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Sarh Watts Peoms
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Sarh Watts Peoms


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  • 1. 1 “She Works” She works hard and puts in long hours; feet are like stones on a grassy plain—her hands are parched like rushing waters near a windowpane Hours and hours of labor; yet only minutes seem to pass, like a long journey driven when you are down to your last. She slowly but tediously gets the job done— Working and working assisting everyone…she smiles on the outside trying to hide all that she feels, leaving her frustrations on the inside— She rides home each night leaving behind the brushed orders and consumer fights, She cries down the fullness of her day tears rolling from east to west. She arrives… At her destination, her husband awaits for her. For he’s been all alone; nearside the walls of their home—he sets her water to bathe just right. As he prepares’ for her he rubs her feet half of all the night. He pampers her with his tender caress using what God has given him to bless. Making her feel alright she has worked to receive her worth. She works— -SarahWatts 1
  • 2. 2 “Blinded” BOLDLY-- living life in the fast lane, Breezing through easy as though kindness never had a name, It’s as though your past never knew rain or met shame. Shunning every face and cursing those who humble before you— You’re hurting them in heavy pain ignoring what is true. BLINDED! Upfront with life heading straight for an end…BLINDED! What looks good now will later be but a disappearing fizz --like a fresh opened can Of soda poured into an empty glass…BLINDED! Because of you, how in the world did I get caught up in your mask of lies— blinded from the front to the behind? -Sarah Watts 2
  • 3. 3 “Observe or wait’ Into you like a bag of candy of all flavors, I’m not sure why, but something about you has caught my eye. If it’s your smile, style, or the way you praise…it has lifted my spirits in everyway; I know; a man that finds a wife finds a good thing, but somewhere in between-- Things seem to be turned I feel as though I was sent to you as though you were ready for me at one point and then you yet doubted, and so I am drawn by the spiritual force that connects divinely. I am left sitting in a wonder of if you’ll find me. Lord I’m asking you sincere and also quietly why do I consistently want for what I do not need or maybe even consider what you may have for me so soon; and then give what you given me secretly out to everyone on a silver spoon. Hopefully you’ll send the right message I’ve been praying for silently in my room God I always understand you and how you work, have faith trust you and wait on you. -Sarah Watts 3
  • 4. 4 Ta’Kyah Stronger than the lines that lace her face she is determined to run a race that’s bigger than her imagination, Heading for the destiny that God has set ahead of her, she has set forth to show the world that nothing is too hard for her. Given the gifts of understanding and peace, she gives all that she is to be-- the first try, leaving nothing behind. Gracing the paths of those she crosses, she walks upright and tall with confidence, trusting that God will see fit in her small life of Ritz. By Auntie Sarah To my beautiful niece I love you with my whole heart and just keep trusting God and He’ll give you all that you desire in your heart. 4
  • 5. 5 “A Man” He is a relative man of prospects; he rains down on the world below him. He sets his ways in the most sensible respects He authenticates his journeys, never duplicating his swagger. When he is given time, space, and freedom; his abyss attraction becomes full—full like the moon in a night of open skies. When he is near the presence of determination, he keeps his distance… he takes heed to his surroundings. Stepping away from his mask if shyness, he walks towards opportunity into the doors of highness. He is adorned by the smooth grace and the sincerity of his man place; God has even given him his supreme hour to walk as he was destined, and live as he is lead. With straight confidence and no signs of dread— He is a man who never hesitates to be fed—by the spirit that is. In awe… at his desolate thoughts, and relative fruitfulness that’s read between his smile. Within it, is the un-tasteful splendors of his past hurts, pains, and regrets. Inside his eyes are the passions of his heart that he’ll never allow himself to forget— When he lets go of it, his soul will be left with an empty imprint with major indents of gain. Broken and chipped, yet still un-ripped He lives wide and his thoughts are broad—though at times he can be intimately separate by thin rod…he is YET A MAN and that man is RASHAD! -By: Sarah Watts To a great man of God--- 5
  • 6. 6 “Fear Out” In fear I live in fear I grew in fear I found emptiness so un-true; fear is but a wall of hovering over your joy and gladness. So blast through those walls of perplexed energy and sadness; show yourself real destiny Fear is but of the enemy, hardcore pain and boldness see… what are the possibilities of finding goodness? I plea-- The spirit of fear runs deep; sea to sea and country to city even inside of thee. Pray it away, day by day and each time it crosses your mind hear Gods voice and that spirit will resign. 6
  • 7. 7 “Figure of thought” In my mind I try to find the most of what I can put together; I try so hard to understand your standards. I’m so confused in your ways and moods, if only the Lord can put me in a position that I can move to see. Strength will rule through and my eyes will open to the game you intend to play on me. I have been scared, bruised and yet abused. Used to think I could view the motives before I was in to deep, now I have to fast pray and think. Somewhere inside of things my heart is in a struggle to adjust and to bust away the walls of security but I always slip— Back into what my past brought me and what God shifted me from now harder than ever I am fighting to reposition myself for Gods glory but I only can do it when you’re out of the way. 7
  • 8. 8 “A woman’s’ right” If your plan is to hold shape and mold me to your splendor, then make it happen in the agenda; to get to know me better… I ask kindly if you will not hurt me but make it a priority to Love me intentionally— whether if you have to sacrifice or divide pain from strife. If you’d like me to be you wife and not your concubine, then leave your past loves and baggage behind. I am a woman of dignity and standards. Treat me as though I was your sister; and not you lover, because you will love me unconditionally like her. I am a woman who deserves respect and passion, a woman who needs to be handled light and taken seriously it is a woman’s right. Don’t come across with games and deceit; for I am not God to see, but I will pick up on it and flee. When I sense your ability to strategically play me— So please as I speak give me your all and you’ll get more than just half of me. Until then stay away and seek God on everything. Then give it another approach, later. 8
  • 9. 9 “Lose Change” In a rage to change handing over main to main— Give or take it’s only one lane— Just in case time doesn’t remain— Understand you live to gain, or lose all that you have because you did not choose. Lose or change— 9
  • 10. 10 “Trapped” You make my heart flash like a million lights in the skies, You make my mind wonder into the stars of blindness, You make my spirit turn from the feeling of lies, I m trapped in a trance of entanglement It’s like a cold in a lonesome night, I’m in a restrained door of enticed temptations— Only God can remove me from these notions… 10
  • 11. 11 “The Game” I may be young but the naive days are over, I’m wiser, stronger and understand well enough to know when the game has begun. It’s my turn to play because you are out, and I know that the bible says that when you rebuke a wise man he only becomes wiser, but for a fool to be rebuked he’ll try to rise up against you. So in all that I do, I will be focused and steadfast; waiting for the opportunity to strike, so if you don’t want to feel my wrath step back! As a matter of fact I see all that you lack, but since I am not the judge of you I pray that you stay intact— 11
  • 12. 12 “Give me” Give me a moment to regain myself, in the search for love-- it has gotten so old; it’s become a cloud of dusty days. Packed away are the clear under charged tithes that I forgot to give, not to you—he-- or thee… But to the hearts of those who hurt me and left me wide opened and rather empty. Give back the love that you stole from me, and restore the ripped scars of lost cares— Show me that you really are into me and desire to help and to mend with me. If the wind was stopped and the world was questioned, what would be your answer for me? God speaks— Can you prove that you’re in tune to the life I’m living, and prove that the game of lies are aborted and delete? If so, then steal my heart without hesitate and defeat. I must remind you though; there are walls as thick as cement and 7 feet deep— 12
  • 13. 13 “Hear I am” Enlighten my eyes to something great; open my mind for new horizons—fill my heart with wisdom and knowledge. Entrust in me no lies to surround goodness in my space, open my ears to hear. Living with fear and doubt Lord please help me out. Don’t forget about me and all the things I need. My faithfulness will take toll; as I pray and plead I’m sure you’ll remember me in everything. Hear I am, God I love you. 13
  • 14. 14 (Warning For the mature reader Only ® (M)) “Lost in it” Now you have me stuck in a trance, sending tingles up – to the back of my neck and spine, leaving all the cares and restrains tied up in a sack of lost feelings behind. Whatever you’ve done to me I can truly not see-- because I’m blind by your sensual fine. The way you hold me is like the real embrace God gives me inside—I feel all that you feel even deeper within. I can not make you do what you want to do to me; only you can give it to me with a strong release, of energy and peace. I hear your still voice— With a sweet embraced kiss on my forehead, you rock me slow and guide me through— as we dance away; a tear of joy from my eye begins to shed as it meets the floor exploding— the first sign of love begins… I’m lost in it— 14
  • 15. 15 (For the ladies and men out there who cant put your true words in an expression this is for you, especially for the new couples who are getting married®) “Love and You” I love you without knowing you; I love you because you are... The love I have is so real and true, I don’t just feel it I live it-- and I have it inside of me. I know the heart is deceitful, but the spirit man never lies to me, since it’s something new to me I love even stronger. Because of you I am seeing different, I desire more, and more of God lives in me. Your heart is so deep in God that I have to seek him to find you. No matter how much I want to go over him to get to you, he will not allow it to over turn. I have to go to him and work hard to earn, that love, that is you. 15
  • 16. 16 “Relationship” Rejecting yourself to the things around you Enjoying the elated closure of a space that’s Lost between the two parties, gaining understanding, And knowledge, and building the relationship that’ll keep you strong In times of weak wonderings Onward thinking and outward actions equals Nothing but positive, patient, possible soul stunning thoughts taking taunts Heeding up to the threshold and Pleading for constant wisdom for the relationship that is to come. “The Compliment” “You cleanup well,” you say… thank you in a sister way smiling. How awesome you are, but appearance wise I never taste…man I may think what a waste but not today— Where’d you come from I wonder hard—I’m thinking maybe I should just play my cards and play them hard to the tee so hard that when I’m in it, I find and you find… 16
  • 17. 17 -If your smile could talk- Someday you’ll see the trueness of the meek me, the inner most of my serenity ill-gotten I’ll never be, only sweet and real elongated and thrilled— Curving from hill to hill every push is so sincere I wish I could hear but I’m just a smile in service to you. “Through you eyes” Love peace joy and rest; these all lye within you so deep it sit on my chest— it’s constantly hard for me to read into you— but one quick view in your eyes I see your life and my life— all of what you are and who we’ll be one glimpse through your eyes I find your heart and Gods…through your eyes I find us and our lives— 17
  • 18. 18 =Man Walks= Hold strong the love God embedded in you Entrust your spiritual flow so that indeed you’ll re-grow; renew A new seed of life to learn to love again so that your broken heart can mend because when a man walks he’ll never speak or talk, he just walks and it hurts deep— +Teach Me+ Teach me your smile so that we can last more than just awhile+ Teach me you likings so I can grow with you—outside you and inside of me + teach me your gifting so I can help you and keep uplifting in support+ Teach me your grove so that when you need me I can knead with you in the sacredness of our undefiled room, teach me so that I can sincerely learn to love you… teach me you+ 18
  • 19. 19 +Breath Through= Holding strong to the guilt I feel lost in this world full of empty meals, I try to find the last cause that left me behind, behind the shame that breaths through so lamely I’m full of shame you see+ +Breath through me… break through me … Lord God breath through me. + ==Box Out== In my box there could be no peace with out derenity+ there could be no self love with out the unconditional. What (Love) many thoughts. About my box I have The of it , inside Things +Faith+ Strong because I know of it Could it =pain= slightly taunted Show thoughts Through ?WHY? have his For the I may Time +Its me= side, Being? Mans Maybe being me, as a human made from God derived from a * 19
  • 20. 20 --Of You— Glossy eyes and arms of steel a smile of royalty that shows that you’re a king, skin so brown its sun kissed Hands of superiorness give off that happiness that story of wisdom your eyes tell, they tell the trueness of you; The past, present and only your future glows through everything else: The broadness of your shoulders shows the strength and the endurance you’re willing to withstand… Your feet of peace quiet and quick shifting to keep those in need of you uplifting and a sweet gifting+ I’m blessed to be … 20
  • 21. 21 Rejuvenate Gate + Inside+ Entwined— Unwind… rewind…smooth operating; leave all behind that leaves you elating Regain the strength strong, gay as the clouds reaching unsoundly, crying highly into you deeply I gasp for the tasting, melting relating, smells of Rejuvenating enter inside the gates that dates the energy—I love the inner peace 21
  • 22. 22 “Black Queen” Kissed bronze skin tone; lightly handled sweetly, cared for strongly but gently mantled. Walks upright with her head held high, she’s a black queen full of beauty and full of peace, she carries the world in her heart and bares the joys through her canal of flowing-- a black queen she is. +Black Princess+ Swiss speaks—lovely treats, she never always weeps, whenever she sleeps its’ as though the clouds leap to her and the moon moves near. Beautiful scenes and breathless settings wait at her feet—the universe is hers’ as she pleases; a black princess I want to be— 22
  • 23. 23 Wasted Energy== Tossing and turning, thinking about the you that doesn’t care to know me…huh-- wasted energy that brings me many nights of lost sleep who cares anymore cause he doesn’t even notice me— GET WORKED UP FOR WHAT!? So that he can say he doesn’t care to know me I’m just sweet and like a sister to he. NO...! I’m a woman—a strong one who will hold my ground whenever I need too and I don’t need you; I’m not even at awe of you anymore because it’s wasted energy when I can save my sleep and dream of true amenities. That don’t include the butterflies that remind me of you…hmp..! 23
  • 24. 24 {===Stings===}[ ##] As long as the stars go, your twinkle shines light on the darkest area of my inner circle that’s so hard to break through… You cut weak pains of dust away, so that it takes a shorter time without delay, to find my strongly boned heart that’s so lost in my maker. The walls are yet thin—hard to tune out the soft ruins of time, the strings you present I buy— to play out life’s melody 24
  • 25. 25 ==+Pursuit+== To catch view of you –there you stand in plain sight— Your pleasant and easy manner is like the force wind in the west. Ineffable; so incapable of being expressed— The world even rotates its rounds, and time is stopped at a halt of pursuit; to the highest point they stand in a fugacious aw of you… which leaves them in a vamped state of mind… sort of confused and stuck in a place they can not find. Not by accident or by mistake-- that anyone would secretly peruse you. The light that is within you is glowing deep and all the way through— Days of hours and seconds of minutes- work isn’t your only pursuit. The well wise and guarded eyes of hope, x-rays your skillful, artistic and ingenious hands of freedom; vast and available—they hold close… swift and humbled; but they are yet strong and endeavoring. Your soul symbolizes a never ending, rope tied to life never letting go-- This is why people are fully drawn to your jocund spirit; you are that mystery man— is that so…? : Terms of usage: Daedal- skillful, artistic, ingenious Fugacious- for a short lasting Written By: S.Watts (for a great friend who claims to not enjoy poetry this is for you it explains you and only you.) 25
  • 26. 26 1One1 One time, one chance, one breath one dance all we have is one… one call, one smile, one laugh, one time, one day, one hour, one life, one flower, one time… one trust. one lie… one faith, one crime, one time… Grab life at the edge and run it to the skies—toss it high and never regret; trust and believe it’ll be the best bet. Know that living in tomorrow is just a game so live in today while plain is plain Never give up and always regain; know that God has out his right hand do it today and watch the chances of sinking in sand; all you can do is land; on time…one time. 26
  • 27. 27 Trust Hope=Faith- Fun for and with it= Trust the hand of god for he holds hope in his arms and arranges for faith to be the key factor; This is not just some hot rod run of miracles that appear strange, it’s the God the father and the Son—so we must run for what we want and run with it hard to the top! 27
  • 28. 28 “Don’t Borrow” Pursuing what isn’t yours’ may hinder what’s in store so; Be patient and hold on to your faith. Give God your time and wait. What’s here today is someone’s tomorrow, so… Please dear sister try not to borrow. Trust, believe, have hope and succeed. 28
  • 29. 29 “cOntrol” Somewhere in all of this I try to manage life and the things I can’t control!! As well, at times I feel as though I need to slow down. Smiling in front of mess and problems only gets as old as your mess, then it starts to wear down your smile and shines over then people see. They see into the powerless pole of emptiness reaching in to help; they are struck hard with bolts full of pain packaged tight. Darkness shuts out the light you once had, years days, and even minutes Within myself I find the light covered and blocked out, pushing forward. Christ is yet of a strong passion set beneath our souls scratching all that was in ashes away from the surface. God is always on a role taking our hearts and taking control. 29
  • 30. 30 +On a Journey===== We met, we speak, we circle We walk, we love, we cry, we spoke, we plead, we ride, we hug, we tug, we fled, we run, we ran, we laughed, we fell, we live, we talked, we played, we cried, we scream, we yelled we smiled, we piled, we walked, we wed, we danced we mingled, we bed…we kiss, we roll, we sweat, we flow, we push, we pull, we together are one, we are us, we pray, we fuss, we don’t cuss, we hold we pause, we fold God applauds—it is good. Relationship is something; but Marriage is everything—we , we, we glide, we praise, we fly, we worship, we heal, we hurt, we heal, we die, we you and I… on a Journey-- 30
  • 31. 31 +Rock+ Resounding fire that pierces the bones of your spirit, reaching into the depths of the outer worlds making souls jump, spirits rise and demons flee. Beautiful cords of angelic tones rise into tunes and inside your heart. Finding the praises we really meant to release within us. Victorious shouts and roaring melodies touch and talk, it’s anointed blessings grabs your attention strong at force, forcing you to worship—hands down and feet up face left full of joyous tears that hydrates your temple, over powering the Christ killing spirits that hated praise. Smiling from mountain to hilltop—the ROCK speaks, leaving the NATIONS refreshed in the inner cores of their souls and breathlessly speechless… ROCK NATION…rocks the stage again. Ushering Gods great presents in… 31
  • 32. 32 This poem is for those who are in something that might be on the border line of going over the limits. +=Temptation Halt+= Please, please! I plead like a hard desk being torched…STOP! I don’t want to be the cause of your struggle; you need to follow the plan God has set for you. Your lips are like cotton dabs soft as the sky, I can’t fathom but please; please hear me I don’t want to go further you don’t hear because you plead to gain me in an awkward utmost stance of standing leaving me hard as glass. I release myself from you before this goes any further; God will not be pleased with our actions and neither will I because the sufferings last forever…So get away from me— please 32
  • 33. 33 What is Love? @}---}--: Love is so simply stated, but very much complicated, the deepness of the thought of love, leaves my mind a mess elated. How can I put this, it’s long winded. Shortly spelled, IT HURTS—it can even raise a little hell. Love is like a flower freshly bloomed, Dewy drenched and without gloom it’s beautiful… Yet ugly in it’s perverted ways, brings joy and peace free from most cloudy days, because even Love attracts partly cloudy— Rays from the sun and the happiness; love brings to everyone, who respects it of course so what is love anyways… 33
  • 34. 34 “It” When you know it you’ll know it Because no-one but God will show it. It’s like a lion; it’ll roar and attack at the least expected time, You can trust it; it’s what everyone should depend on— But half of creation denounces, it’s so real it glows like the sea at day dawn Just listen …it’s your conscious (the Holy Spirit) 34
  • 35. 35 “No cares” You think you know but you haven’t any idea or understanding, it’s so impossible for you to sit there and listen with fish ears as the years pass you keep trying to satisfy your every cracked fiend desires, but I’m fed up like a fed-ex package being tossed with no care at all; At a bad landing fall— Broken into pieces… “Rebuke and Cast” --Hands of steel Soul torched— And flesh struck… Spirits begins to peel Away bit by piece and I start to Receive and feel release 35
  • 36. 36 (This is for a friend that requested in curiosity here you go Joe) +Shamefully Wrong+ Sitting staring at the ceiling I’m trying to grasp the past positions I’ve put myself in And how I have been left wondering how in the stars did I get here in the first place? I try to understand from your view point—so hardly trying to see beyond my thinking. I ponder on the walls of wrong; sticking sharp blades of pain into your soul, guilty as charged I was shamefully wrong; now I’m here all alone. 36
  • 37. 37 &I know& Living as I do, I know and understand how much I need you. But I harden my heart, trying to hold on to right now. Not wanting to grab the right; I clench for intense excite—even though I know any second or night, could be my last. I hold on to being a good person and the not so great past. “I’ll change on my time because I know I have time, I KNOW!” 37
  • 38. 38 (This poem is the experience from Gods eyes to mine in Mexico) +Mission+ To indulge your soul into deep seclusions of untouched clouds that float high to low skies; you stare at the lands of lonely birds; searching for living words and living footsteps that that suppresses the stones of pain I fix my hands to ask for healing because the new world is hurting and peeling. Crumbling to a million pieces sliding away the stones of fear, going deeper into the sea of sorrow; I arise with joy and openness of peace, centered with Christ it helps me see! See clearly where I need to be to be—Lord, God…for your ministry. As I soar as an eagle I land with new destiny. No longer searching for its’ empty eternal majestic gain; I stand with majesty; upright like royalty set apart and far away, my light peeks through day by night. The mission I’m on has opened the light to bring remembrance of where I came from; understanding my grateful and filling the abyss hole I left to ignore. I realize now for what is the time to leave behind compromise and stop playing the game of signs for what lied behind is now before me shining as though I see glory si. Mission now complete I val to go deeper than deep. As I wake up for I was never asleep. This is the mission…silence— God speaks. 38
  • 39. 39 (Mature readers only® (M)) +Intimate thoughts of an Open Woman+ (She spots what she wants and her mind wonders……) Can I talk to you for a minute..? Let me get close enough to whisper in your ear; Open your self to me, let me explore your most intimate secret space— How long will it take for you, to allow me to embrace my arms around your broad shoulders— Looking deep into your eyes, I’m watching for hope of a sign; a spark of desire. Please take me with you as we free our minds…us— Give it to me gently and sweet; long enough to keep a beat. Please make it last for eternity. Ssshh,..No-more words; just touch me here and… Feel me there, and… Hold me everywhere, Let’s become one and unite with a soul tie just for the night. Can I talk to you for just one minute? (As the woman snaps out of it she approaches her pray….) Written by: R. Campbell, Articulated with the help of S. Watts 39
  • 40. 40 +ROBIN+ @}--}----- Relating rounds of turning points, your heart is greater than the one who anoints Oblique and yet meek, you’re a strong vessel of peace and serenity only getting Better as your heart leaks out to those in desperate need— In you, your soul brings others much more than excite; None-the-less you never relay stress, Just your all and only the BEST… Ms. Robin don’t bare the burdens of those you help on your chest; because one man has already died for there mess. So breathe and just REST— Written By: Sarah Watts From my heart to yours, I love you so much. Thank you for your inspiring words and motherly gestures. 40
  • 41. 41 Deeper== Touching the heart of God my hands turns to feathers as I feel lighter than air pour myself into what I can not spare. Staring out into the open ocean of awkwardness; I bow to my knees screaming Lord I want to be the best, take self out put you in. whatever you need from me Lord you’ll surely win, deeper, I see, deep I know, deeper I understand, and deeper I’ll GO! 41
  • 42. 42 “Mistakes” Each time I straddle something great by you, I put to much energy into it. I go to deep as far as knowledge is concerned, I am defiantly crazy and out of mind—I see something Godly and run it eastward, then I am further behind because of me going to deep. I need to rest and sleep and get closer to thee and stop trying to be more than she— I wish I could change what I do- who I am-and how I see. My mistakes shouldn’t be the only sum of me. 42
  • 43. 43 “Change” Long days of breaking ends and split beginnings going in circles -- of how and what change is good but hard to settle; the turn around is better to deal with and never harder to feel with… CHANGE IS GOOD. 43
  • 44. 44 “They Think” The woman walks alone Hoping for protection Against the world and it’s intense Election to weed out Who’s worth what... Trust—it never ends As the legs of time never extend. 44
  • 45. 45 Real Worth* The eye is to the heart as your hand … Is to work. But the one that is meaning of any worth is; GOD is to man as he is to the entire universe… 45
  • 46. 46 Power in the mind= The gloom and spoon of the shallow room is not Of a prune, freshed, ripened and internally soul…good. Undo this stucky of flatten terrain And feed your mind to free your brain 46
  • 47. 47 +One man+ Given that I am just one person I can only do so much Say so much Yet still manage to be sane and pull it all together What if there was no faith to hold on to We’d be a wreck and maybe even have no-one to belong too; God I believe strong in you. 47
  • 48. 48 “Summer” Summer is like a peach its sweet, But oh! Wait it has hard feelings 48
  • 49. 49 ^Waking Up^ Early start, body tired soul tart. Arms are heavy and legs weigh a ton My brain says wake up and the queue from the sun… Shines bright on my face and touches my senses relaying get up to release some tension. My eyes are heavy and my feet weigh a ton as I’m off to start my day the best is yet to come. 49
  • 50. 50 In the process of our lives% We begin with a blank drawing board raw and a mess; Yet with a clean slate in the first day of making, we have no time to rest. As the enemy is busy, he wants all hope. So our blank thoughts never become visions But we must make the decisions his job is to steal kill and destroy Our job is to hope, have faith and be full of joy. We are not events, we are stories; that God himself wrote. All so that he could receive full glory God has a picture of what our lives should be, as he stirs us up like fresh paint in a bucket the process shall start. That’s why it’s our part to not try and complete his work but allowing him to mold and make us so we can work what he gave us. Without faith there is no hope and without hope faith is senseless… We are not events we are stories and through us God gets all the glory Work it… This poem is dedicated to The Bishop Thomas your sermon was the inspiration thank you. 50
  • 51. 51 Gen.1:1-3 “Inadequate to qualify” Zeph. 4:10 The things I’ve done and places I’ve been may appear to be sufficient; insufficient would be a better spin. Denied should have been my lullaby but I qualify with God by my side. As long as God be glorified I’ll be the pursuit, the one thing God desires more is to be praised through me. I will work what God gave me for his glory. Whats mines are his for love is the key; Everything I own I owe to thee. The creativity of his powerful mind entwines into the hearts of the growing world, doubting what he created and denying the inhabited because its not yet, but I give God praise for the finished product working it; elevating will submit God will give it bit by bit I am inadequate but by grace I’ll work it… work it… work it 51
  • 52. 52 Him^ Entrust in him as though he’s your bank keeper; Climb to him while the rates are cheaper, Keep him close to you before you meet the eternal sleeper. Trust me. Jesus is the harvest reaper. 52
  • 53. 53 “Chance” Passing the magisterial space you dwell I want to go and yenta to peers but how that would pierce my heart like spheres in a tomato; in other words getting to into this will turn the plate; silence within is better than spilling the pins if only God could have drawn this into my plans, then maybe we could have had a chance 53
  • 54. 54 “Centered Struck” Rev.12:9,Eph.2,1:7 Thrown out at strong, grace covers you with peace— You try to rejoice; but the selfish ambitions crucify you to the least. Previous inclinations of your flesh lashes and thrashes, you step out of calling on dead trespasses. Neighboring with worldly thrones; Gods sees as he sit high while you slowly condone what he gave us near by. Now you try to decide to live the truth or a lie; in other words its God or die. With him there is redemption but only with sincere repentance. 54
  • 55. 55 +Try God+ To fathom the inner speaks of your outer weeks, God weeps…as he sees your Un-patterned leaps, Turn to thee you hear thy speak, clouds rumble as your feet tatter to the alter, crying way a to way, today is the day you release your praise—trust God for there is hope in the end days . Try God…. 55
  • 56. 56 *=Sweet=* God is like salt and sugar He flavors my thoughts Sweeten my walk, within him Stirs my mind, And nourishes my soul… Kisses wisdom; and hugs my pain, relieves the drain God is sweet and sweeter he’ll go 56
  • 57. 57 Who’s Time?* I thought maybe this time It may be the right time To think that maybe it may be my time To think that this time is my time Or maybe the time to be time That is your time For some fate reason This time may be it The time I get to be it this time Is maybe the time that gets spent with you this time Maybe it will last forever to be this confident Maybe the right time to think this is now This time is the right time My time This time Is your time Maybe there is no time Time is time Without time Time is not time Time waits for no-one 57
  • 58. 58 Loud future()()()(((( Mere utterance from centered silence Suspends softly , so much to where it’s never heard only felt by its strongest. Sensing the thoughts of thick pondering you seek for what may not ever come forth if you don’t knock for an answer. Your eyes says a million words that even a smile can be read as an outright hint of trueness, tendering the creases of your face; its hard to imagine the future in that way but only God can determine the outcome. 58
  • 59. 59 Not you)()()() As the sky just lifts from the dawn of risings, salty sea waters predicts the tone of my day depicts. Your secret thought of your dipped frontage life from point A to point B I’m wondering what it could be. As though I my comprehend my eyes to see Its not you it’s me God help me to draw nigh to ye for I slip into something and somewhere I shouldn’t be. 59
  • 60. 60 )()()()(Alone)()()()( Somewhere in the midst of things I try to rummage around inside myself and ask these Questions, who-what-why-and how can I look outside of things and see humanity in a different light I try but it’s like how….how can I stay to myself and be the stand offish person I was meant to be; held back sacred and silent so that I can be distant… 60
  • 61. 61 The Spa at Pilgrim T-he essential tender grace of peace that H-eeds for intellect and exquisite taste the E-xciting calmness of joy that enter the S-pa atmosphere is beautifully great the P-ontus vibe just rolls and glides, it’s like an A-ntaean feel that makes your spirits jump A-lways feeling good and rejuvenated ready T-elling the world of its wondrous greats P-lease someone give me a taste, a taste of joy so I can go I-nto a mind of tranquility and free of worries L-eaving the impurities behind G-aining strength and getting R-elaxed, recharged and refilled I-n a new body M-arvolous you’ll feel afterwards… -S.Watts 61
  • 62. 62 Your makeup’ From head to curve, to toe, t o shine, to blink, to shape… Every symmetric thing about you is a kiss from God to show how much He truly loves you, man if I could only lay my finger on the original blueprint of you I’d beg God to keep it and frame the beautiful masterpiece priceless to persuasion and the subduing ways of the hindrances. How beautiful and wonderful God created you only to be made for someone just as unique as you, it’s beautiful that God thought enough to create you++-=* 62
  • 63. 63 +Beach Fantasy+ Wait for the moment to repress my soul as I wait by the sunrise of day bend to grip your hold. Sand slips through my toes and massages the streams of pressure below my feet awakening from the beauty sleep, the sun kisses my cheek; then you speak of strong consent sending shivers up my java Kent-- you bow below to help me up, so we can walk and gaze the beach front looking at the stars in this tropical decent…it’s beautiful; I said to myself, as I clench your hands lock style, we sit near a watery black rock pile you whisper it’s beautiful out loud… it’s beautiful I smile. 63
  • 64. 64 Thinking Out Loud~* Every time we cross paths it’s like our spirits are calling to hear one another to be near one another wow, it’s beautiful with one thing though your spirit was impatient you made a move even though its your physical fine that’s spiritually sensual. I don’t want to hold back, but readiness isn’t calling so it appears it may drift away but I want you to stay always, it’s selfish and unfair that’s why I need to take a breath of air before I send you on a run scare 64
  • 65. 65 Better Thoughts* I close my eyes and try to visualize things in a different sway. But it shows’ no other way I ant forget that I knew you For the better of my days I know how I can get, And its not scolding man as the tension is unfolding, tell me why I pretend Of just holding sometimes’ I just wish things were less choking As many people as I’ve known In my life I can’t see myself any other way Than alone in my world it’s cold. For me and I’m a rare picking that many deny at the very sight of me. 65
  • 66. 66 Deep train of thought” I’m sitting here trying to decide what to say of it I should say anything at all. I guessing if I don’t say nothing It will probably just stay silent and Be un-heard And then I’ll probably Miss my visitation Of course Maybe I should leave this Subject alone It can get Touchy… Gosh... I have so much to say that is on my mind I can just write non-stop or even talk till My heart pops...loll No…But I do wish I had never ending paper Or an open ear that cares to understand my flowing; I can be rather hard to understand Most times I don’t even understand my own self…loll I’m just that deep. 66
  • 67. 67 Apologize for what== Apologize for the shameful sorrow so sympathetically though up in your understanding; The lost hugs And betrayed kisses, try to makeup for the love So empathetic I say Just sorry sincerity that shamefully; gives a sad poetic touch. Apology huh…? 67
  • 68. 68 My Conductor^*^+ To stare with a direct shot, shot you stick em’ hard; teaching them To passionately love again Hand in hand they stand firm in the guidance you feed. Trying to understand the way you guide, I’m in a perplexed train of thoughts that keep gliding along the chairs of time My pride will give into the conducting study to mentor so well Chasing for the lead, I choose my conductor; with Love spell 68
  • 69. 69 Gods touch Jn 3:16 Lord I want to be the hand to touch the ones you love- Down sent into the world just to repent lord my time here will be well spent I’ll do your will I‘ll make sure your people are with spirit fill As well as showing them that you love them still. I’ll work your word, and walk righteous Preaching the gospel so that your followers will do what they heard. Through me they’ll feel your touch And through you they’ll know you love them more and much. 69
  • 70. 70 God’ Love I am my brothers’ keeper Luke 11 To sit at the line side and watch Your pain in wide eye You suffer You drought You push and strive As the others look; You almost died Sifting and shifting my way through Tugging my way around I look to find you help I can’t stand to see you down Gods’ son shed his blood for me that I might be free So for you I’ll give all of me. 70
  • 71. 71 Gods Presence Isaiah 6 In your presence Lord— Here I am Use me Lord Open my mind to see Lord Give me all that I need Lord As I bow down in honor of thee, Lord you cover my mouth with coal and anoint my head with oil To do and give out your direct order In your presence there is a sudden peace, And with that I continue to reap For I’ve sown much of many to thee Lord in your presence I have true liberty… Use me 71
  • 72. 72 God’s church There is only one church, one Lord, one faith and one baptism— Yet so many choose to denounce it, Maybe even run when God announces it Though you are weary, though you are asleep To only what your flesh eyes can see, Trust and do believe there’s only one church; We the people of God can remove our brothers hurt, But caught up in ourselves we forge tour worth; We have one Lord, who supplies us strength Giving us endurance to go an extra length That’s one faith we all should believe, Buddhist, Hindu, and Sciencetology— All are fro the original breed; Christian that was taught to be. Faking, submitting, and really relating All those faiths just hinder thee from the kingdom that HE set up for us Yet by one trust, one God, one belief through Christ Jesus is how you get to me says God And one baptism to be reborn spiritually; entering the heavens renewed and yet free. God’s church is us…you, she, he, and even me 72
  • 73. 73 Gods’ goodness and mercy Shall follow me all the days of my life- As I walk throughout this journey, Gods’ goodness and mercy shall follow me Unrighteous I’ll walk and strong I’ll be— Where ever I go be sure to use me Driving along side a road I ask God to show me the way, so that I may be lead by the spirit into my day. Whenever I’m awake I know that his mercy is guiding my sway With every footstep and glide God I feel you by my side I run in worship and I dance in praise because God’s goodness and mercy has Followed me through everything My life is but a gaze of the blueprinted testimony. This is why I’ll never appear lonely 73
  • 74. 74 Gods’ Servant+ For a special woman of God who works hard I want to let you know God sees your faithfulness April W. Struct; sent-unselfishly, somewhere in the midst of things she glows as he did when he walked back then Touching the homeless and healing he did In this new day we live as he did Giving and caring and love is what We give Patients and meekness is never her weakness Setting the examples so her days are long non less God’s servant is you, God’s servant is she Gods’ servants are those who are called to be Called to be leaders In that; they were followers loving to learn and learning to be wise The light of the true God will shine through our eyes and within our soul The story or her life—his life and yours, will be that of Jesus And through our lives his UNFOLDS. 74
  • 75. 75 [Unspoken] Pored out! DROPPED… spilled over into a million sea shells, clinched hard. Anymore pain and my heart will shatter into a volcanic eruption So listen strong and hear me out well I find in you light I can’t UN-tell Talking to you is like anew; living in HELL. Poured Out! DROPPED… shut out, and in a disposition I can’t even cry out tears of strong tension. In all of this I blew a wish, yet young I’m wise; like Jesus I can tell you where to go fish… in a large sea wide, but question this and question that. Are your ears to tired to answer me back!? Why waste my time, why waste the energy because how I speak on it is through deep poetry; POURED OUT!...dropped…picked up and thrown; sometimes I wonder if I should have left you alone the un-spoken words are laid out on lines so that you will never find me crying anytime 75
  • 76. 76 ????Questions???? I speak upon the thoughts of me Maybe even out of my curiosity Why this? Why that? Oh yeah…as a matter of fact. Questions of life Questions of daily why is it so hard for you to answer me happy, answer me alert God knows too many questions have never hurt anyone… It’s not a game and its’ not in fun, this is how you truly understand someone. Truly in interest and truly in non-intimate; it’s not like I’m trying to get into it. Just knowing you better and asking for some time, maybe if you spoke to me better You wouldn’t have to decide if the life I’m living is mine It could be yours too. 76
  • 77. 77 {I choose} I choose to speak on the things of you, have you thought for a second that I could belong to you. I guess not, you can’t see past my upfront life; I’m barely learning how to be a knight For the war I have to face on a everyday bases, not only me but everyone’s’ life has some wide open spaces Spaces of closures and spaces of gain not even money can win…alright! The focus in God is a basic rebuttal because if you’re not in him you better catch the next shuttle life is to short to live in a hole, I live on the edge not hot, just cold trying to freeze the moments I don’t wont to forget also doing things without a never regret. This is why I’m still alone because I don’t want to bring stress along. 77
  • 78. 78 Light)()(((( A light that shines deep; so I thought I could I see. Lord this isn’t meant to be, If you was meant for me and I for you, Lord knows I wouldn’t choose between money, life and being content, I think I’ve used words that were well spent Not on you- not on- she- not even on my family; just simply God and me. And for everything he says to me I listen quickly and I’m slow to speak. Because of you I will call no more not even; hi or hello not even a hug anymore. I will live in contentment and gash from within trusting God for a huge wheel spin 78
  • 79. 79 Go on-==----== I said to myself, why I should go on… Why should I obey just to be left all alone? Somewhere in my mind I picture my old home—dear mother I miss you God…she is yet dried ashes and bones. As the tears streamed down my face and lace my clothes,.. Friends’ family and the world grows’ as a heavy load on my soul. I so want to let go…of the mistakes—the where I am, the who I am, and just my whole background. God spoke to me and said my child away— Come back to me for the better of your days, tears trembles and takes hours to regain I cry out high in triumph and without limits, “God can you hear me!” if so can you heal me…shut doors that shouldn’t be open cut off callous fiends and things that weight down my life and hinder me. Give me peace without the boundaries and fill this hole- centered- heart with joys in each part. I am un-broken and gathered in whole; Lord with you now I choose to go on… 79
  • 80. 80 God Loves Everyone All Races Jn. 3 In this lowly spot of broken peace, the world was never intended for pain, sin and no serenity See, trust that the almighty king can; give-take- and supply all of everyone’s needs God loves even the lost one in a deep abyss of loneliness Hidden from mankind and openness God is a man of many ways; omnipotent, awesome and great; can you even fathom to gaze into his eye? Like stars they are— But see if you do not believe you can not see, not light, not day, not even his good grace Through his son you can experience his face like John back in the day God sent his son for you and me showing his love for everyone Black- white-Spanish-and even- Asian 80
  • 81. 81 ++Just wait on the Lord++ Isaiah 40 Informed with deeds of greatness; your anxious To move ahead To grab life at a compel And leave The past At an End Yea, God is smiling and he is aware He even dances over you while you’re in despair. He stares and relays, dear child wait for me Be wise and take hold of me… 81
  • 82. 82 When we see Jesus 1 Thes Preparing our lives for some sort of life changing surprise; Many live to believe Half wrong, is the way I plead we prepare for the one day that will lift all pain and burdens away Taking the sleepers and those resting in spirit first Is what I heard him say? Then those who are alive; will be caught up in the air no matter where they are inside or outside so live for right now even if you don’t know how. Stay free of impure and wreck less Dow Be quiet, and anxious for nothing living in content Walking upright and non- dependant Live in the light, for when we see Jesus We’ll be more than alright— 82
  • 83. 83 Death of a friend This is dedicated to a hard working woman of dignity who just lost her best friend Be set apart and stand alone--- Look forward to the gaining of what is to come See that thing for this is what God needed done. Allow time-but not to much For you may become uniformed and weary— Mourn; in time you will see clearly Clearly why is was just my time To met sleep and rest Sew back your heart and lift your soul Because you are still living while I’m yet dead…to the flesh And living in spirit real and pure At Gods feet and even in peace Be restored and tarry strong, for your days—her days—and those around you are not long Be not alone, but apart of living “Can you hear me?’ I’m still living in you… 83
  • 84. 84 Lord I need a little help Psalms 37 Muzzled; my mouth is stuck, sitting silently here as everyone and everything is ignoring me. Pacing the ceiling with my eye Counting squares and forgetting time Twiddling my hands Tapping my feet, deep within me I need to release. Lord support in my endeavors to live free. I have become more knowledgeable; I know your word You haven’t left Or abandoned me To be un-heard In this particular time of need I fall to my knees and plead-plead-plead bobbing my head like a lost duck? Screams of air and cries of shouts please don’t leave me out; Singing Lord I need a little help even more than last time 84
  • 85. 85 Dear you, I just want to tell you how much I admire you Everything I know about you up to this point is amazing The light that shines in you blinds me so That I can see the inner you Past the outer proof Opened up, you gave to me Some time—some space—and even some to be Dear you, from me Thank you for being just all of everything, The God in you I can truly see Dear you from me I’m glad we are we 85
  • 86. 86 Deum Thoughts that rush through my mind and thoughts that play around with my mind With moral thinking, threshing through thistles Of misunderstandings As such a revelation on my heart and I haven’t opened My sword but yet a few times and was cut by a few Still sharp I feel the swinging of misused words and stabbed spirits They aren’t happy to receive what I know in My soul that God himself keeps revealing to me everyday I feel it’s not because of other peoples Visions and what other people say have Happened to them; this was spontaneously Unexpected and wasn’t even on my agenda to slpenda Locking my safe and securing my sword and keeping my revelation on hold Until God truly manifest and exposes the vision he has set for my future! Carpe Deum- the moment as it approaches And the day as it arrives… 86
  • 87. 87 Silent cry Silent cry…I am searching so high for something, someone maybe; No-one...praying so hard, Lord, give me a miracle card, what can life offer? What can man serve? My heart is yearning, my mind is open, and my praise is low, My head is high. What can you give? Not malice, not guile, not even loves for a little while. Your all, is what I expect…caress of touch, no less than feel, no more than a beautiful holding shield, what do you have to offer as I’m here on the threshing floor working hard in the fields. 87
  • 88. 88 Passing Life As the time ticks tocker, and my mind flips outward, Seems as I’m getting deeper and deeper into my life, harder- harder, Gets journey, slower and slower moves my future. Running further away from my present my heart caves in as Life become real Advantage; disadvantage, and taking advantage Being naive makes every step sting, Stomping and piercing each day, having the Support of a ship and love as a lion, I feel my soul slipping out crying higher each hour For my visionary destiny…my passing life 88
  • 89. 89 Unleashed love Something strange: simply secrete, so smooth Slowly creeping corner to corner Calling softly, someone souly scared by a withering fear Take me away; along an onward curving road of feelings, Falling in order; out of hearts and souls “oh Lord!” hold me, I’m so cold Glancing; gleaming, glory, grieving solo unconditional. Secrete love has no limits no boundaries or holds It’s roar for an open love; bleeds out tears for such shame that could take regard To its loss of longing Why is love so put away, why am I holding back these feelings. Love is …and love is… 89
  • 90. 90 *Compromises* Can you tell why…. we live but a distance apart but I feel as though you are the missing piece to my heart. I can tell you a thousand things and give the inspiriting words of encouragement but you’ll never go for it. The word I, always get in the middle, “I” see what “I” want and then go to God in a plea trying to bargain a fast for confirmation… hahaha; He laughs at me Saying my foolish child trust me it’s not what you think and it sure aint that easy. 90