Transitioning to a New Career


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Transitioning to a New Career

  1. 1. Transitioning to a New CareerSarah Rach-Sovich
  2. 2. Putting things into perspective…• Where did you come from?• Where are you going?• Plan!
  3. 3. Where did you come from?• Job titles• Skills• Achievements
  4. 4. Where are you going?• Related positions/fields• Transferrable skills• Dreams & Goals• Sometimes this is the hardest part
  5. 5. Career Plan• Do some research• Careers – –• Companies – Websites – LinkedIn
  6. 6. Bridging the Gap• Know your Personal Brand• Network – Thought Leader – Add value – Innovator – Be adaptive
  7. 7. Cover Letters for Career Change• Will be different than what you have done in the past• Cover Letters – Honesty – Transferrable Skills – Add Value – Passion and Commitment
  8. 8. Cover Letter• Honesty – Don’t try to disguise their work experience or pretend that it is more relevant than it is – Focus on the positive aspects of your career change • After six years in ad design, I’m thrilled to bring my skills and knowledge directly to the customer as a salesperson.
  9. 9. Cover Letters• Transferrable Skills – Bread and butter of a career change – Be sure to talk about skills the employer values, not just the ones you value – Which ones should you focus on? • Position description
  10. 10. Cover Letters• Add Value – Don’t waste too much time explaining why you want to change careers – Instead, show how you bring value to your potential employer • Why would hiring you be good for them ? – Your unique background – Bring something fresh to the team
  11. 11. Cover Letters• Passion and Commitment – Show your passion! – They want to be sure you are serious about the new profession, not just flighty and undecided • They are going to wonder about your stability/longevity – Have a strong, clear reason why you want to enter this new career – and why you will be dedicated to it • Get personal (appropriately)… show your passion!
  12. 12. Resumes• The focus will change• Try a different format• Sell transferrable skills• Highlight related experience
  13. 13. Keep in mind…• Stats show that people will change their careers 7-10 times in their lives – More opportunities now – Change happens FAST – Jobs are being created as well as eliminated
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