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my med term presentation should be about movie without saying the name of the movie and there will be a voice record with it but the voice is not recorded yet . so when i record my voice i will upload it on voice thread where other students can play it with the slides and that's how my presentation will be online as i think. If i could i will upload my voice record here also , but i'm not sure that i can , i'll tray anyway . hope you like it

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presentation !!

  1. 1. Directed by Gabriele Muccino Written by Grant Nieporte Distributed by Release date Country Columbia Pictures December 19, 2008 United States Language English Budget $55 million Box office $168,168,201
  2. 2. How I felt about this movie?
  3. 3. Genre : Drama
  4. 4. Will Smith Tim Thomas Robinne Lee Sarah Jenson (Tim’s fiancée ) Michael Ealy Ben Thomas (Tim’s brother ) Rosario Dawson Emily Posa (his heart) Barry Pepper Dan (Tim’s friend) Judyann Elder Holly (his liver) Woody Harrelson Ezra (his corneas) Elpidia Carrilo Connie (his beach house) Bill Smitrovich George (his kidney) Quintin Kelley Nicholas (his bone marrow)
  5. 5. Los Angeles
  6. 6. Go back to the table in slide 5 to understand the plot. The Plot
  7. 7. * The highest point of the movie. * The end.
  8. 8. 4 Awards: • • • • ASCAP Film & Television Music 2009. BET 2009. ( best actor Will Smith ) Image 2009. ( outstanding actor in a motion picture –Will Smith ) Image 2009. ( outstanding actor in a motion picture –Rosario Dawson ) 6 Nominations: • ALMA 2009.(Rosario Dawson) • BET 2009. actress –Rosario Dawson) • Black Reel 2009. Best Director –Gabriele Muccino) • Black Reel 2009. (best film) • Image 2009. (best (outstanding motion picture) • (Satellite 2008. (best screenplay, original)
  9. 9. 7.5 R in at g
  10. 10. Claudia Puig, USA TODAY It takes a while to sort out and piece together the parts in Seven Pounds. And though it all makes sense by the film's end, the process can be slow going. Roger Ebert, Times I am fascinated by films that observe a character who is behaving precisely, with no apparent motivation. A good actor brings such a role into focus, as Will Smith does in the enigmatically titled "Seven Pounds. Charlotte Observer, Lawrence Toppman Gripping but gap-filled Seven Pounds will have half your brain asking "How could this be?" and the other half saying, "Shut up and go along for the ride!" Listen to the latter voice.
  11. 11. Any one can guess the name of the movie?
  12. 12. First time I saw it was…
  13. 13. Why “Seven Pounds” is my favorite movie?