Branding Casestudy - Apple


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Branding Casestudy - Apple

  1. 1. Apple Computer, Inc
  2. 2. Apple Computer, Inc
  3. 3. Apple Computer, Inc The first Apple logo was designed in 1976 by Ronald Wayne, the third co-founder of Apple. The logo depicts Isaac Newton sitting under a tree with an apple above his head. The phrase on the outside border reads, “Newton… A Mind Forever Voyaging Through Strange Seas of Thought … Alone.” In 1976 this logo was used for Apple 1 manual and advertisements.
  4. 4. Apple Computer, Inc Here are couple of ads in which they have used this logo.
  5. 5. Apple Computer, Inc They have used this logo for their Apple 1 operation manual.
  6. 6. Apple Computer, Inc The second logo for Apple Computer. The design of the logo started in 1977 designed by Rob Janoff with the rainbow color theme.
  7. 7. Apple Computer, Inc According to Janoff, the “bite” in the Apple logo was originally implemented so that people would know that it represented an apple, and not a tomato. It also lent itself to a nerdy play on words (bite/byte), a fitting reference for a tech company.
  8. 8. Apple Computer, Inc They have started using this logo from 1978 on Apple Lisa
  9. 9. Apple Computer, Inc They tried to promote themselves by saying A is for apple and it is the first thing you should know about personal computer. During this period they became popular in print media and they have started putting up their logo everywhere. And also in their television commercials. They tried to brand themselves unique by saying that “There will be two kinds of people from now 1. Those who use computers and 2. Those who use apple”
  10. 10. They tried to grab the attention of different sets of people with their ads
  11. 11. They tried to put their identity in their ads and tried to be more vibrant in their ads
  12. 12. 1984 Macintosh introduction TVC
  13. 13. 1980 Apple at a Glance Brochure cover
  14. 14. 1981 Apple III "Will Someone Please?" Ad campaign by saying to people that what can be done with apple.
  15. 15. Ads to grab the attention of individuals starting from engineers to farmers
  16. 16. Power to be your be your best - Ad campaign with series of TVC
  17. 17. Apple gift catalogs
  18. 18. 1992 PowerBook Ad
  19. 19. 1997 "Think Different" Ad
  20. 20. 1999 Change in logo
  21. 21. Since 1999 this logo has been put up on every product as an identity.
  22. 22. From then they tried to maintain the similarity in their products by using this logo similarly in ipads, ipods, etc.
  23. 23. Apple logo became one of the most popular desktop background
  24. 24. Rise in apple brand value over the years
  25. 25. Thank you A.Chayapthi, 10020507