Facebook for Job Searching

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  • 1. Facebook for Job Search Sarah Rach-Sovich
  • 2. Concerns• Privacy – Yes, you can adjust your settings – BUT… assume it is all public (because most of it is!)• Be appropriate
  • 3. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Etc?• Which one is best?• Apples – oranges• Different purposes, audiences, etc.• Even Linkedin & Twitter have a Facebook Page• Vice versa – Twitter & FB have LI company pages – LI & FB have Twitter handles
  • 4. • Largest social network• FB has more active users than LI• Primarily for personal rather than professional networking• Recruiters and head hunters are gaining interest in FB• Apps & Groups• MORE exposure! (google)• Bigger network! More jobs!
  • 5. General Tips to Get Started• Need an email address• Professional profile picture• Cover photo• Complete your profile• Add friends
  • 6. FB Friends Tip• Smart lists are geared toward professional networking• Smart lists – group people based on how you know them – Can even post to specific groups• You can change whose updates you see and don’t see (without un-friending)• Pages Newsfeed
  • 7. What else can you do?• Post status updates – Text, photos, videos, links – Ask a question, fill in the blanks, caption a photo, quotes, reference an article• Newsfeed• Write messages• Notes
  • 8. And??• Visit other people’s walls (post on them)• Fan pages -- “like” them and create one (?)• Join groups – Add apps
  • 9. Find Networking Events• Facebook Events = Tons of invites!• Make going to them a priority -- Why?• There will be people you already know there, who will introduce you to other people they know• Conversation starter… going to a Facebook event, then continuing the event with photos and posts online afterward is a great way to strengthen relationships and begin new ones!• Apps – MeetUp, EventBrite
  • 10. Connecting other SM• My Twitter connects to FB… so it auto posts• Read articles and use the share button to create posts• Be careful – again, different audiences, different purposes – they don’t want to see the exact same thing!
  • 11. Did you know?
  • 12. Want to know more about Facebook?• Check out my Pinterest board: Facebook Fancy