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Women of south africa
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Women of south africa



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  • 1. Women of South Africa
    By Sara L. WS 420
  • 2. Hello everyone, my name is Sara L.
    Born and raised in beautiful Bemidji, MN.
    Junior at MSUM. Major: Social Work Minor: Psychology
    I am a proud mom to a handsome beagle. His name is Marley.
    I live with my boyfriend of a year and a half.
    I work at a group home to help care for four amazing women.
    I plan to work with addictions counseling.
  • 3. More about me…
    I enjoy spending most all of my time with my two best friends.
    I visited Cody, Wyoming this summer and was taken away by the scenery.
    I love music. Most people can’t tell by looking at me but I am a huge rap fan! I love Lil’ Wayne and Drake!
  • 4. HIV in South Africa
    A South African Department of Health Study estimated that 28% of pregnant women were living with HIV in 2007.
    The highest HIV rates came from the provinces, KwaZulu-Natal(37.4%), Mpumalanga(32%), and Free State(33.5%). The lowest included the Northern Cape(16.1%) and Western Cape(12.6%).
    Fortunately, the HIV rate in teenage girls has decreased since 2004 from 16.1% to 12.9% in 2007. The health department believes this is due to more knowledge of safe sex practices in young women.
    On that same note, HIV in women 40 years or older in South Africa has increased from 17.2% in 2002 to 21.5% in 2008.
  • 5. Young Women in South Africa
    Girls in South Africa are faced with many challenges. They are often victims of abuse, poverty, and sexual harassment.
    Not only do they face those challenges in every day life but they also face discrimination in school. Many girls are discriminated against if they take “male” classes such as mathematics or science.
    Many girls often drop out of school due to pregnancy.
    In urban areas, drug and alcohol abuse are not uncommon for younger women.
  • 6. Violence Against Women in South Africa
    It is estimated that every six hours in South Africa, a woman is killed due to domestic violence.
    Domestic violence in South Africa is six times the global average.
    In 1999, a study in Gauteng showed that 42.5% of women had experienced every form of abuse and 60% said it had come from their spouse or partner.
  • 7. Women in Society
    South Africa as a whole, generally believes in traditional gender roles. The traditional role mostly believes that women are less important or less deserving of power than men.
    Most African traditional social organizations are male centered and male dominated.
    Afrikaner religious beliefs follow the theoretically biblically notion that women’s contributions to society should normally be approved by, or be on behalf of, men.
  • 8. Women Today
    The Women’s League in South Africa fought for many rights. Political rights, protection against abuse, and protection against exploitation were a few.
    The Women’s League proposed that women make up one-third of the political appointments. In 1994, women made up 80 of the 400 seats in the National Assembly.
    Even though there were many changes in the 1990’s that helped women gain more power, women in society still face discrimination and abuse.