Aero and Officer Mike - Robust Vocabulary
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Aero and Officer Mike - Robust Vocabulary






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Aero and Officer Mike - Robust Vocabulary Aero and Officer Mike - Robust Vocabulary Presentation Transcript

  • RobustVocabular yLesson 7Aero and Officer Mike:Police Partners
  • bab
  • bab ble
  • babble If you babble, you say words that cannot be understood. What will babble – a baby for a few months or an actor? Explain. Babble to your neighbor!!
  • sus
  • sus pi
  • sus pi cious
  • suspicious If you think someone cannot be trusted, you are suspicious of him or her. The trainers became suspicious of the dolphin. What might make Mr. Smith suspicious – when his garbage can is knocked over everyday or when his mail was delivered on time? Explain.
  • scent A scent is what something smells like. Is a scent something you can touch or something you can smell? Describe a scent you like with your partner. Describe a scent you don’t like with your partner.
  • wan
  • wan ders
  • wanders A person who wanders travels without planning where he or she is going. How does someone who wanders move? Let’s wander around the room!!
  • whined If something or someone whined, it gave a long, high cry. What creature or object have you heard that whined? Which baby is whining? Why do you think he or she whined?
  • o
  • o bey
  • obey When you obey, you do what you are told to do. What is something that you have to obey? What happens when you do not obey?
  • dem
  • dem on
  • dem on strate
  • demonstrate When you demonstrate something, you show how it works or how it is done. If I demonstrate something to you, what am I doing? What is this teacher demonstrating?
  • pa
  • pa trol
  • patrol People patrol an area when they go through it with the purpose of guarding it. Who would you expect to patrol a neighborhood? Which of these might patrol an area?
  • ac
  • ac com
  • ac com pa
  • ac com pa ny
  • accompany When you accompany someone, you go someplace with him or her. Aero can accompany Officer Mike anywhere he goes. Where might children accompany their parents – to the grocery store or to an adult-only event?
  • com
  • com pe
  • com pe tent
  • competent If you are competent, you are good at what you are doing. Aero is the most competent dog I have ever seen. Who has to be especially competent – a doctor performing checkups or a garbage collector?
  • Read pages 198-199 Why do you think the dog can smell a scent after a person is gone? How far away can a dog see something that wanders by? How could a dog hear a child who whined? What commands might a dog learn to obey? What is a skill a dog could demonstrate? Why would a police officer want to patrol with a dog?