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Intoduction to Earthquakes, Effects and Distribution

Intoduction to Earthquakes, Effects and Distribution



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Earth Quake Earth Quake Presentation Transcript

  • EARTH QUAKES Presentation by AJA.V.P Prepared by SARATH BABU.M.G
  • Introduction
    • Any sudden disturbance below the earth surface prodce vibration or shaking in he crust.
    • This sudden movement of the ground is called Earth Quake
  • Earth Quakes Origin
    • The place origin of an earthquake inside the earth is called its Focus
    • The point on the earth’s surface vertically above the focus is called the Epicenter
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  • Seismic waves
    • When earthquakes occur, waves of energy SEISMIC WAVES travel outward from the earthquake focus
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  • Major Seismic waves
  • Seismology
    • The earth quakes are studied by a a special of science is known as “ Seismology ”.
    • The word ‘seismology’ derived from the Greek word ‘ seismos ’ meaning ‘ earth quake ’.
    • The instrument recording the shock waves is called the Seismograph .
    • The instrument which used to measure the intensity of earthquake is known as ‘ Richer Scale’
  • Effects
    • Formation of cracks or fissures in the region of epicenter
  • Effects
    • Earth quake cause landslides
  • Effects
    • Seismic sea waves (TUSNAMIS)
  • Effects
    • Damage to human life and structures
  • Effects
    • Faults, thrust and folds
  • Other Effects
    • More devastating fires
    • Change in surface drainage and underground circulation of water
    • Depression forming lakes
  • Distribution
  • Distribution
    • About 60 % of all earthquakes are observed in the vast region of the pacific ocean as a ‘Ring of Fire’ .
    • Major and Minor earthquakes are in Chile, California, Alaska, Japan, Philippines and New Zealand.
  • Distribution
    • Some of the earth quakes in India are :
    • Kachchh earthquake (1819)
    • Assam earthquake (1897)
    • Kangra earthquake (1905)
    • Bihar earthquake (1934)
    • Assam earthquake (1950)
    • Latur earthquake(1993)
    • Kashmir earth quake (2005 )
  • Conclusion
  • Conclusion
    • More seismic stations can be established for issuing warning to the people of coming earthquakes. Sometimes our observations , like sudden changes in atmospheric conditions and abnormal behaviour of animals can help us to forecast the arrival of an earth quake.
  • Questions