the virtual class will be emailed to you in advance. The class will be available only during from the morning of the webinar’s scheduled day . Accessing the virtual class prior to the time set will result in this screen: Access the virtual class in the time that was set! Next Previous
  • Before accessing the virtual class you will be asked to enter your name. Next Previous
  • The Java software you install will begin to load. This may take a couple of minutes. 1 2 Next Previous
  • Click OK and wait for the virtual class to open up. 1 2 Next Previous
  • You’ve successfully entered the virtual class! Please continue to the next step – Audio tests and settings. Next Previous
    • We recommend performing the audio and recording tests about 10 minutes prior to the webinar.
    • Please prepare a headset with earphones and a microphone.
    Next Previous
  • Please follow these steps: TOOLS AUDIO AUDIO SETUP WIZARD 1 2 3 Next Previous
  • Click OK Next Previous
    • - Click Play
    • If you hear the recording click Yes
    • If you do not hear the recording, please adjust the volume on your computer and make sure the headphones are properly connected.
    Next Previous
  • Click OK to test your microphone. Next Previous
    • - Click Record and record yourself by speaking to the microphone.
    • - Click Play to listen to the recording.
    • If you hear your recording click Yes .
    • If you can’t hear your recording please adjust your microphone by reconnecting it.
    Next Previous
  • You’ve successfully finished the audio and recording tests. Please move on to the next part – orientation. Next Previous
  • This is the virtual class. Click Next for explanation. Next Previous
  • List of participants This is the list of users who are currently logged into the virtual class. Next Previous
    • Feedback tools
    • These tools allow you to:
    • Raise your hand (for a question or a comment)
    • Providing feedback such as clapping, smiling etc.
    • Answering Yes/No to the speaker’s questions.
    1 2 3 Next Previous
  • Chat Window Post chat messages such as questions or comments to all participants. Next Previous
    • Using the microphone
    • This button allows you to speak during the webinar.
    • Two possible uses:
    • Clicking the microphone icon allows you to speak.
    • When finished speaking click on the microphone icon again, to not interrupt others.
    1 2 Next Previous
  • The whiteboard In this area the presenter shows the presentation and any other information. Next Previous
  • We will meet at the Social Media Webinar Thursday, March 24th at 4pm CET For question please contact Sarit [email_address] הקודם לרשימת הנושאים Previous