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  • Through social media you can quickly build a network of core supporters
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Presentation1 Presentation1 Presentation Transcript

  • INTRODUCTION Social media is all around us. From YouTubeto Facebook, it is easier than ever to spreadyour marketing message to everyone andanyone who will listen. This is called socialmedia marketing. It succeeds by utilizing wordof mouth marketing and focusing on buildingrelationships, engaging consumers andinteracting with them. This builds trust andfurthers communication, increasing thecirculation of your marketing message.
  • Traditional MarketingActivities that direct the flow of goods and services fromproducers to consumers are known as marketing. In advancedindustrial economies, marketing considerations play a major rolein determining corporate policy. Marketers may look for outletsthrough which to sell the companys products, including retailstores, direct-mail marketing, and wholesaling. They may makepsychological and demographic studies of a potential market,experiment with various marketing strategies, and conductinformal interviews with target audiences. Marketing is used bothto increase sales of an existing product and to introduce newproducts.
  • 5 benefits of social media marketing•Through social media you can quickly build a network of coresupporters.• Helping your business to achieve a high ranking with the searchengines.• There are many different advertising campaigns you could opt to makeuse of.• Create exclusive interesting content on a social media site, it will attracta lot of buzz.• Can announce new products, promotions and special offers, sales,contests, etc.
  • WHY IT IS A STRATEGIC IMPERATIVE• Social media isn’t just a trend or constrained phenomenon.It’s a completely new road varying the face of economicmarketing and advertising.• Those who are slow-moving can be left out by theiropponents.• Social media marketing demands your attention, requiringthat you put a lot of determination for doing it is actually along approach and not a one time application.•Social media is not as easy as you may have recognized itto be. Like every alternative marketing and advertisingavenue, social media demands very careful and also tacticalorganizing for it to be effective.
  • WHY ORGANIZATION SHOULD OPT FOR IT IMMEDIATELY• Cost-effective• Direct and Interactive• Impact of Recommendations• Quick Turnaround• Improved Ranking• Reduced Risk
  • Few Tips For Organization To Keep In Mind•Patience•Conversations• Writing off content• Keywords• Trends• Landing Page• Optimized Profiles
  • REASON WHY SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FAILS•It (social media) is a place for making friends, not customers.•It is such a virtual world where people like to meet real people, notdealing with fake profiles.•It is about sharing your friends’ problems and providing solutions,if possible, not advertising your stuffs.•It is a place to care for friends (who are your target audience, interms of marketing) and not being selfish to talk about one’sself/business only.•It is about building relationships and not marketing (in its literalsense).
  • The Key challenges for social media marketing in 2011•Managing reputation• Delivering customer service• Acquiring new customers• Increasing sales from existingcustomers• Increasing engagement with brand• Harnessing insights (Analytics, ROImeasurement and learningabout brand preferences).
  • CONCLUSIONHuman’s being a social animal, it has become important for organization to move tosocial media marketing. The other main reason is today no one has time to look for aparticular product, so the organization now has to lure the customer to buy theirproducts due to the competition in the market and so the best place to catch today’spopulation is through social sites because 96% of Gen Y population is on socialmedia. If Facebook were a country it would be the world’s 3rd largest nation afterIndia and China.