Washing Machine


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Washing Machine

  1. 1.  Two types of Goods- White Goods and Electronic Goods. Among them Washing Machine is one of the FMCG. Types of Washing Machine  Top Load  Front Load  Semi –Automatic Market Top Loading Washer Front Loading Washer European Market Share 10% 90% US Market Share 65% 35% Indian Market Share 50% 50%
  2. 2.  Videocon was the first company to introduce the washing machine. The many companies entered – Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, IFB. Top Load Washing Front Load Washing machine machine ⋆Harsher on clothes ⋆Gentle on clothes ⋆Cheap ⋆Costly ⋆Lighter ⋆Heavier ⋆Add clothes ⋆Cannot add clothes ⋆More water ⋆Less water ⋆More detergent ⋆Less detergent
  3. 3.  Indian Consumer Durables market is growing faster, expected to grow at 30% -35% in 2011 -2012. The growth of washing machine of semi automatic and fully automatic is 17% and 40% respectively. 15 years back washing machine is meant for higher class people but later due to the busy schedule of the people started to use washing machine. In this study analyze the problems faced, perception, satisfaction level the washing machine.
  4. 4. 1. To study the various kinds of washing machine especially front load and top load washing machine.2. To analyze the perception of buyers for front load and top load washing machine.3. To find out the level of satisfaction towards the favourable brand of washing machine.4. To offer suitable suggestion based on the findings
  5. 5.  Sampling Method Sampling Size Sampling Design Data Collection Tools:  Garret Ranking Technique  Percentage Analysis  Weighed Average  Chi- Square Test  Intensity Value
  6. 6.  Dominating respondents Age between 18 -25 Female Post Graduates Professionals Income level upto 15000 - 20000 Family Joint family with 5 to 8 members and two members are employed. Washing Machine Top Load and the price is 10000 to 20000
  7. 7.  Many use whirlpool by gaining knowledge from advertisement and paid in cash. The respondents were using the washing machine from 4 to 8 years and they have the warranty period of 1 to 3 years. They use surf excel detergent. They feel price is normal and economical The stains are not removed and many had changed their washing machine from top load front load. Many respondents do not have hot wash facilities.
  8. 8. Relationship between the variable Monthly income and Price of the washing Machine. Type of washing machine and mode payment.Factors in purchasing Brand name Design and Look CapacityInfluence to buy the brand Brand image Product feature Value of money
  9. 9. Factors in selecting the brand Brand name Reputation of the company Capacity and type of washing machineReasons for using Easy to wash Time taken StatusProblems faced More water and detergent Electricity
  10. 10. Satisfaction level Capacity Time Taken Handy operation Water Power
  11. 11.  Problems like water, detergent have to be overcome Make effective advertisement Other companies have to improve the quality of washing machine Have to remove stain Price of the front load washing machine is to reduce to increase its market Operational efficiency Hot wash facility
  12. 12.  The buyer’s behavior towards washing machine has been measured using primary and secondary data and determined by quality, price, advertisement, brand image, water and power consumption factors. In the present era the washing machine are with the different price, quality, type, etc. But the consumer prefer to purchase their favourite brand due to quality, price, advertisement, brand name, dealers and after sales service together decide their purchase.