Foodfrequqency - a multisensory experience


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The Food and Sound innovative multisensory experience "Foodfrequency". To download presentation:

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Foodfrequqency - a multisensory experience

  1. 1. FoodFrequency connect your percepitions
  2. 2. Culinary art is a synesthetic art , its message being conveyed by taste, smell, touch, visual feeling and, to some extent, sounds. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Italy
  3. 3. A multisensory itineraryFoodfrequency is an innovative project created to stimulate through amultisensory perception approach based on sound, a deeperawareness and a most pleasant experience of the most fundamentalaspect of our life, deep-seated into the culture: Food.Food represents a symbolic border, delimiting the lines between acountry and another, a culture and another. At the same time it is animportant medium for humanity to positively express its identity.This fundamental moment of mutual understanding is amplified throughsound, an immediate, emotional language.With sound, the physical limitation of the room disappears, theimagination is stimulated to feel the territory of the ingredients’ origin,and the life of people who took part in their preparation.Thus amplified, food becomes a unique and intimate experience, asurprising journey through the sounds and flavors of Italy, afundamental moment to share an essential part of our culture and life.
  4. 4. ...[the results of our research] highlight just how dramatically environmental sounds can influence peoples perception of food. ...[we] demonstrated that people consistently match sweets tastes with highpitched notes on the piano, whereas bitter-tasting foods are more commonly matched with lower pitched notes played on brass and woodwind instead. Prof. Charles Spence, Cross-modal research lab, Oxford UniversityThe Foodfrequency performance involves the public in an immersivejourney through a country’s culture.During dinner guests are invited to wear headphones. They are guidedthrough a multisensory itinerary where sounds, tastes and flavours aredesigned to entwine.Through sound, they live the story of each dish - from the ingredientsstory to the sounds of the territory of origin, and of the chef cooking -in a crescendo that amplifies, through the sense of hearing, ourrelation with food.The use of headphones alternates with the surround sound diffusion.With perception wide open, you will be able to grasp the relationshipbetween frequencies – low and high- tastes and flavours.
  5. 5. An immersive experienceIt is demonstrated that listening to the sounds of a foods territory – thesea for fish, the farmyard for eggs – increases up to 15% the pleasureand the perception of quality of the ingredients (freshness, crunchiness),thus amplifying the pleasure and awareness of a culinary experience.We all create synesthetic, unconscious associations between soundfrequencies, music instruments and the basic tastes – sweet, bitter,umami, salty.Foodfrequency starts here, to bring you in a multisensory journeysupported by innovative audio technologies.All the sounds are recorded on purpose with a 3D technique in theoriginal ingredients locations to create an immersive and intimateenvironment and post-produced by Foodfrequency staff.The recordings are realized with the binaural recording technique toconvey a realistic 3D experience, for an amplified journey through theotherwise incommunicable but essential elements of a country and itsculture.
  6. 6. The added valueAn open experience. Foodfrequency is for everyone. It can be experience in anycontext and can be tailor-made for different goals. It can be lived and enjoyed at allages, by any culture without the boundaries of language, and appreciated by allabilities.Why Foodfrequency. The Foodfrequency experience can be custom tailored fordifferent purposes: • education: to stimulate the synesthetic and multisensory perception and awareness. To suggest an understanding of the importance of food, culture and territories • business: it’s an innovative and unique experience for a business meeting, giving an added value to the cuisine at the same time stimulating the reflection upon the importance of an open sensitivity • artistic: it’s an immersive and intimate event based on the art of the cuisine and a synesthetic approach to art itselfSponsorship. Foodfrequency can be of particular interest for food and wineproducers. To communicate a company value through the unique experience of theirproducts, in Italy and everywhere in the world.A professional team. Foodfrequency is the result of a solid collaboration of a team ofhighly specialized professionals. We guarantee to our client a turnkey event.A sustainable event. We are committed to a low impact event: we choose seasonaland local food and ingredients - where possible - and a simple and user friendlytechnology.
  7. 7. Sara Lenzi, sound designerGiulia Massimiliani, chefGiulio Bettarini, osteMichael Byrne, live performerMarco Galardi, sound designer
  8. 8.
  9. 9. FoodFrequency connect your percepitions