sarita mc gowan geography field trip 2012
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sarita mc gowan geography field trip 2012






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sarita mc gowan geography field trip 2012 sarita mc gowan geography field trip 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Sarita Mc Gowan Wed 5-6:50 Fall 2012
  • Granular structureSan Andreas Rift Zone located in thestream bed
  • Doppler Radar Tower whichCucamonga Alluvial Fan, they measures the windare debris flow areas wheregravity carries water downcutting ridges in the canyons
  • Cinder Cone Volcano, erupted 500 yrs ago with white Lava Flows Intrusive and extrusive, lava flowspumus stone and the red stone is mined for track fields hit the water of the Owens River
  • Metate holes formed by little pebbles trapped by river water Owens River Bed flowed through here at FossilStream bed at Fossil Falls of Owens River Falls, which was formed by the lava hitting the river water
  • House rings formed by Native Americans to provide temp shelterPetroglyph created by Native Americans thatoccupied this area and is a drawing in stone Obsidian Flakes from the Native Americans that used this area to prepare their arrowheads
  • Inyo White Mountains, V shaped by water and less snow and rain Mt Whitney, way way in the back, cloudsrolled in, and glacier forming mountains in the Sierras, U shaped formed by ice and glaciers Alluvial Fan
  • Lone Pine Fault is at the bottom along the Sierra’sLake Diaz created by a earthquake in 1872 , forming Diaz Lake after the big earthquake.
  • Back by the wood pile is a coyote! Garlock Fault , 2nd largest fault in California
  • Manzanar PlaquesCamp where the Japanese were taken in 1942 during the war Guard Shacks at Manzanar
  • After the Japanese inmates build the buildings they put their names hereThe area where the buildings stood at Manzanar and the Guard road
  • Windmill blade Joshua TreePlaya – Dry lake bed LA Aqueduct
  • Native American CradleboardMy Interest!
  • Tufa formations, created by underwater springs that are the result of the The Islands the small black one oncombination of minerals in fresh water and the left in back is a volcano. Negit salt water, when the calcium in the Isalnd is the volcanic cinder cone,freshwater spring meets the carbonates in and the nesting ground for California the lakes salt water, a calcium carbonatedeposit precipitates our and solidifies over Gulls. Paoha is the flat white island the years into rocky towers. which has hot spring vents.
  • Former Shoelines, you tell bythe different vegitation and not Tufas are now exposed as to much will grow because of all once being underwater. the salt, stata exsits here too.
  • A retreating glacier from the These red rocks are the oldestlast ice age of 10,000 years stones and were formed underneath the surface andago left behind the moraine then were pushed out by that dammed Convict Lake glaciers
  • Grant Lake the other endEntering June Lake Loop Grant Lake and the Moraines on each side
  • Beautiful Grant Lake Silver Lake Waterfall
  • Silver Lake boats upside down for winter Slick polished granite Silver Lake