Extending Your Voice Online: Navigating the Social Web

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Sara Holoubek's presentation on the the Social Web as part of the Woodhull dinner series. …

Sara Holoubek's presentation on the the Social Web as part of the Woodhull dinner series.

From blogging to facebook to twitter, self-publication has never been more accessible to the general public. However, most of these powerful tools don't come with instructions. Learn best practices for extending your voice, building your platform and creating a personal brand.

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  • 1. Extending Your Voice Online Sara Holoubek saraholoubek.com sara@saraholoubek.com @sarita June 17, 2009
  • 2. Agenda • Introductions • Social Wha? • Guiding Principles • Engaging
  • 3. Sara Holoubek • Corporate Strategy (meets Digital) Consultant • Organizing around digital • Strategy planning • Partner or vendor selection • Buy vs. build vs. partner analysis • Acquisition target recommendation • Digital competency building • Contributing Editor to DMNews • Current SEMPO President
  • 4. Social Media Social Networks Social Web What gives?
  • 5. What’s Going On? Pervasive broadband and mobile access, in conjunction with facilitated publishing platforms (blogs, YouTube) have resulted in the proliferation of interlinked, user-generated content that now makes up the Social Web.
  • 6. The Social Web • The web is becoming more social – People are producing content – People are sharing content – People are connecting • The web is more open – Technology is open – This is what we call Web 2.0
  • 7. Media has always been Social • Technology facilitates – Creation – Distribution – Collaboration – Discovery – Success
  • 8. Guiding Principles
  • 9. Rules of Thumb • Organic. If it feels forced, it is. • Smart. Think before launching. • Be engaging &respond. Digital communication is a two way street. • Honest. The web is very unforgiving. • Consistent. Communications 101. • Human. People want to talk to real people.
  • 10. The Cocktail Party Principle
  • 11. The difference between the marketer’s brain and the customer’s brain “You need our product” “I need to solve a problem”
  • 12. Be Helpful. SolveProblems.
  • 13. Getting Started Goals Assets
  • 14. What are Your Goals? • Recollection Nicetomeetyou …I’veseenyourn ame • Recognition Sara can • Credibility helpyouwitht hat • Distribution Sheknowseve ryone • Insight • Connection Tip: thereis a significant SEO benefitwith social media
  • 15. Your Profile Assets MustHave GoodtoHave • Headshot • URL • Username • Gmail or other free email • Your real name • Business card • Title/1-liner • Website/blog • A short bio • Logo • A long bio • Color palette Consistency breeds familiarity
  • 16. Engaging Platforms
  • 17. Home Base: Website or Blog • Presence that you own and control – Master database of content • Many ways to execute – Custom built & designed – “Off the shelf” template – Blog • Blogger • Typepad • Wordpress • tumbler
  • 18. LinkedIn.com • What it is: A professional, CV-driven social network • Who’s on it: Professionals • Why it works: Quick access to your extended network • How to best leverage – Set up profile – Upload your contacts – Updates – Recommend people – Ask questions – Seek introductions
  • 19. Upload my contacts? • If you use Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail, simply follow the instructions • If not: – Export your contacts from your email application – Upload to Linkedin – Invite those that you’d like to connect with
  • 20. Facebook.com • What it is: a social network of people who like to share pictures, what they are doing, etc. • Who’s on it: rapidly maturing audience • Why it works: Highly integrated functionality • How to best leverage: – Make a decision: is this professional or personal? – Set up profile – Add content – Upload your contacts – Use filters and limited profiles
  • 21. Twitter • What it is: a big water cooler • Who’s on it: thought leaders, the digerati, the press (this will evolve rapidly) • Why it works: it is an open network that fosters community and engagement • How to best leverage – Use an application, such as tweetdeck – Conduct searches to see how people are talking about the topics you care about – “listen” for awhile – Jump in – Vanity searches
  • 22. YouTube • What it is: An easy way to share video (and the 2nd largest search engine • Who’s on it: More people than you think • Why it works: Previously, videosharing was onerous; videos can be embedded • How to best leverage – Set up a profile – Add videos – Tag videos – Embed videos – Identify like minds
  • 23. Flickr • What it is: An easy way to share and tag photos • Who’s on it: Most people who like to share pictures • Why it works: Previously, image sharing was onerous • How to best leverage – Set up a profile – Add photos – Tag photos – Incorporate image feeds into site, blog, etc
  • 24. Slideshare • What it is: A way to share PPT slides • Who’s on it: People who want to learn • Why it works: No one ever gets a copy of the deck! • How to best leverage – Create a profile – Research – Upload decks
  • 25. Scribd • What it is: a place to publish documents (not traditionally online) • Who’s on it: people and companies • Why it works: There is a lot of content that sits on hard drives, and never makes it to the web • How to best leverage: – Create a profile – Upload content
  • 26. Monitor, Measure and Optimize • Monitor via listening devices – Google Alerts – Topsy for twitter – Technorati for blogs • Metrics are also democratized – Google Analytics – Insights on YouTube
  • 27. Resources • Websites – www.mashable.com>http://mashable.com/category/how-to-web/ – Justaboutanytech blog! • Reports – 360i Social Media Playbook>http://www.scribd.com/doc/16256776/360i-Social- Marketing-Playbook – TheShortyReport>http://shortyreport.com/ • Events – Tools ofChange>http://www.toccon.com/toc2009 – Social Media Week>http://socialmediaweek.tumblr.com/ – Social Media Club >http://www.socialmediaclub.org/