American Multiculteralism


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American Multiculteralism

  1. 1. Topic : American Multiculturalism Name : Solanki Sardarsinh Roll No : 26 Semester : 2 Year : 2013-14 Paper 8 : Cultural Studies Submitted to: Smt. S.B.Gardi Department of English M.K.Bhavnagar University
  2. 2. British Culture Materialism Postcolonial Studies Postmodernism and Popular Culture American Multiculturalism New Historicism Types of Cultural Studies
  3. 3. What is Multicultural? “Multicultural is involving or relating to several ethnic groups or cultural groups within a society. It includes people who have many different beliefs and customs . It could be designed for cultures of different races.”
  4. 4. American Multiculturalism  American multiculturalism was came into existence in 1964 with the passing Civil Right Act. As a philosophy , multiculturalism began as part of the Pragmatism movement at the end of the 19th century in Europe and the United States. “Every American should understand Mexico from the point of view of the observer of the conquest and of the history before the conquest……”
  5. 5. America has many Cultures African American Writers Asian American Writers American Indian Cultures Latina/o Writers
  6. 6. African American Writers “Any viable theory of Negro American Culture obligates us to fashion a more adequate theory of American culture as a whole”  In “Shadow and Act” (1964) novelist Ralph Evison argues that.  African American writing displays a „double consciousness‟.
  7. 7. “Black people had before they knew there was such a thing as art” -Eilison  African American writers and their works “Our Nig” Harriet Wilson “The Color Purple” Alice Walker “The Bond Woman‟s Narrative” Hunnah Craft - Ellison
  8. 8. Latina/o Writers  Latina/o writers are also known as Mexican American.  This term indicates a broad sense of ethnicity among Spanish- Speaking and most influential group of Latina/o ethnicities in the United States. “The search for „America‟ the inclusive multicultural society of the continent has to do with nothing less than the imaginative those of remapping and renaming in the service not only of Lalinos but of all climates.” - Juan Flores and George Yudice
  9. 9. “Mexican Village” (1945) Niggli “Hunger of Memory” (1981) “California” (1985) Richard Rodriguez Maria Ampuro Ruiz de Burton
  10. 10. American Indian Literature  For American Indians, stories are a source of strength in the face of centuries of silencing by Euro-Americans.
  11. 11. “Tracks” “She Had some Horses” Edrich Joy Harjo  A term „Native American‟ is preferred by most academics and many tribal, members, who find the term „Indian‟ a misnomer and stereotype- as in “cowboys and Indians” or “Indian giver” that helped whites wrest the sentiment away from indigenous people.
  12. 12. Asian American Writers  Asian immigrates were denied citizenship as late as the 1950s, Edward Said wrote ‘oriental’s’ Asian American writers include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Polynesian and many other people of Asia, the pacific.
  13. 13. “Treasure Island” (1883) R.L.Stevenson “The House of Pride” (1912) Jack London  Asian American literature can be said to have begun around the turn of the twentieth century. Increasing attention in Asian American studies has been focused on writers from Hawaii, Guam and the Philippines including. Asian American writing is quiet among Americans as well as other countries.
  14. 14. American Multiculturalism