How to modernize your apartment


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How to modernize your apartment

  1. 1. How to Modernize Your Apartment
  2. 2. IntroductionOne of the challenges that many residents of apartmentsface is keeping their living space modern. A modern lookand modern feel with modern styles will not only add value,but it will satisfy your interior design sensibilities and makeyour day-to-day living more enjoyable.
  3. 3. IntroductionOf course, modernizing yourapartment involves severaldifferent factors and isn’tsomething you can accomplishon a whim. If the space you callhome seems a little dated andit’s time for a change, here aresome tips on how to modernizeyour apartment that you canstart today.
  4. 4. Keep In TouchThere’s no hard and fast rule that says you must be up todate on all the latest designs and styles and trends, but itcertainly won’t hurt if your goal is to modernize yourapartment. Take the time to look through magazines andonline sources for ideas about modern furniture and wherethe trends may be heading in the near future.
  5. 5. Keep In TouchMost people won’t have the financial means to buy modernfurniture from all the top designers, but it’s still a good ideato watch out for designers whose style you admire. Theydon’t have to be at the top of the industry and price point tobe talented and inspiring. If you are planning to updatewith new, modern furniture you will want to have your ear tothe design world so you know what kinds of choices willgive you the effect you want.
  6. 6. Adjust the Light Making use of natural light in your apartment or replacing regular light bulbs with dimmers is a good way to modernize the space without a lot of expense. Natural light will help give the illusion of space and dimmers will help change the look and feel of the apartment to suit your needs and moods.
  7. 7. Reduce the ClutterYou don’t necessarily need your apartment to seem starkto be considered modern, but clutter definitely has no placein a modern space. Clutter takes away from any modernfurniture you may have added and it makes each roomseem a lot smaller than it actually is.Look for things like collectibles, paper products, toys if youhave kids and bunched up cords from electronics. Anypieces of furniture that don’t really serve a function andseem in the way can also be removed from the equation.
  8. 8. Add New Paint A fresh coat of paint can really transform the look of an apartment and help bring it right up to date. Painting is something you can do yourself and something that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Adding bright, clean colours to your living room, kitchen and bedrooms with breathe new life into the whole apartment. If you want to stay trendy, make sure you consult your interior design guides for which colours are hot at the moment. You’ll also want to take your furniture and other fixtures into consideration.
  9. 9. Rearrange the FurnitureIf you aren’t at the point where you can get new furniture,or if your furniture is already up to snuff, rearranging canhave a dramatic effect. All it takes is some time and a littlemuscle to get several new looks at the stuff you alreadyhave. With bedrooms your options may be somewhatlimited, but you’d be surprised at how many differentconfigurations are possible within the average living room.
  10. 10. Remove Old CarpetIf you really want to bring your apartment into modern timesand you have carpet on the floor, now may be the time totake it out. Replacing carpet with hardwood, tiles or someother solid floor option may be time consuming andexpensive, but it will definitely modernize the space.Old carpet also has the stigma of being dirty andharbouring allergens, so if it’s possible get the carpet out.
  11. 11. Cater To the SpaceWhether you’re bringing modern furniture or modifying theapartment in some other way, it’s important to cater to thespace when making your changes. The space is the size itis and that isn’t going to change. Here are some ways youcan cater to your space when you start the modernizationprocess.Measure each room you plan to change, so you have anaccurate gauge when selecting new furniture and otherfixtures.
  12. 12. Cater To the SpaceConsider the scale and buy furniture that matches thedimensions and feel of the rooms. If your rooms aresmaller, choose pieces that are more compact so theydon’t look over-sized when compared to the rest of theroom.
  13. 13. Cater To the SpaceIn an apartment, it’s important to bring in only the thingsthat you need for the space to function effectively. If youhave a lot of square footage you may be able to bend thisrule, but that isn’t likely to happen too often.Take your time if you are planning on populating the spacewith designer modern furniture. If you really want to stick toyour vision but can’t get it all at once, it’s okay to move a bitslower.
  14. 14. AdviceSuite 22 Interiors is proud to offer strictlyItalian-made products that can becustomized to fit your needs. They offermodern condo furniture Toronto, lighting andentertainment.
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