Top 2 free ways to convert pdf to rtf speedily


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Top 2 free ways to convert pdf to rtf speedily

  1. 1. Top 2 Free Ways to Convert PDF to RTFSpeedilyBeing superb in terms of size, security and compatibility, PDF files are widely appliedin global workplaces and company brochures, ebooks, help manuals are usually inPDF format. But it is inconvenient if you need to make further modifications orediting for your PDF files. Therefore, you need to convert it to other file format. Herewe talk about how to convert PDF to RTF.Considering that you may be not familiar with RTF, so here first simply explains whatRTF is. According to Wiki, RTF, referred to Rich Text Format, is a proprietarydocument file format with published specification developed by Microsoft forMicrosoft products and for cross-platform document interchange. In another word,Rich text format allows you to easily modify your file with Microsoft Word or othertext editors.The following are 2 free PDF to RTF convert solution listed for your reference.1. Through Free PDF to RTF Program - Nemo PDF to WordNemo PDF To Word is a completely free PDF to RTF or DOC converter which lets youconvert PDF to editable RTF in seconds, with original text, layout, image and otherformatting preserved in the generated files. Its batch conversion feature allows youto convert multiple PDF files at one time while it enables you to convert whole pages,any certain page or page range of a multi-page PDF files to RTF in an easy and quickway via its built-in partial conversion mode.
  2. 2. • Step 1. Download Free Nemo PDF to Word from its official website. • Step 2. Click Add Files button to load your target PDF files into the program. • Step 3. Under Output, you can specify the page range, select RTF as output file format and output path. • Step 4. Click the Convert button to start converting your PDF files to Word. • Note: When the conversion completes, a dialog box will pop up. You can view the generated RTF files directly by clicking Open File or Open Folder on it.2. Through Free Online PDF to RTF Converter - nitro PDF toWordAside from freeware, there are many websites designed to help users save PDF toRTF files. Just search at Google, a variety of such websites will come out, Before getting start with it, you should learn that you may have toconvert your PDF to RTF files one by one while no setting option is available.
  3. 3. • Step 1. Open in your web browser. • Step 2. Click the "Choose File" button, select the PDF that you would like to convert to RTF and then click "Open." • Step 3. Click the bubble next to ".RTF" to select it as the "Convert PDF File To" format. • Step 4. Input your email address into the "Email File To" text box. Then click "Convert," and the PDF will be converted to RTF and emailed to you.As far as I’m concerned, I prefer to convert my PDF files to RTF files by usingprograms as it seems to be more secure while it can greatly improve my workingefficiency by batch converting my PDF files in one task. When it comes to you, whichone you would prefer?One more tip: If you are not satisfied with the free PDF to RTF solutions, commercialPDF tools are always available, like Nemo PDF Converter. It cost a little money but itworks well for you and deserves what you have paid for.Download Nemo PDF ConverterPurchase Nemo PDF Converter ($29.95)