12.12.05..2012 ftc alumni


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12.12.05..2012 ftc alumni

  1. 1. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  2. 2. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  3. 3. Nicky ThammavongClient Relations Director, WorkSmartI joined BB WorkSmart in December 2010 as part of theSenior Management Team, and we were, at that time, settingup a new Balfour Beatty OpCo. My remit was to design andimplement the Service Management framework (development ofthe initial Client Engagement process, KPI’s andperformance reporting/review processes, Issue Managementprocess, Business Activity Review processes and the JointBusiness Planning processes.)My focus in my current role, and in previous roles I heldboth in IBM and Procter & Gamble, is the Client; if youdon’t have a client who is satisfied and confident in yourability to provide service, you don’t have a business, soits critical that a good relationship is built. At thesame time we need to ensure that Client expectations areclearly set with regards to the service they should expect,and expectation management is a critical and ongoingprocess.Being part of the Future Talent Community has beenfantastic – its given me access to a wide range of veryinteresting and experienced people and I have built astrong network within the Division, and it has challengedme to think and work differently. It really is a fantasticopportunity.nicky.thammavong@bbworksmart.com +44 (0)7531 331 722
  4. 4. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  5. 5. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  6. 6. Hiran De AlwisProgramme Manager, WorkSmartI joined Balfour Beatty WorkSmart in January 2011 as Transition andTransformation Project Manager in the IT and Transformation Team.Since joining, I have played a key role in leading the transition ofthe ‘Lift & Shift’ OpCo’s, Group Head Office to Oracle R12 and mostrecently, the BBW transition to Oracle. In recognition of myachievements so far, I was promoted to ‘Programme Manager’ in August2012.Prior to joining Balfour Beatty, I spent 7 years at IBM UK and duringthis time, worked and had leadership roles in Global Mobility,Payroll, Master Data Management, Compensation Planning, BusinessProcess Improvement (as a Six Sigma Green Belt) and the last fewyears, Project and Transition Management.Being part of the Future Talent Community has been great – it hasgiven me access to a wide range of interesting and experienced peopleand I have built a strong network within the Division.hiran.dealwis@bbworksmart.com +44 (0) 7896 675 390
  7. 7. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  8. 8. David BaileyRegional Director, Living PlacesThis year I have been promoted to Southern Regional Director. I manage a team of 250 staff andoperatives delivering a range of services from Routine Maintenance, including Emergency Response,Gully Cleansing and Winter Maintenance to major Highways Improvement Schemes. We have increasedturnover to approximately £50m by developing our offering to include Public Realm design,playground installation and specialist surfacing, carrying out works for a variety of public andprivate clients.Prior to joining Balfour Beatty Living Places I have had a varied carrier predominantly in mainstream, heavy, Civil Engineering across the South of England. I have worked on constructionprojects from Tunnels to Water Treatment Works and a number of Motorway and Highways projects.Highlights would be the 2 ½ years as Project Manager on the Trafalgar Square re-modelling schemecompleted in 2003 and earlier in my career as Engineer on a project to underpin the Round Tower atWindsor Castle.I am married with 2 children and live in Newbury. I spend most of my free time with my family andkeeping up with friends.david.bailey@bblivingplaces.com +44 (0)7966 895022
  9. 9. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  10. 10. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  11. 11. Louise ReynoldsProcurement Category Manager, WorkSmart andDivisional Innovation Leadership Team (ILT) memberI joined BB WorkSmart in May 2011 as a ProcurementCategory Manager in thenewly-formed Supply Chain Management Team. Prior tojoining Balfour Beatty I had worked for 11 years inprocurement within Tata Steel. Since joining BBWorkSmart I’ve been instrumental in creating & managinga portfolio of supply contracts to the value £50million, from which £8 million of benefits have beenrealised in 2012 for the BB Group. In addition, Irepresent the Services Division at group level forinnovation. The role fits well with my supply chainresponsibilities as I benefit from both divisional andsupply-chain networks, and I’m always keen to hear aboutour great ideas to add value!louise.reynolds@bbworksmart.com +44 (0)7896 675 057
  12. 12. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  13. 13. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  14. 14. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  15. 15. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  16. 16. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  17. 17. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  18. 18. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  19. 19. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  20. 20. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  21. 21. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  22. 22. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  23. 23. Ritchie TaylorGeneral Manager – Highways Australia, LivingPlacesLeading the development of a Highways Vertical inAustralia. This new business will harness the strengthsof PB, CSUK and BBLP to enter this new outsourcingmarket. The market is fuelled by East coast politicalreform and contestability.We have shaped the early integrated highway maintenanceopportunities in Queensland, Victoria and New SouthWales into performance based contracts using UK examplesto support our proposalsOur offer builds on PB’s reputation as ‘Trusted Adviser’to the existing state Transport clients supported byBB’s expertise around asset lifecycles and enhancingpublic satisfaction.I am currently building a local team supplemented by UKexperts that will, shape bid, mobilise and deliver theseopportunities starting in January 2013. It is estimatedthat approximately $1.5bn (ACV) will be tendered by theend of 2016. I am really excited by this opportunity.ritchie.taylor@balfourbeatty.com +44 (0)7966 895 078/ +61 (0)457 542 639
  24. 24. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  25. 25. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  26. 26. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group
  27. 27. Alumni 2012BB Services Future Group