Top 4 free pdf to word converter software


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Top 4 free pdf to word converter software

  1. 1. Top 4 Free PDF To Word ConverterSoftwareNo matter how many advantages of a PDF file own, you have to convert it to otherformat file when it comes to further modifications and editions. Here will introduceyou top 4 free PDF to Word converter software if you need convert your PDF toWord.Nemo PDF To WordComing with intuitive and user-friendly interface, Nemo PDF To Word is 100% freePDF to Word converter which allows you to convert PDF to editable MS Office Word/RTF with high-quality in 3 simple steps: Import>> Settings >> Convert. Afterconversion, it will retain original text, images, charts and other formatting in thegenerated Word/RTF files. Please note this application also supports passwordprotected PDF files. And aside from Adobe PDF files, this program also supports PDFfiles created by other tools.Through this free utility, you can customize your output file format (DOC or RTF) andspecify the locations for the generated Word documents. Moreover, you can also optfor whether to convert all pages, certain page or page ranges of your target PDF filesto Word. And it can help you convert multiple PDF files in a single task, greatlyimproving your working efficiency.Free PDF to Word Doc ConverterFree PDF to Word Doc Converter is a totally free PDF conversion tool to convertAdobe PDF file to Microsoft Word Doc file. This application can extract text, images,shapes from PDF file to Word Doc file and preserve the layout. It can also convert allthe pages, or partial pages of the PDF file. Another advantage is that it is astandalone program, so you can convert PDF to Word Doc without Adobe AcrobatReader or Microsoft Word installed via this program.The biggest drawback of Free PDF to Word Doc Converter is that it doesn’t supportbatch conversion, so you have to convert your PDF one by one if you have many.Besides, Free PDF to Word Doc Converter cannot convert PDF file with passwordprotection.SmartSoft Free PDF to Word ConverterWith SmartSoft Free PDF to Word Converter, you can easily convert any PDF file tothe Word format (DOC), with the resulting document an exact copy of the original
  2. 2. PDF file. It features a small preview window where you can have a look at thedocument youre about to convert. The disadvantages of this free PDF to Wordconverter are that you cant convert more than one document at the same time andno configuration options or any other tools available.Some PDF to Word ConverterSome PDF to Word Converter can help you convert PDF to Word easily with columns,tables, headers, footers, graphics and layout reproduced just as what they were. Itsupports batch conversions, converts outer fonts into text and embedded fonts intoimages, and supports partial conversion. It is a standalone program and does notrequire Adobe Acrobat, or even Acrobat Reader when converting PDF to Word.Its interface is basic but uncluttered, even with all of the user options handilyavailable in a sidebar on the right. And the conversions arent always the cleanest,and PDFs that contain image and text formatting that would be complicated in MSWord sometimes overlap. There is noticeable image deterioration as well.Free Download Nemo PDF to Word