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About Tire (From MoI Qatar)

  1. 1. What Do You Know about the Tires of Your Vehicle ?
  2. 2. Fitting tires unsuitable to a vehicle will affect its durability and steadiness. Therefore, please read the safety booklet or visit the vehicle agency to learn about suitable tires for your vehicle.
  3. 3. Comply with Specified Speed Limit Every tire has a specified speed limit suitable with the size and arrangement of the vehicle and it is written on the tire as seen in this photo. Please remember that, the specified speed limit on the tires of a vehicle does not mean non-adherence of the specified speed limit on the road. S 180 Km/h Y 300 Km/h R 17 0Km/h W 270 Km/h Q 160 Km/h V 240 Km/h P 150 Km/h H 210 Km/h N 140 Km/h U 200 Km/h L 120Km/h T 190 Km/h
  4. 4. Avoid Collision Please avoid collision or running over sharp and stiff materials such as pavements, stones and screws etc.. The periodical check up for the tire is the best way to know about the condition and safety of the tire.
  5. 5. The level of tire pressure Every vehicle has a limited capacity to grasp the load of passengers and goods. You can check the maximum level of load allowed on the tire from this picture. Remember , overloa-ding a vehicle will lead to tire corrosion and its burst out.
  6. 6. Tire Temperature The temperature resist-ance mentions to the capacity of the tire to overcome the heat and its is mentioned by A, B, C. The maximum level of temperature affor-dance is mentioned by A while the minimum is C as seen in this photo. Please remember that the storage of tires in a humid or high heat place will affect its safety negatively. So, please be keen to ask the concerned person when you change the tire with a new one about where and how they have stored the tires.
  7. 7. The level of the tire pressure Please check the level of tire's air pressure during the periodical check ups. The high pressure or law pressure may lead to the tire corrosion and its burst out. In the attached photo, you can see the suitable pressure for a tire as an example. So, please find out the suitable pressure for the tire of your vehicle by yourself. We Wish You a Safety Trip
  8. 8. w w w . m o i . g o v . q a With Compliments of Public Relations Department Ministry of Interior