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Summary of the work done by me at NID

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  • Nice collections. Thanks for the share! I have included your portfolio link in my web page as part of CEED and NID portfolio guide. You may want to check this - http://stuffyoulook.blogspot.com/2015/01/tips-on-how-to-make-design-portfolio.html
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  1. 1. Saranya Rukmangadhan | Lifestyle accessories designer Email : saranya_nid@yahoo.com | Phone: +91 9176662206 | National Institute of Design
  2. 2. About me Spirited and passionate, I strongly believe in following my heart. I am a keen observer and try to find reasons behind almost everything. I dream a lot and enjoy exploring new avenues. Education 2008 - 2011 PGDPD Lifestyle Accessory Design, National institute of Design 2004 - 2008 BE., Industrial Engineering, Guindy College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University In my design process, I give a lot of emphasis on research as I believe that design is Core competency about “spotting dormant human needs and Analytical thinking and conceptualization simplifying user experiences artistically” Consumer understanding Social trend analysis Persona development Scenario building Opportunity mapping Working in a team as well as independently
  3. 3. Product experience design Design research in FMCG Brand positioning Understanding the brief 1 Brand proposition and the brand Brand philosophy Elements researched Product BRAND category knowledge Target Identify 2 consumer consumer Data collection segment Persona Identify the building sampleTo translate the Cross category study Ideal live productperceptional, emotional Deeper experience Identifyand cognitive experience understandi touch ng of points 3 selectedwhile interacting with Opportunity mapping mediums CONSUMERa product, into a live Need gap analysis of Garment careexperience in order to Consumers and the Medium Trends in demos aspirationaffect the consumer’s mediums FMCG communica Idealbuying behavior. tion Shopping laundry and Buying 4 experience behaviour Scenario building User product Cross Study of interaction category various studiesDiploma project at mediumsHindustan Unilever 5 Design for mass production Live product experiences authenticate the effectiveness of a product and increase the value of the product, providing stronger and more valid reasons for a customer to make her purchase decision.
  4. 4. Concepts bservation 1 bservation 3The consumer appreciates the Consumers appreciate over all experience of using a experiences where she feelsproduct and not just the results. special and convenient Scenario 1 Scenario 3 Look, feel, buy Tailor made for you Self happiness dea 1 nts C on su dea 3 poi m Make the demos a part of an experience Emphasizing on these elements h er uc ’s rather than making it a separate act or take along with the results in the live to to ’s uc product experience. er h po the demo to the consumer. m su in on ts C Credibility Novelty Mrs.Know it all + Mrs.Busy bee Consumer’s touch points bservation 2 bservation 4 Word of mouth gives Consumers remember maximum assurance and experiences in which she was leads to purchase. involved and had some multi Scenario 4 sensory interaction. Talking spaces Scenario 4 Engage through activity dea 2 dea 4 Create platforms where consumers can talk and Develop simple fun activities through which exchange information about the product. the consumers experience the product.
  5. 5. Designs based on a trend Workshop by Renault ,India Identify patterns in current 1 social scenarioWith technological 2 Validate the trendadvancements andvirtual spaces taking atoll, human beings wouldbecome aloof from Visualize scenarios andreal emotions and the 3 personainstability in all choiceswould reflect theirfrivolous self. 4 Design products and spacesTrend “ The frivolous me” Community space inspired from banyan tree where people meet to have face to face interactions aiming at encouraging selflessness and bonding in people. And cozy seating inspired from random knots of banyan roots.
  6. 6. Colours and patterns Workshop by Samsung,India Identify patterns in current 1 social scenario 2 Validate the trendBusy lifestyle and highstress levels has created 3 Visualize the mood Primary coloursan increasing desire todecelerate and enjoy thereal essence of life 4 Make colour paletteTrend : “ Seeking life” Accent colours
  7. 7. Design for elderly Massager for arthritis patients The concept 1 Interviews, Simulation study The massager is like an air bag made of thin rubber whose inner side has the massaging surface. At a press of the button, the embedded gas generator inflates it and vents out air through small holes on the surface, creating the required thumping action. 2 Analysis and Mind mappingA simple, easy to use, 3 Opportunity mapping uninflated statecordless massager to givea feeling of a good handmassage. When the air bag gets inflated, the massaging surface on the inner side 4 Material exploration presses against the body giving the required pressure.Massager with aninnovative surface Research finding In Ahmedabad many elderly live alone as their children preferred to settle 5 Working prototype abroad or in other states and they avoid using any personal wellbeing products because they simply cannot understand or relate with them. Main insight “A massage from my grand daughter’s hands is what I long for”
  8. 8. Massaging surfaces explored Working prototype Innovative massaging surface on the inner side made of rubber pipes to simulate that hard yet soft feel of a hand massage
  9. 9. Obstacle detecting jewellery Design for the visually impaired In depth interviews, 1 Obesrvation Variations Literature review, 2 expert interviewThe pendant inspired from Prototype: silver plated copperthe form of dolphins withobstacle detecting sensorsembedded would be their 3 Opportunity mapping SRF02 ultrasonic sensor Range - 16cm to 6m. Power - 5v, 4mAintimate guiding pal. Frequency - 40KHz. Size - 24mm x 20mm x 17mm height. Vibration alertPendant replaceswalking stick 4 Form exploration Research finding Their most important aspiration is emotional security and social acceptance as a normal human being. 5 Mock up Main insight “I don’t like carrying a walking stick because it tells everybody that I am blind and people start showing sympathy.”
  10. 10. Internship with Upasana, Auroville Jewellery with traditional buttons Look 1 1 Select target market Royal elegance 2 Select product categoryContemporary jewellerydesign with traditionalbuttons of Varanasi 3 Decide the looksto improve theirdemand and generateemployment to thecraftsmen. Design for mass 4 productionContemporizingtraditions
  11. 11. Look 2 UnderstatedLook 3Urban cool
  12. 12. Leather embroidery:Kutch,Gujarat Design for sustainability Field study: capture 1 needs Current market and 2 customer analysisSustainability of acraft depends on thecraftsman’s willingness toadapt to change... 3 Craft strategyAnd this is possible ifthe change introducedrespects his values and Need identified: Improved range and quality of embroideryfulfills his need. 4 Design and deploy Problem identified: Women being embroidery experts not involved in the craft as it is considered difficult to stitch through leather.Clutch bag for Solution: Introduced easier ways of doing embroidery on leather to facilitate women to get involved while men did the structure of the bag.FabIndia clients Design traced on leather and holes made using aari (locally used sharp tool) to make stitching easier and explore more designs.
  13. 13. Apparel designer: Aneeth Arora Bag for a designer label 1 Brand, Client study 2 Concept exploration Form, materialThe signature style of 3 exploration Natural Unrestricted Elegantapparel designer AneethArora “natural, unrestrictedand elegant” wastranslated in the form of abag to suit her clientele. 4 PrototypeOrganic leather bag
  14. 14. An experience with origami Hand skills explored 1 Technique and material exploration 2 Conceptualization 3 DesignOrigami was exploredon silk fabric to createbeautiful forms andtesselations.The mystic pinkroom divider
  15. 15. Intimacy through design Emotions of sounds Understand the emotive 1 aspects of clayA space installation 2 Conceptualizationconcept using thewhooshing soundgenerated by air flowingthrough empty clay pots 3 Designof varying sizes to createan intimate experience.Conceptual spaceinstallation
  16. 16. Thank youEmail : saranya_nid@yahoo.com | Phone: +91 9176662206 | National Institute of Design