Evaluation Questions 1-4.


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Evaluation Questions 1-4.

  2. 2. Q1. In what ways does your media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  3. 3. Cover Page Masthead – the magazine Direct mode of address to the audience is called HEAR, relating to music – looking straight into the camera. The instantly. eye contact is made between the model Font- Perpetua Titling MT / Boldand the audience which draws them into Size – 20.29pt the magazine. I chose the colour ‘off white’ so that it stood out in front of the image and There is only one image on the background. whole front cover which means the audience is fully Strap line at the top of the page concentrating on it and they’re which also tells you about other not distracted by anything else. pages that are going to be included in the magazine. As this is a new magazine I chose to put the main image behind the mast Cover lines are the side stories that are head text as it is not known well going to be inside the magazine. I have enough yet to cover up with an placed them at either side of the main image. image to fill the blank spaces. Font - Georgia Size – 10pt Barcode and date line. This is the first issue of the I chose the colours red and green to magazine so it is issue feature the most in my magazine as number 1. these were the most popular choices when I did my target audience The page is cluttered with research by giving out information, there is a lot to questionnaires and interviewing look at which is good as it people. This also worked well as this attracts the buyer as they is a December issue and these two have to stop to read it. colours relate to Christmas time.
  4. 4. Content Page - Comparison
  5. 5. Content Page The same font text as used The main colour scheme that I have on the front cover. This focused on for my magazine is red. text is not used anywhere Here I have brought it onto the else in the magazine other content page to link it to my front than when the ‘HEAR’ title cover. is used. There are only 4 images used on my I have put the main headings for content page, all of them were the different pages in bold so taken/created by myself. The two that they stand out more in main pictures are of Katy Perry and front of the other text. This way Pixie Lott, straight away telling us it is clearer to see which page is that this will be one of the main which. stories in the magazine. As well as the feature pages I havePage numbers within large amount of also included other sections in my texts in bold so that they stand out magazine for the small side stories. and are easier to see. These sections will stay the same each week so there will always be The WIN here will attract attention Features, Live!, Reviews, Radar and as the audience will be interested +Plus pages. in what it is they can win. I plan to keep the layout of theThe subscription box needed to stand content page the same each weekout on the page so that it attracts the just with different stories and reader to it. To highlight the word images.‘SAVE’ I used yellow text, I think thisworks well as there is no other yellow text on the page so it is eye catching. December issue – small details showing month of magazine
  6. 6. Double Page Spread - Comparison
  7. 7. Double Page Spread Similar to other Small side image of thedouble page spreads I singer again from a researched there is a different angle. main image on one page and thetext/interview on the Purple colour scheme other. I think this through out the whole looks professional, I double page spreadhad to mirror flip the which links it all main image in together and makes it Photoshop as I look neat. The purplewanted the artist to be colour also shows looking onto the rest feminism. of the story. Three columns of text I edited the main image which is very common in Lightroom to make with real media the colours more magazine products vibrant. such as the double page spread research on theThe name of the artist is previous slide.big and bold so that the read can see it straightaway, it is also in capital letters so it stands out against the other small Small introduction at the text. start of the article introducing Advertising the iTunes link to the artist and what the article the artists new song, this offers Large quote from the main article repeated in bigger letters, this is going to be. the audience further is very common for double page spread interviews. information.
  8. 8. Q2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?The pages of the magazine I produced only contained pictures of women, there This a low angle camera shot which signifies that this women isis writing about the male music artists showing they’re successful with the above everybody else. She is looking down on the camera making thethings they do, but not actually any images of them. In my magazine the artists I audience feel small and intimidated as she looks much bigger thanhave talked about are all around the age ground of 18-30 showing they are us. She isn’t smiling and has no facial expression, we don’tyoung, this is so that my target audience can relate back to them somehow. understand her feelings which makes it uncomfortable for us to look at. Her make up is very bold and striking showing she isn’t shy. My front cover is representing blonde I edited this image in lightroom, I women to be strong and powerful, used an effect called vignetting they are seen to being big, successful, which adds a shadow in each of the beautiful people. The way she is four corners, this draws focus to her posing shows she is very dominant, face which makes it stand out a lot, her eyes are wide open and most of there is nothing else in the shot her face is on display. Her hair looks distracting us from her signifying long and thick showing she cares her strength to over-power people. about the way she looks. The make up she is wearing on her lips is a bold colour that stands out which also signifies her personality is very These two women are outgoing and not boring. She has a well known successful blank facial expression and is starring music artists. The straight into the camera, this could be pictures were took when seen as being quite intimidating. I went to see them in This is what could attract the male concert, these image are audience to this magazine as it shows on my content page. It women as being masculinised. This shows them performing point joins with Carol Clovers ‘Final to a lot of people which Girl’ theory, where women are seen shows them being being de-feminised so that males popular and well known, have something to relate to with it shows that they are them and don’t just see them as being doing well of sex objects. themselves.
  9. 9. Q3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?IPC is a international media publishing company located in the UK –London with a large portfolio selling over 350 million copies each year. Theyhave produced well known magazines such as NME, Now, Look, MarieClaire , Nuts, Rugby World and many more. IPC media publish andadvertise their magazines through the radio, television and on the internet. Ithink that my magazine ‘Hear’ would fit in nicely with IPC Media as theyonly produce one other music magazine, NME. My HEAR logo is quite similar As IPC Media is already a well known, recognised publishing to the NME one, it is based company, if they were to distribute my magazine it would around the same colours, this hopefully become popular quite fast as they already have such a could work well for IPC Media large fan base in place, so they would pick up on new products that as these colours could be used were produced. to represent all of heir music products. If my magazine was distributed by IPC Media, it would be good for them as they would have a new, fresh product on the scene, which would hopefully attract more people to their brand. My magazine covers all genres of music so that it appeals to different types of people, this will broaden the audience range. Being a music magazine it would also give IPC Media the opportunity to have another Radio station as well as NME, this will again stretch their fan base and advertise more. Using the television as another source of advertisement IPC Media could create a music channel called HEAR that would constantly stream music videos and new releases.
  10. 10. Q3.I decided to create a iPhone App that can be downloaded on toyour mobile phone, iPod or iPad. I thought this would be agood idea to use as the young generation are becoming moreand more technology based, in stead of buying the magazine ina shop they can now read it on-the-go where ever they want ona portable device. I think my target audience of 16-30 year oldswould enjoy this as it will fit into their lifestyle and they will befamiliar with the concept.IPC Media already have downloadable magazines on the AppleApp Store such as NME and Marie Claire. You could charge thesame price for the magazine online as it is in the shops (£2.50)but the subscription would be available where it coulddownload onto your device every month for a cheaper price. I also considered Bauer Media to be the distributer of my magazine but I decided against it. After doing some research on the matter I found out that they already produce three other well known, successful music magazines such as Q!, Kerrang! and Mojo. I thought for them to distribute another music magazine it might not work too well as my magazine would struggle to compete with the others as it is new to the market.
  11. 11. Then use photographs to show the various retail outlets where you would expect your magazine to be sold.The magazine I have produced is a high quality magazine. I wouldexpect it to be sold in shops that sell other magazines similar to Other music stores andmine such as NME, Q and Kerrang. supermarkets would also be good distributers for my media product. The Virgin Mega Store would be a WHSmith is a well known shop popular for the perfect place for my range of magazines, stationary and books that it music magazine to sells. I think this shop would be an ideal be sold as it is distributer of my media product as people will already such a large shop in there regularly for music magazines. company known all over the world. They have many different areas in store so it appeals to a lot people. I think that my media product would fit in nicely at a news agents as they sell near enough every genre of magazine from sports to fishing, womens weekly, tv guides, home living, mens magazines and many more.
  12. 12. Q4. Who would be the audience for your media product?The main target audience for my magazine would be teenagers and young adults aged 16-25. I chose this age range as my research showed methat this age group are more likely to buy music magazines than any other. It works well with the artists that I have chosen to feature in mymagazine as they relate more with the younger generation. I have priced my magazine at £2.50 as I think that is a reasonable price and affordablefor my target audience, it is not too much money for students and young people living on a low budget. I also want my magazine to appeal to bothethnicities so I have included artists that are of a different race. This is an image of two girls This group of people are ideal representatives for aged 17 and 18 at a music my target audience. They are all aged 18-20 at a festival called Wakestock, music festival. It is a group of both males and you can see the pink festival females which shows my magazine can appeal to wrist band on each girl. both sex. They are all smiling and look happy, the They are dancing and having group is close which shows their friendship which fun, I think these are the also re-enforces the fact that they are a social able type of people who would group of students. They are wearing typical casual buy my magazine as they outdoor wear showing they’re middle class. obviously like listening to music and enjoy live. This is a female aged 16, she is in a music store called HMV listening to the headphones available to try out. This shows she is keen about music and likes checking out new gadgets that are on offer. My magazine would be well suited for this female as I have included a competition where you can WIN a pair of designer headphones.