Marketing battleship


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Marketing battleship

  1. 1. Marketing Battleship Sarah Walsh
  2. 2. Film TrailersTrailers, which are like adverts for a film, are an important part of afilm’s marketing campaign. They inform potential audiences about afilm and are designed to raise audience awareness and interest in afilm in advance of, and during, its cinema release encouraging peopleto see the film at the cinema. Trailers are generally aimed at the sameaudience as the films they publicise. Trailers show how a new film isdifferent to others in the same genre: this is known as the USP (UniqueSelling Point) of the film which could be because of the innovative useof special effects, an unusual mix of genres or a popular star. Trailersare shown at the cinema, on TV and online and are usuallyaccompanied by poster campaigns and radio campaigns to give widecoverage for new film releases. Most trailers are produced at the sametime as the film is being edited so it is shown far enough in advance togenerate excitement about the film’s release, but not so early thatpeople forget about the film before it even comes out.
  3. 3. Battleship TrailerThe official trailer for Battleship was releasedonto YouTube on 29th July 2011 so ten monthsbefore the films release at the cinema. Thetrailer on YouTube currently has 4,511,259 hits.
  4. 4. Battleship TrailersVarious following trailers were released ontoYouTube slowly revealing the plot of the film,also gaining millions of hits. These trailers arelinked from the camera movement and anglesused and by the music used but all vary with thecontents, sound effects, dialogue and text.
  5. 5. Battleship PostersVarious posters were released advertising thefilm. These posters all link together by the ironstyle silver font used on the film title and thedark and blue colours used.
  6. 6. Battleship GameThe film Battleship was inspired by the gameBattleship by Hasbro. Hasbro has now released anew film addition of the game which advertisesthe film for people purchasing the game. TheBattleship film trailer is also displayed on theHasbro website.
  7. 7. FacebookThe Battleship film is also advertised throughFacebook as it has it’s own Facebook ‘like’ pagewhere fans can ‘like’ the page which will thenappear on their page for their Facebook friendsand the page will then get spread around andadvertised. The page is currently liked by212,419 people.
  8. 8. USPBattleship is a mainstream film as it is producedusing a high budget by Universal as a big scaleHollywood film with the use of big explosions,effects and large ships. Famous singer, now alsoactress, Rihanna is featured in the film whichmakes the film unique and will encourage fansof Rihanna to see the film.
  9. 9. ConclusionIt is clear from the marketing campaign that thefilm is of an action/sci-fi genre by the use ofimages of explosions and the use of the ironstyle font of the film title. It is clear from themarketing campaign, mainly from the trailers,that the plot of the film is to do with a group ofships battling with other iron vehicles.