Shaping the New Space Economy


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This is one part of a 4 part presentation sharing what NASA, the commercial aerospace industry, and the technology industry are partnering on to ensure we continue to pursue space exploration.

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  • Have you ever experienced a shuttle launch in person? I can only imagine how it feels to have ridden in one, helped build one… of course it is sad to say goodbye to a vehicle and a program that accomplished so much.The shuttle program had to end though – in order to spark new innovations and get us to the next big milestone in space exploration. The shuttle program also has helped spin-off more than 100 technology companies and many of those companies were not aerospace related nor super complicated, a number of them sparked consumer products…
  • Besides the really cool website – NASA has spin-off a number of everyday products that you use at home and at work.
  • Cordless Vacuums are just one of the inventions that have come from NASA Zeno – consumer beauty product started out of NASA and Boeing partnership and went through HTC programSEAKR began between Goddard Space Flight Center and SBIR contracts. The company is a leader in SSR (solid-state recorder) technology and its systems help launch satelitte imaging systems, including Google Earth, that provide high resolution imagery for online mapping.CHI was started by a former nasa JSC scientist who conducted research on microencapsules that were developed in space and designed to deliver drugs to cancerous tumors. One out of every 3 cell phones today has a CMOS image sensor in it to miniaturize cameras – this was originally developed for cameras on spacecraft by a Jet Propulsion Team.
  • *Apple referenceInnovation is a form of change and what motivates us to get up and change something is a sense of discomfort – So you have to be made uncomfortable in order to motivate you to get up and do something about it And that is why I believe the ending of the space shuttle program will lead to a slew of new inventions and technology products in and around the aerospace industry. Find your passion and seek innovative new solutions everyday.
  • There are a lot of organizations out there – each with a mission and vision for space exploration and research. Some are political and some are special interest focused. http://spaceuphouston.orghttp://spaceup.orghttp://houstontech.org
  • Space careers advance well beyond engineering and science (although those are great ones for aerospace-industry career paths also).Careers in space are as varied as on earth. Regardless of whether you work for NASA, for a Commercial Aerospace Company, or a non-aerospace company – the future of space exploration will involve all of us. Commercial manned space flights are already in the plans.
  • Shaping the New Space Economy

    1. 1. Shaping The New Space EconomyEven When You Don’t Work in the Aerospace Community Sarah M. Worthy Schipul – The Web Marketing Company Creators of Tendenci Software
    2. 2. Photograph by Sarah M. Worthy
    3. 3.
    4. 4. What Sparks Innovation?
    5. 5. You Don’t Have to Go It Alone
    6. 6. Go Do Something Unexpected
    7. 7. Photograph courtesy NASA/Bill Engel Meet Really Smart People