5 steps to perform sd card recovery


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Learn how to recover deleted, formatted or lost data from SD card in 5 easy steps.

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5 steps to perform sd card recovery

  1. 1. Mistakenly delete files from your SD memory card? Dont worry about it! Manydevices do not clear the card when erasing data and you have the chance torecover lost files with care. In this article, youll find out how to easily andsecurely perform SD card recovery in 5 simple steps.Step 1. Immediately stop using your SD cardWhenever you get SD card data lost, the first thing is stop using the card. Tobe more cautious, its better to remove the SD card out of the device (digitalcamera, camcorder, mobile phone, etc.), then put it in safe place. Why? Itssimply because further use of the card will destroy any remaining files the cardcontains and might lead to permanent data loss.Step 2. Pick up a SD card recovery toolThere are a large number of data recovery tools available to help you recoverdeleted or formatted data from SD card, provided the files are not overwritten.Some are free and some cost money. Here its highly recommended to tryHodo Photo Recovery. Though you need to pay for it, its worthy of everypenny.Unlike its name indicates, Hodo Photo Recovery helps you recover documents,audios, videos and more in addition to pictures lost to any reasons, includingdeletion, formatting, virus attack and other unknown reasons. It supportsrecovery from both PCs and portable storage media, including SD card.Preview ability, quick and safe recovery are guaranteed. Interested in it,download and install Hodo Photo Recovery in your computer.Free Trial Hodo Photo RecoveryStep 3. Connect SD card to computerInsert the SD card into your card reader or device, and run the installed SDcard recovery software – Hodo Photo Recovery.Step 4. Scan for lost filesClick Start button, select the inserted SD card on the next screen, and thenclick Next to specify the file type (documents, audios, images, videos, etc.) Copyright © Password Unlocker Studio
  2. 2. youd like to recover. Click Scan button and it will start scanning for the lostfiles on the SD card. Wait until the scan finishes.Step 5. Preview and RecoverThe scanned files will be displayed in a tree view on the left. After scan, youcan select the files youd like to get back and preview them to check if they arethe target files and their quality. If you are sure to recover the files, click theRecover button. It will pop up a dialog box to let you select the place to savethe files. After that, the lost SD card data will be soon.Important: Never save the recoverable files to the SD card where you lost files.Otherwise, it will cause data loss and permanent data loss. Not satisfy thisprogram? Why not try Hodo Data Recovery for SD data recovery. Thissoftware comes with 4 different data recovery modules to recover lost,formatted, deleted or corrupted SD card data. Copyright © Password Unlocker Studio