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Sara yocom theory
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Sara yocom theory


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. BySara Yocom
  • 2.  Behaviorism Ivan Pavlov My Classroom What I think
  • 3.  Is the prediction and control of human behavior in which introspection and/or independent thinking play no essential part of its teaching methods. To the behaviorist, human learning is purely an objective and experimental branch of natural science.
  • 4.  You can use both man and animal when it comes to behavior because we both learn threw positive and negative rewards. Modernism is behaviorism came into vogue during a period of time that coincided with the industrial revolution.
  • 5.  Ivan Pavlov became famous for his behaviorism on dogs. He used conditioning to teach dogs to salivate when he rang a bell. When he provided the food and he achieved his desire salivation, he rang a bell.
  • 6.  After a while when the dog would hear the bell he would salivate even if their was no food around. This is called classic conditioning which refers to the natural reflex that occurs in response to a stimulus.
  • 7.  Under this theory as a teacher I am going to teach my students that when I put two fingers in the air that means that my students will have to sit down and be quiet. At first when they listen I will give them an extra 5 minutes at the end of the day to talk to one another. After a while I stop doing this and just finish up my lesson for the day before they go home.
  • 8.  What my students will do under this theory is that every time they see me with two fingers up in the air they will sit down and be quiet. After a while the kids will know that they have to be quiet and not be rewarded for it. It is just something that they have to do no matter what.
  • 9.  As a future teacher I think it would be good to use Ivan Pavlov theory on behaviorism because like he said humans like positive and negative rewards. It would work well in the classroom with the students especially because of the reward that they would receive.
  • 10.  I think all three of the theorist for behaviorism is good I think that Pavlov’s theory would come in handy a lot more then the others when being a teacher and having the students learn about positive and negative rewards.