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  1. 1. Saravanakumar DoraisamyTechno-Functional Profile 10+ years of IT experience with varying roles including ERP Consultant, Pre-SaleConsultant and Tech Lead. Ability to manage global enterprise applications using myfunctional knowledge in ERP, CRM products and technical skills in various Microsofttechnologies. .NET 3.5 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Crystal Report 11.0 Sage ERP & CRM Requirement Analysis Technical Pre-Sales Project Estimation Agile MethodologiesProfessionalAccomplishmentsERP Consultant Contributed to the core product development of Sage 300 ERP and Sage 300 ERPTrade specialty applications Created add on products for ERP application to fill the gap between the marketneed and the product feature Integrated mobility products and third party applications with the ERP application Created migration tool to convert the data between the ERP applications Handled numerous customization projects to extend and modify the ERP Successfully implemented add-on ERP modules for more than 20 clientsPre-Sale Consultant Kept 60% bid to win ratio Estimated cloud migration cost and end user price in Azure and Amazon platforms Created proof of concepts within short span of time Point of contact to the prospects for technical queries and inputs Provided pros and cons of different solutions and suggested the best one Helped sales team to prepare the quotationTech Lead Led the team of 5 to 10 members Trained new hires on projects and tools and achieved better productivity Implemented agile methodology and new tools within the team Defined KRA for resources and measured using bell curve system Aligned all stakeholders with the same vision or iteration goalWork History Dec 2002 – Till DateAssociate Consultant,Computers International [An offshore development centre for Sage Group Plc],Chennai.Education Master of Science (M.Sc.) , Information TechnologyPonnaiyah Ramajayam College, 2000 – 2002Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) , MathematicsRajah Serfoji College, 1996 – 1999
  2. 2. Products/Projects [Partial List]Sage ERP Migrator ERP Migrator is a software application that aids migrating data from any sourceSage ERP to any target Sage ERP. This application is used by Sage partners andcustomers to help them move from one Sage ERP to another Sage ERP. Using thisapplication they can extract essential data from their existing Sage ERP, transform itinto the format recognized by their new Sage ERP and finally upload the data intotheir new ERP.Team Size: 5Contributions:Functional MappingFramework DesignImplementation We worked as an offshore development team for this product. We haveparticipated in functionality mapping, coding, Meta data development, testingand documentation phases. We developed this product as an N-Tier application, with a clear separationbetween UI, business and data layers. We used the MVC pattern throughoutapplication to couple the UI with business layer. It was developed as a data driven application. It used the Meta data shippedalong with the product for populating the UI, extracting and transformation data We built Sage ERP Migrator in stages. In the first stage, we made the tool tosupport migration of GL, AP and AR data from Sage ERP PFW and Sage Pro ERP toSage ERP ACCPAC. Also, we made the tool to support all the back-ends these ERPapplications support.C#SQL Server 2008Sage 300 TradeSpecialty 300 Trade Specialty is designed specifically for specialty and service contractorsto address today’s business complexities. It is built on the high-performanceMicrosoft SQL Server database. Its architecture is tightly integrated among servicemanagement, purchasing, inventory, and accounting applications.Team Size: 5Contributions:Iteration PlanningExecutionImplementationUnit Testing We worked as an offshore product development team. We have followed scrummethodology where the iteration duration is 4 weeks. We have created Service agreement module that comprise the features likeservice agreement creation, automated work order and invoice generation fromservice agreements. We have created dispatch board assignments, customer equipment informationand also integrated with job cost accounting module.C#SQL Server 2008
  3. 3. Safe ManagementApplication client is one of the largest suppliers of safes to the U.S. retail and restaurantcommunities, including many Fortune Five Hundred Companies. They produceSafes designed for companies that need to deter robbery, burglary and internaltheft. Their cash management solutions inside safe provide the ability to bettermanage the security of end client’s cash.Team Size: 5Contributions:Pre-SalesDesignDevelopment This project is to manage the information and software resides in SAFE which ishandling complete cash information in client side Our application communicates between each safe and server via WCF webservice and windows service inside SAFE. Our Windows service runs in each SAFE and always point to one global path inthe server, if there are any patches available which will be downloaded andexecuted in SAFE. It also sends the SAFE status to server that is stored in thedatabase. SAFE generates data in XML format whenever a person filling cash into it. OurWCF web service which running in server picks the data from safe. Information received from the SAFE are summarized and shown as dashboardcharts that can be drilled down to multiple levels to view the details.ASP.NET 3.5SQL Server 2008MS ChartsSage HRMS Payroll Common Payroll is the Sage 300 ERP payroll module which has been enhancedto become a best-of-breed SQL Server-based common payroll that can be integratedwith multiple Sage products.Team Size – 5Contributions:Iteration PlanningExecutionImplementationUnit Testing Electronic Fund Transfer featuresWe extend this feature to support HSBC bank new format. Also we generated anIAT complaint ACH file to be used when the bank used to transfer the funds islocated outside the territorial jurisdiction of the US. Moreover, we generatedfederally compliant Child Support EFT files from within Common Payroll for allstates that require electronic submission. AATRIX IntegrationAatrix is a third party service provider. We make it to use data from the Accpacpayroll tables to populate legal copies of Federal and State tax forms. Thecustomer can print the form and submit it to the appropriate agency or use theeFile process to submit the form electronically.ACCPAC SDKSQL Server 2008Visual Basic
  4. 4. Sage 300 ERP software built on a world class, object oriented, and multitier architectureavailable with a variety of database back ends. This can run on both Windows andweb environment. It has many modules including general accounting, distribution,and inventory. It is multi-user, multi-currency and multi-language application. It isprimarily serving small and medium sized businesses.Team Size – 5 -10Contributions:Pre-SalesDesignDevelopmentAdd in module developmentCommission Manager - This module is targeted for the companies with sales forceautomation. It provides solution for calculating commission for internal sales people,sales agencies and Distributors.Procurement Solution - This module is targeted for the companies with criticalprocurement need. It provides solution to procure materials based on inventoryshortage, sales orders and requisitions.Backup Software - This product is targeted for the companies with critical data backupneed. It provides solution to sync the backup server with the live server..NET 3.5Visual Basic, C#,CSQL Server 2008Crystal ReportsACCPAC SDKCustomization projectsThese projects customize the UIs, reports and business logics of the Sage ACCPAC ERPproduct. Numerous projects were done in this category. These customizations weredone in all ACCPAC modules like IC, PO, OE, GL, AP, AR and PJC. Sample projects arementioned below.GST Apportionments – Splitting tax amount from item line extended cost.TDS – This project is to enhance the ERP application to calculate and deductthe tax at the source documents as per the act of IndiaLanded Cost Updater - This project is used to calculate the original cost of theitem when it was reached to the client from his vendor.Mobility ProjectsMobile Sales Person is an add-on product for Sage 300 ERP. It is a real time end-to-end Mobile Order Management and Fulfillment System for Sales, Service and Deliverypersons working from remote.Implemented mobile printing with Zebra printers using CPCL language.Designed and supported the integration portion with the ERP application.Resolved performance issues by changing the design and SDK functions.