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This is the traditional method to generate back links. At present as per Google updates we are not giving much preference to this

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Directory submission

  1. 1. - S.SRINIVAS05/14/131Directory submission
  2. 2. Introduction05/14/132Directory submission is simply submitting your link indifferent directories.In this tutorial, we will deal with an example on how to dealwith Directory submission.
  3. 3. Uses05/14/133To get listing in directoriesTo generate back links which is helpful for better SEOIt will be Strong (They will be in the database of respectiveDS site forever until and unless it will be in the issue ofspamming etc.,)
  4. 4. Work over view:05/14/134There are a lot of websites to submit our links for free.For example, let us consider a online directory web site.Note that, maximum directory websites doesn’t require you tocreate an account to post your links.So, you can submit as many links as possible in a single directorywebsite.
  5. 5. Submit your link:05/14/135Open example.Click on ‘post link’Choose the category related to your websiteWrite the title and describe in respective fields.Write the keyword in keyword box.Enter the cache codeClick on ‘submit link’
  6. 6. 05/14/136
  7. 7. 05/14/137Here you will observe 3 types of links1) Paid/ Premium2) Reciprocal3) RegularReciprocal is nothing but link exchange, we have to put theirlink in our websitePaid/Premium is nothing but it will be in best place i.e thepage which has best PR. These links will be approvedearlierRegular – We use this option in general
  8. 8. 05/14/138After submitting your link a new page will appear displayingsomething like “your link was submitted. And your link willappear asRecord the above displayed link in note-pad/ Excel sheet tomaintain a record
  9. 9. 05/14/139Important thingsyou need to follow
  10. 10. 105/14/1310Prepare Your Site. If you dont have a high-quality site then chances are you wont get listedby directories. Your content should be useful andrelevant. It should be free of "underconstruction" pages and broken links. Make surethat you keep ads to a minimum, that you dontredirect users to other pages, and that you donthave duplicate content on another site.
  11. 11. 205/14/1311Get Your Listing Details Ready. Keep thefollowing information in front of you at all timesto make directory submission easier: Your URL,the title of your website, a description of yourwebsite, your keywords, and your name andaddress.
  12. 12. 305/14/1312Find Good Directories. Use DMOZ and Yahooto find more-specialized niche directories. Whenyoure checking out each directory, pay attentionto how its organized, and spend some timedetermining which category or categories aremost appropriate for your site. When you submityour site, note it on a log with the date of yoursubmission.
  13. 13. 405/14/1313Check Your Results. Some directoriesnotify you when your site is listed and somedont. Be sure to check the directories towhich you have submitted often to find outif your site is listed. If its been over twomonths and your site still isnt listed, trysubmitting it again, but dont resubmit anysooner than that.
  14. 14. Meta Attributes05/14/1314Look for "noindex" or "nofollow" attributes inMeta Description along with Java Script links -they do not pass PR juice.
  15. 15. Get Your Website Listed In DMOZOpen Directory05/14/1315Submitting your website to DMOZ (or OpenDirectory Project) is considered to be one of thevital steps in the Search Engine Optimization(SEO) process. DMOZ is a large, human-editeddirectory of the Web that offers a wide range ofresults for major search engines includingGoogle. 
  16. 16. Automated submission05/14/1316There are different software through which youcan submit your site to the web directories. Thisprocess is known as automated submissionsystem.
  17. 17. Advantages- Automatedsubmission05/14/1317The only one advantage of automated submissionis time saving. In manual process you will needhours, even days to submit some 50 or 100articles, whereas, you can do it within minutes orhours through automated system. By using suchsoftware you can submit site yourself without thehelp from some experts.
  18. 18. Disadvantages- Automatedsubmission05/14/13181. Almost each of the web directories has separatenorms and forms for article submission. Also the inputfields vary from directory to directory. Automatedsystem can not abide by all the norms and guidelines. 2. In automated system, you can not choose the rightcategory for submission. The software chooseseverything and does not let you opt. 3. Sometimes the articles may be rejected for grammar,spelling or syntax errors which can not be identified bythe automated system. So, there comes the possibility ofstraight rejection or ban.
  19. 19. Manual submission05/14/1319Do not go for automated submission - it is alwayssafe to manually submit your site in the bestdirectories.
  20. 20. The top 10 directory submissionsites05/14/13201) Google Directory:  The URL is directory.Google.com2) Yahoo! Directory:  Its URL Jayde:  Its URL is jayde.com4) ODP - Open Directory Project:  Its URL is dmoz.org5) JoeAnt:  Its URL is joeant.com6) Best of the Web: Gimpsy: GoGuides: Skaffe:  Its URL is skaffe.com10) Web Savvy Directory:  Its URL is