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  • 1. By : Sara Palacios
  • 2. What is photosynthesis? Process by which plants and some other organisms use light energy to convert water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and high energy carbohydrates as sugars and starches.
  • 3. The point of this project is….The project that I choose is to do photosynthesis. Wellmy question is why is photosynthesis so important andwhy do plants and humans need it in life. Explaininghow photosynthesis works.
  • 4. Where does photosynthesis takesplaces? Photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplast and in the chlorophyII ChlorophyII is what gives the leafs the color they are Also photosynthesis has 2 parts to it: -- light dependent reaction -- light independent reactions
  • 5. Light dependent reaction The light-dependent reactions is the first stage ofphotosynthesis. This process capture and store energyfrom sunlight and light energy is converted intochemical energy and this energy is in the form of amolecule. The light-dependent reactions take place inthe inside a chloroplast. Chloroplast are organelle thatconvert light to energy. This energy released by themolecules is called adenosine triphosphate or ATP.
  • 6. Light independent reaction The light-independent reactions of photosynthesis are chemical reactions that convert carbon dioxide and other compounds into glucose. The energy released from ATP drives this metabolic pathway. It is described to be light-independent as it proceeds regardless of the amount of light available. The term is used in contrast to light-dependent reaction of photosynthesis.
  • 7. What is photosynthesis important toplants, humans, and animals? First of all plants are important to the life because that’ssome where animals and humans get oxygen from.Photosynthesis is the one that give plants with food andenergy. Animals are the ones that eat the plant. Forhumans we breathe in oxygen and we exhale carbondioxide.
  • 8. The formula of photosynthesis….The formula is :6CO +6H O 2 2C H O +60 6 12 6 2
  • 9. Pictures of plants !!!
  • 10. The end Well this PowerPoint just showed use that why is photosynthesis important to use as humans, plants, and animals. I hope u guys liked the power point