Sarah M Worthy Speaks at TEDx Sugarland 2012 on SpaceUp Houston

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Do you dream of space? Are you wondering if there's something you could do to get more involved with space exploration? Are you looking for new ways to innovate? Come check out this presentation on …

Do you dream of space? Are you wondering if there's something you could do to get more involved with space exploration? Are you looking for new ways to innovate? Come check out this presentation on SpaceUp Houston presented at TEDx Sugarland 2012.

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  • How many of you have ever dreamed of going to space?\n\nWhat if I said – we’re all in space right now? \n\nConsider this…. \n
  • This is the view of Earth from Mars…\n\nImagine someone standing on the surface of mars, looking up into their night sky… they’d probably consider Earth as being “out in space” \n\nWe all live in space.\n
  • We live in a tiny section in the far outskirts of the universe.\n\nAnd there is so much space around us that we haven’t explored… earth is merely a small island in an ocean of planets and suns. \n\nAnd just like the famous explorers in history who set out in ships to explore the distant corners of our planet,\n\nAstronauts are our modern day explorers, setting out in ships to explore the distant corners of space.\n\nI’m here today, to share my perspective and why I believe space exploration is vital to humanity’s ability to innovate in the future. \n
  • A research report called Measuring Innovation, a new perspective, studied what’s required to empower people to innovate. \n\nIt states Innovation requires the capacity to continually learn and upgrade skills\n\nAs I thought about that statement, I wondered: if innovation requires continuous opportunities for learning – \nWould we stop innovating if we couldn’t find new opportunities to learn? \n\nWhere would we go to find new learning opportunities?\n\nHow do we increase learning opportunities, and thereby increase our innovation opportunities? \n
  • I believe Space is the answer to keeping the doorway to innovation open. \n\nBecause – Space is an almost infinite source for inspiration, innovation, and learning opportunities. \n
  • And space has proven its ability to spark innovation\n\nThere have been over 1700 spinoff inventions that have come from space exploration and benefit our day-to-day lives: \nNormal everyday items, like cordless power tools, satellite television, and scratch resistant lenses for eye glasses, all came from our space exploration programs. \n\nSpace exploration offers a wealth of new opportunities for learning and innovation… but Space is HARD to get up to: \nIt takes a lot of time, and a lot of money to send people to space. \n
  • And that’s where SpaceUp Houston fits in – SpaceUp is a nonprofit organization, right here in Houston, that provides an engagement platform for people passionate about space exploration to nurture new and radical concepts, help develop partnerships, and develop ways to make space easier to explore. \n
  • Through our events, Spaceup Houston gives you the venue and resources, and brings people together that you wouldn’t normally meet. \n\nBring your entire family to our annual 2-Day unconference and connect with aerospace industry leaders, educators, and other space enthusiasts and get inspired as you and your kids learn about space. \n
  • SpaceUp Houston connects entrepreneurs with aerospace engineers to help startups find the talent they need and grow Houston’s economy through small business development. \n
  • SpaceUp Houston invites you and commercial aerospace leaders to come together and discuss what the commercial aerospace companies are doing to advance manned spaceflight. \n
  • And Spaceup Houston developed and maintains the Spacepoints platform – where we take our in-person engagement online to reach space enthusiasts around the planet. \n\nWhy do we do all of this? … \n
  • Because we dream of space…\nI dream of space, our volunteers, our participants and sponsors – we all dream of space\nAnd the opportunities that are out there in space.\n\nAs an aside – The “UP” in SpaceUp isn’t about looking up into space…\nIt’s about Standing up and doing something .. \nAnd we need you - \n
  • Stand up and do something – Join us!\n\nGo online to our website and register for one of our events, signup to volunteer, and invite your company, your friends, and your family to support us. \n\nKeep the doorway to innovation wide open and come build your future with space!\n
  • I’d like to leave you all with a story that inspired me, about the founder of who also dreams of space.\n\nI met the founder, Reuben, at a SpaceUp unconference in san Francisco earlier this year. Reuben’s dream is to make spaceflight accessible to all of us. So he has founded and you can go online to his website and find out how you can get a raffle ticket for your chance to win a trip on one of the first commercial spaceflights into space. \n
  • Thank you! \n


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