Chapter 2.4


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Chapter 2.4 of One Fashionable Legacy

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Chapter 2.4

  1. 1. Welcome to the mostfashionable legacy of all time!
  2. 2. “Bye Mom and Dad!” Christian Fashionista yelled as hewalked out of the house not far behind his youngersiblings.“Have fun kids!” Calvin, Christians father called.The kid’s grandparents had invited all their grandchildrenon a vacation to Twikki Island!
  3. 3. Everyone in the family enjoyed soaking up the sunand getting away from their stressful everyday lives.
  4. 4. Although Wyatt had soaked up a little too much sun…
  5. 5. Overall the vacation was quite successful if I do say somyself.
  6. 6. Back in Pleasantview, Pamela Custer, a secondgeneration spare, had reached the top of the musiccareer after many years of hard work. Although herreward seemed to be efficient enough to make up forall the years of effort.
  7. 7. After returning home from vacation, Pamela’s youngestchild, Alexander, had recently transitioned into ateenager, and a pretty good looking one at that.
  8. 8. Chloe Zhang, had also just returned home fromvacation, although she didn’t empty her suitcases. Shepacked up the rest of her things since she was headingoff to college the next day.
  9. 9. After a few tearful hugs from Vincent and Gela, Chloe wasprepared to leave home. Although she hadn’t said goodbye toone of her family members…
  10. 10. “Um, good luck in college Chloe!” Her younger sisterstammered. She and Chloe hadn’t been on the bestof terms lately. But she felt so guilty for what shehad done, and wanted to apologize for everything.“Thanks I guess…” Chloe replied, with littlecompassion in her voice.
  11. 11. Celine watched from the driveway as her sisterheaded toward the taxi. Chloe had a goodfeeling about college, mainly because she wouldbe away from her backstabbing sister.
  12. 12. Chloe didn’t even look back as she slammed the doorof the taxi and headed off to Sim State University.
  13. 13. Not long after arriving, and transitioninginto a terrible outfit…Chloe claimed herroom in her new dorm.
  14. 14. Although she didn’t seem to notice who’s roomswere right next to hers.
  15. 15. Back in the main legacy house, the youngest of generation three hadjust transitioned into two very good looking teens!
  16. 16. The next day at Sim State, Chloe had justwalked out of the showers when her attentionwas caught by the person coming out of thestall. It was Connor. Without a word shepretended she hadn’t seen him and walked outof the building.
  17. 17. She caught a taxi that was passing by andhopped in. She asked to go to the nearestclothing store while she sat and pondered whathad just happened. Was she seeing things?Or was Connor actually there?
  18. 18. Luckily, she had shopping to take her mindoff of things before she got to consumed inher own thoughts. (And thank god! Thatoutfit is just horrible!)
  19. 19. Much better!
  20. 20. Once she arrived back at her dorm she ran intoConnor.“Chloe! Is that you!?” Connor asked inastonishment.“Um, yeah it’s me!” Chloe replied, a bit nervous.“When did you get here?”“Only yesterday.”“How about I give you a tour of the place?”“Alright, I guess that would be okay.”
  21. 21. “So this is the amazing few huh?” Chloe askedsarcastically.“Yup it’s pretty great” Connor stated as hemoved closer to her.
  22. 22. That’s when he reached down forher hand. Surprisingly she didn’tpull away.
  23. 23. “Um, Connor, what are you doing?”“I miss you Chloe, and I’m really sorry for whathappened. I hope that you could find it in you’reheart to forgive me.”“Well, I’m not sure…you hurt me so bad. But Ican’t imagine life without you. Are you sure thisis a good idea?”
  24. 24. “I’ve never been more sure of anything in mylife.”
  25. 25. A couple of weeks later, the Zhang family hadarrived to visit Chloe in her new home. WhileGela and Vincent were off touring the dormwith Chloe, Celine sat in the cafeteria. As shewas consuming her pancakes, she heard a voicethat she recognized.“Celine?”
  26. 26. She looked up and couldn’t believewhat, or rather who, she was looking at.She stood up immediately to greet him.
  27. 27. Wow, Alvin! You’re at college! In yourunderwear…” she blushed.
  28. 28. “Yeah I sure am! How have you been? Yoursister seems pretty great! How come wenever really talk anymore?” The questionscontinued and Celine wasn’t sure how toanswer them all without telling Alvinabout the whole... Incident. She thoughtthat she was off the hook for that since hersister and Connor were back together, butshe forgot those weren’t the only twopeople she had hurt.
  29. 29. After a long conversation, Celine gave a bighug to Alvin, confused about her feelings forhim.
  30. 30. “Take care of yourself, Anna. You are going to begreat, I expect you to call every night! Oh we aregoing to miss you.” Toby Custer said goodbye tohis only little girl, who was heading off tocollege as well.
  31. 31. “I’ll be fine dad” Anna laughed as she closed thedoor of the taxi. She couldn’t help but shed a tearat the thought of growing up and leaving home.But she was filled with excitement at the sametime.
  32. 32. Anna had grown up absolutelystunning, looking a lot like her mother. Shehad moved into the same dorm as her oldercousin, who she hadn’t ever had a verystrong relationship with.
  33. 33. However, the two had become closer by livingin the same building. It made them wonderhow they were never good friends as children.
  34. 34. Chloe wasn’t the only one growing closerto Anna. Alvin, from the first time he sawher, had a major crush on Anna. He hadfinally worked up enough courage to askher out, and the two seemed to be prettysmitten with each other.
  35. 35. One day, a familiar face appeared. ArcadiaGundstrom had arrived at the dorm to recruitthe members she had been waiting a long timefor. Connor, Chloe, Alvin, and Anna all wereaccepted into Oresha Fruhm Greek house.
  36. 36. “Ugh, thank god! I am so done with dorm life! Nomore nasty cafeteria food for me!”
  37. 37. Connor Turner is a Libra with stats of 2/8/2/6/7.He has a LTW of being Mayor and his aspiration isPopularity. His turn ons are red hair and makeup.His turn off is fatties.
  38. 38. Alvin Sartor is a Leo with stats of 4/10/4/4/3. Heis a fortune sim with a LTW of becoming a Hall ofFamer. His turn ons are fit and makeup while histurn off is fatties.
  39. 39. Chloe decided that life is too short to stay madfor too long. So she visited her house thatafternoon to have a little chat with her youngersister.
  40. 40. “So what did you want to talk to me about?”
  41. 41. “Oh I just thought I would let you know Iforgive you for doing what you did. And I alsohave some news about Alvin…”
  42. 42. “Oh he wants to get back together with meagain doesn’t he? Well I guess I can’t blame himI mean-”
  43. 43. “No. No Celine…He found someone else.”“What…? Who is she? I bet she’s a tramp isn’tshe?”“It’s Anna.”
  44. 44. “Oh….Well It’s okay…I guess I deserve thisdon’t I?”“Yup!” Chloe laughed
  45. 45. Back at the Legacy House, old Ralph wascatching up on some well deserved sleep.Little did he know that he would have lotsof time to sleep soon…
  46. 46. Ralph, it is time to depart from this world, and ontothe next.
  47. 47. The whole household watched as their first and only petwas taken from them. Even the maid felt upset at thethought of losing poor Ralph.
  48. 48. Ralph, we will miss you.
  49. 49. The following evening, though still upset overthe loss of their canine companion, there wereimportant matters for the Fashionista’s todiscuss.
  50. 50. “It’s time we talk about the heir!” Chanelexclaimed, she was excited to see hergrandchildren growing up right before hereyes, even if it meant she was getting older too.
  51. 51. “Well, I was chosen as heir, mainly because I wasthe only boy. But we can’t do that again…”Calvin noted.
  52. 52. “Ugh! It’s a good thing too! That’s not fair to mejust because I’m a girl doesn’t mean that I have anyless right to be the heir.” Vera argued.
  53. 53. “Vera calm down sweetheart, I wouldn’t let thathappen anyways.” Brittany soothed, “Besides, I thinkthat their should be another heir poll. We don’t haveto decide right this minute, you all still have to go tocollege!”
  54. 54. “That sounds like a good idea, Brit.” Wyatt added.
  55. 55. Later, when everyone had gone tobed, Wyatt and Chanel danced in themain hall.
  56. 56. “I’m so glad that I chose you.” Chanel whispered to her husbandas she looked into his pale blue eyes.“Me too. It’s been a heck of an adventure, but I’ve loved everyminute of it.” Wyatt smiled.
  57. 57. The next morning, a truly tragic even happenedwhen a familiar face had returned.
  58. 58. Wyatt Fashionista, it is time to go…
  59. 59. “Well alright, I hope the afterlife is sunny. Do Iget to see Ralph?”
  60. 60. Yes he is waiting for you on the other side, eventuallyyou will be with everyone in your family again. Justc’mon.
  61. 61. Unfortunately, Christian had little time to mourn for the loss of hisgrandfather. He was headed to Sim State University to join his twoolder cousins.
  62. 62. After the death of her husband, Chanelwasn’t quite the same. She found herself ina state of depression, but put a smile onher face for her grandkids. She knew hertime would come soon enough.
  63. 63. As if two deaths weren’t enough tragedies,the following evening there was anotherburglary.
  64. 64. But this time, the police weren’t able to catchhim. Luckily he wasn’t able to stealanything, but the thought of him still outthere was enough to scare the household.
  65. 65. Celine was more silent about her retreat tocollege. She didn’t even say goodbye to herown mother. After everything that hadhappened lately, she didn’t want to focus moreattention on her. Not to mention she was sonervous to see her older cousins, especiallyAnna.
  66. 66. She didn’t spend much time in the dorm, like Christianshe tried to keep dorm life to a minimum, and movedinto the Greek house as soon as she was accepted.
  67. 67. At first things were really awkward between herand the boys. But eventually she became goodfriends with them, and nothing more.
  68. 68. “Ugh! This work is so hard! How am Isupposed to survive four years of this?!”
  69. 69. One night, the same burglar who hadescaped from the Fashionista house wasattempting to rob again.
  70. 70. It must really suck for him that I havealarms in all my houses…
  71. 71. Arcadia’s graduation was just around the corner, and since she hadstudied her butt off, she had plenty of time to sit back and relax.And of course, she couldn’t forget to say goodbye to Midnight!
  72. 72. Arcadia graduated with a 4.0 in Philosophy, earning her Summa CumLaude. Everyone came to congratulate her, she deserved itconsidering how long she spent in college as a placeholder…
  73. 73. She even grew up in a…slightly decent outfit.
  74. 74. “Whats wrong Celine?” Christian asked hissobbing cousin.“I-I-I feel so lonely. And unloved!” She bawled.“What because you don’t have a boyfriend? Well Idon’t have a girlfriend either. Why don’t you andI head out to the student lounge and we will meetsome new people okay?”Celine nodded in agreement.
  75. 75. So the two got dressed and headed out tothe campus, looking for love.
  76. 76. But despite being their all night, the two seemed to be the onlydecent looking people for miles. Needless to say, they didn’thave much luck.
  77. 77. Until the next morning when returning homefrom class, Christian happened to run into thisbeautiful young lady. Her name is Edith.
  78. 78. And because he is such a charmer,Christian had no trouble flirting withher.
  79. 79. No trouble at all…
  80. 80. And as luck would have it, Celine also raninto a handsome young man on thestreet, named Blake.
  81. 81. And being Celine does have it’s advantages…
  82. 82. Edith agreed to move in. Her full name is EdithHourvitz. She is an Aquarius with stats of4/4/4/7/6 . She is Family aspiration and herLTW is to become and Education Minister.
  83. 83. Back at the Custer household, Toby and Alvinhad just sat down for dinner.“So...Alvin, you said there was something you wantedto ask me about?”
  84. 84. “Yes sir, you see I’ve been thinking a lot aboutmy future, and about myself and Anna… And Iguess I’ll cut to the chase…”
  85. 85. “I would like your permission to ask her tomarry me!”
  86. 86. Alexander had just arrived at collegewhen…
  87. 87. He was welcomed by the Oresha Fruhmwelcome wagon, who asked him to jointhem back at the Greek house.
  88. 88. Back home, Ralph and Wyatt made their presence know as ghostswho wandered through the house and watched over the family.(Even though Wyatt did enjoy popping out and scaring theoccasional guest…)
  89. 89. Chanel, It is time to join your husband and dog on theother side…
  90. 90. “It’s about time! I sure missed them! Byeeveryone!”
  91. 91. Despite Chanel being excited to move on…therest of the family was very upset at the idea oflosing their mother or grandmother.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~As she was my founder, I will miss Chanel a greatdeal. She was such a fun sim to have. RIP.
  92. 92. Sadly we had to say goodbye to three veryimportant characters this chapter. May they allrest in peace. I know I will miss them all dearly.
  93. 93. It was finally time for Vera and Zac to move to University.
  94. 94. Sorry to end the chapter on a sad note, but it wasgetting pretty long. Anyways, I hope you enjoyedthis chapter and I hope I get more feedback!