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  1. 1. Introduction PACKAGED DRINKING WATER INDUSTRY• Rs.1500 crore packaged water industry• The industry which is growing at the rate 55% per annum.• Estimated to grow around Rs.1800 crore by 2011.• Approximate 20% brands in organized market & around 80% Local Brands.
  2. 2. Technical AspectsWater Tanks coagulation chlorination tank Reverse OsmosisFiltration Packing in bottle capping
  3. 3. Processes in the plant• Purification: Water received from the external source is passed through the purification plant and stored in a stainless steel tank. Thereafter it is fed to the bottling section - and continuous operation achieved.• Bottle Manufacturing: Pet preforms are blown into bottles and a sufficient number of bottles, say 1000 nos., kept ready while the machine continues to produce more during the shift, when the bottling has been started.• Rinsing - Filling - Capping: The bottles are fed into the machine which automatically rinses, fills and screws the cap on it. Caps are stamped with the date of manufacture and expiry before being put into the hopper for screwing on to the bottle.
  4. 4. Contd…..• Labeling: We are proposing use of heat shrink labels and tamper evident heat shrink sleeve on the neck of each bottle. The label and the neck sleeve are to be manually put on the bottles which will then pass through the shrink tunnels and onto packing conveyer. Expiry date and batch number could be printed on labels or caps prior to their being put on the bottles.• Heat Shrinking: The bottles are passed through heat shrink tunnel so that the label and neck sleeve, shrink and stick to the bottles.• Final Packing: This could be in cartons - done manually - and no machines have been provided for it.
  5. 5. Market StudySegmentation:– Geographic • City Size:- Mostly Major Cities & Sub Metros • Climate:- Hot & Humid– Psychographic • Lifestyle:- Travel Freak • Personality:- Health Conscious
  6. 6. Contd….. – Demographic • Family Size:- Mostly Individual & Sometimes Families • Corporate – Behavioral • Benefit:- Thirst & Quality• Brand Loyalty:- Split Loyal
  7. 7. Targeting• Targets middle segment people• Price of the Bottle is such that can be affordable to the all segments• Company planning to target more towards lower segment
  8. 8. Positioning• Top of mind of consumers when it comes to mineral water
  9. 9. 7Ps• Product • For daily traveling consumption (250ml packets, 250ml & 500ml bottles) • For Long traveling consumption (2 & 1 Ltr) • For Office, Home, Marriage or Meeting use (5 & 20 Ltr. Returnable packs• Price – Competitive Pricing – Product line pricing
  10. 10. Contd….• Place The plant can be located at any suitable place where availability of clean water, power, PET bottles and market access is ensured.• Promotion – Advertising Campaign – Bill boards across the city and – Advertising Boards infront of retail shops
  11. 11. Contd….• Physical evidence Attractive bottle design and pure water are the physical evidences• People: Factory Manager -1 Production Manager/Chemist -1 Supervisory staff -6 Office Assistant -2 Skilled workers -4 Unskilled workers -5
  12. 12. Contd…..• PROCESS 1] Purification: 2] Bottle Manufacturing 3] Rinsing - Filling – Capping 4] Labeling 5] Heat Shrinking 6] Final Packing
  13. 13. SWOT• Strengths – Generic name for packaged drinking water. – Can be spelled by common man also. It’s so important in bottled water. – Focus on safety. – Growing market. – Quoting a lower price to the target customers.• Weakness – New entrant in the market
  14. 14. Contd….• Opportunities – Can enter in the market of juices & beverages – Can enter in the market of water purifier – Can tab the maximum rural market of the country – Tie-up with railway canteen & stalls• Threats – From the players like bisleri, Kinley, Aquafina, Himalaya Bailley, & Other local & rural products – New enters in the market like Amul – If government ban on plastic use then company will be in trouble
  15. 15. Prepared by P.SARAVANAN B.Tech,,
  16. 16. Thank you