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August Sander
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A powerpoint presentation about August Sander, for the photography class.

A powerpoint presentation about August Sander, for the photography class.

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  • 1. August SanderDan, Lily and Sara Photography
  • 2. Biography• B. 1876 in Herdorf, Rhine, Germany• D. 1964 in Köln, Germany• 7 years as miner in Herdorf• 1 year studying painting in Dresden• 1904: founded his own studios
  • 3. His works• 1929: ‘Anlitz der Zeit’ (Face of Our Time) published his first book (started it 1910)
  • 4. Major work• 1911: ‘Menschen des 20. Jahrhunderts’ (People of the 20th Century)• Categorized his work into: ‘class, profession and relationships’
  • 5. Style• Neutral background or simple environment• Systematic• Clothes and body language link with origin and profession of individual• Facial expressions are neutral – Photography: not seen as an art – German history (influence of Nazi regime)• ‘Nothing is more hateful to me than photography sugar-coated with gimminks, poses and false effects’
  • 6. Portraiture or Documentary?• Portraiture: focuses on the person/people’s expression – Photos of people – No or little focus on background – Posing?
  • 7. Documentary or Portraiture?• Documentary: objective photograph of a scene – Real clothing and habitat – ‘Strict documentation of his view on Man’
  • 8. Similar photographers• Dorothea Lange (1895-1965)• American influential documentary photographer• ‘I want to take a picture of a man as he stood in his world’• Iconic image: ‘Migrant Mother’ (1936) – Depression era
  • 9. Contemporary works• Mark Seliger (19 - )• Photographer for Rolling Stones from 1992-2002• Celebrity portraiture• Chosen black and white images: – back to basics – pure & simple – less distraction
  • 10. References• Arnow, J. and Lange, D., 1985. Dorothea Lange. London: Macdonald• Graham, C., 1997. The Photograph. Oxford: Oxford University Press.• Lange, S., Döblin, A. and Heiting, M., 1999. August Sander, 1876 – 1964. Köln: Taschen.• MoMA – The Museum of Modern Art, 2009. The Collection – August Sander. [online] Available at: <http://www.moma.org/collection/artist.php?artist_id=5145> [Accessed 23 January 2012]• Sander, A. and Sander, G., 1973. August Sander: Photographer Extraordinary. London: Thames and Hudson.• The Economist, 2009. The photographs of August Sander – Twentieth-century man (A photographer who believed he was enabling self-portraits). [online] Available at: <http://www.economist.com/node/14302314> [Accessed 23 January 2012]