HDFC Bank recruitment process


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HDFC Bank recruitment process

  1. 1. RECRUITMENT & SELECTION PROCESS OF HDFC BANK LTD HDFC Bank Ltd is a major Indian Financial Services company based in Mumbai,incorporated in August 1994,with a turnover of Rs. 232.60 Crores on September 2010.CANDIDATE SOURCING The hiring manager along with the Human Resource Department would decide thechannel / source to use based on the nature of the recruitment. The following sources ofrecruitment may be considered:• Internal Sources: - Whenever any vacancy arises, the possibility of fulfilling the requirement internally viareassignment and relocation, re-allocation of the responsibilities or internal promotion will beexplored by the hiring function along with the HR Department. - Internal job postings to explore internal candidates.• Employee Referrals: - HDFC will encourage employees to refer suitable candidates for open positions.• Other external sources: - Recruitment agencies - External job postings - College / campus requirement - Requirement advertisementsAPPLICATION PROCESSING HDFC will process all applications promptly and inform the applicant or source regardingthe status of the application. HDFC will respond to all solicited applications within 5 workingdays of receiving the application.INTERVIEW PROCESS • All candidates are required to undergo a face to face interview with the interview panelbefore selection. • Interviews may be conducted at a place at mutually convenient locations and time in aneffort to maintain confidentiality of the hiring effort. • One on one meeting shall be preferred as the interview format, however depending on theconstraints panel interviews / telephone / video conference screening could be used. • For recruitment at junior levels, job fairs, universities etc, where large volume of candidates,HDFC will use recruitment tests for purpose of short listing. The candidate may be tested on thebasic aptitude, analytical skills or other skills required for the job of the candidates. • The interview process will focus on the evaluating the candidates suitability in terms of thejob description and fit within the organization. • Each interviewer will complete the interview feedback form and submit it to HR. HR will
  2. 2. compile the results from a various interviews and provide these to the line manager for the finaldecision.PRE-EMPLOYEMENT CHECK This will include both a professional reference check as well as the background check. • Professional reference check will be completed by the hiring manager. HDFC will requestcontact information for 2 references from the candidate, and check the quality of previous workexperience and key personal characteristics/conduct/ previous record etc. • For key positions in areas, HDFC will also perform a background check to assess theintegrity / conduct of the candidate. • The following information regarding the candidate will be verified: Proof of educational qualifications Any professional certificate that is essential to the job Address details  Passport details Date of birth Proof of previous employment (service certificate)Any negative feedback and comment in the reference check will be investigated by HR and iffound genuine shall be a cause for disqualification of the candidate or dismissal fromemployment.OFFER PROCESS • Once the hiring decision is finalized, HR will prepare an offer / fitment as per thecompensation structure and grade and keeping in mind the internal equity. • The offer would be communicated to the selected candidates by the hiring manageralong with HR. The candidate will sign the contract letter to formally accept employment fromthe organization.PROBATION POLICY Probation is a trial that is mutual opportunity for the employee and HDFC to confirmsuitability for continued employment. An assessment will be based on factors related to workperformance, work habits, productivity, attitude and compatibility, attendance and punctuality,and any other matter that is linked to job performance and expectations. All new hires will be placed on probation for a period of 6 months from the date of joiningHR will initiate the confirmation process by sending an appraisal form to the immediatesupervisor before the completion of probationary period. The appraisal form will need to beapproved by the supervisor’s leadership All letters of confirmation or extension of probation will be signed by the HR head and willbe stored in employee file for records.