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  • 1. Children’s book review database
    Sarah Thornburg
    Allie Williams
    June 15, 2010
  • 2. purpose
    To provide organized, well-written reviews, composed by professionals in libraries and education and housed in one comprehensive database.
  • 3. goals
    Enhance learning through books for children in an educational setting by creating a user-friendly website for reviewers, teachers, parents and readers
    Improve library holdings by creating a comprehensible website for librarians
    Create an easy-to-search website for parents of children as well as readers
  • 4. Featured books
    To qualify, books must be children’s titles including:
    Picture books
    Beginning readers
    Chapter books
    Juvenile fiction
    Young adult titles
  • 5. Acceptable reviewers
    To be accepted as a reviewer for this site, submitters must have a degree in Education, and/or an MLIS, or be currently working in a library, or employed in a school as a paraeducator.
  • 6. Review guidelines
    Reviews must be between 100 and 300 words in length and must not contain spoilers.
    For quick and easy reference, reviewers must use a 5-star scale, with 1 star being “really did not like” and 5 stars indicating “outstanding, recommended,” giving readers information with a quick glance.
  • 7. Database Element
    The web site will allow search and reports by:
    The book’s star rating
    The book’s authors
    The result of this will be a searchable, highly user-friendly website that can provide information to the user in a way that is tailored to that user’s needs
  • 8. Database fields
    Author Name
    Publication Year
    Reviewer Name
    Age group of audience
    Page length
    Starred Rating
  • 9. Tables
    Lookup tables
    Starred rating (# of stars)
    Author name (full name)
    Publisher (publisher name)
    Reviewer info (reviewer’s name and professional specialty)
    ‘Pull-together’ table
    Includes the above fields, plus title, publication year, page number, and appropriate age group/audience
  • 10. Construction logic
    Because an author, publisher, or reviewer may be linked to several entries within the database, we created separate lookup tables for each as well as for the starred reviews
  • 11. Relationship diagram
    Author Table
    Starred_Rating Table
    Pulltogethertable Table
  • 12. Relationship diagram
    Publisher Table
    Reviewer Table
    Pulltogethertable Table
  • 13. Finished product