Overview of NonProfit Web Content Marketing Strategy Presentation for ESCHouston.org


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Overview of NonProfit Web Content Marketing Strategy Presentation for ESCHouston.org

  1. 1. Develop a Strategy for YourNonProfit’s Web Content!Crafting Content Marketing Campaigns that Attract and Retain Donors!Sarah M Worthy | sworthy@tendenci.com | @sarahmworthy | @tendenciAbbrev.Version
  2. 2. What is Content Marketing?YourwebsiteshouldremoveanybarrierstodonatingforvisitorsThink of it as the conversations between the people whosupport your .Org
  3. 3. Pull and Push Your ContentEarly Adopters respond better to inbound marketing......late adopters respond better to outbound marketingContentMarketingIntegratesInboundandOutboundTactics
  4. 4. “Per Dollar, Content Marketing Produces 3X More Leads”Why Web Content Marketing MattersContent Marketing ROI Whitepaper by Kapost and Eloqua
  5. 5. Content Marketing ROI Increases Over TimeWhy Web Content Marketing MattersContent Marketing ROI Whitepaper by Kapost and Eloqua
  6. 6. Attract New Donors and Keep Them Coming Back for More!Web Content Marketing Helps You GrowPotential Donor searches the webyour digital content
  7. 7. What’s Your Biggest Challenge?#1=NoTimeor$#2=Boring
  8. 8. Here’s What We’ll Discuss TodayNowthatwe’vecoveredtheWhy,here’stheHow...The Components of a Successful Content StrategyLow-Tech Ways to take Advantage of Digital ToolsReal Examples -> How do You Tell Your NonProfit’s Story onYour Website and Social Media?Sarah M Worthy | sworthy@tendenci.com |@sarahmworthy | @tendenci**bonus**Developing Your Content Strategy for Mobile Devices
  9. 9. My Goal Today is to Show YouHow to Get StartedRaiseyourhandifyouhaveacontentstrategy?
  10. 10. StrategyStrategy  shows  you  where  to  focus  your  resources,  you’re  not  supposed  to  be  talking  across  all  channels..  find  your  niche1) Identify Audience3) Identify Your Unique Message4) Publish Content2) Set Measureable Goals
  11. 11. Identify Your Audience
  12. 12. Show TheirImpact StartupWeekend.or
  13. 13. Goals
  14. 14. What do you want them to do?Step2:SetGoalsEach Piece of Content Should Have 1 Main GoalMotivates ActionProvokes ThoughtSparks Emotion
  15. 15. Your Message
  16. 16. Personalize Each Donor’sExperience with Your .OrgMaketheirjourneygostraighttoyourwebsite
  17. 17. PublishContent
  18. 18. Implementation StrategyEditorial CalendarWeb Writing RepurposeSEOContent ManagementDistribution
  19. 19. Open Source CMS 30 Second Evaluationover 61 million sites are built on WordPress,primarily a publishing platformIf you’re technical, Drupal can do just aboutanything, challenging for non-technical people tocustomize and manageSpecifically built for nonprofits, out of the boxfunctionality, “new kid” on the open sourceblock.Great for largely content-focused websites,limited customizations and extendedfunctionality.Use a Content Management System (CMS)
  20. 20. Save Time withContent TemplatesPredefinedfieldsandtemplatesmakeiteasiertocontrolhowcontentisadded.
  21. 21. EventTemplate
  22. 22. Responsive Content DesignContentStructuredependsonhow“deep”intothesiteavisitoris.Homepage is the“Menu” of OptionsInternal Pagesoffer substance“Liquify” yourDonation Form
  23. 23. Content Curation vsRepurposed ContentWhatdoImeanbyRepurposingandCurationofContent?ContentCuratorsphoto  source  h2p://flockofweasels.comRepurposedContent
  24. 24. Your Web Content StrategyTip:Tailoryourmessagingbasedonhowinvolvedwithyourorganizationtheyare.Speak Differently to Your Audience than Everyone else torise above the noiseCollaborate to get your content written - engage and ask yoursupporters to help youKeep your plan flexible and be willing to adjust based onyour audience’s feedback and your NPO’s resourcesBe Clear About Your Goals Because they’ll be Your Roadmapshowing you where you’re going, where you’ve been, andwhere you are right now.Periodically measure where you are in relation to your plan,pause and be honest when it’s time to change something.
  25. 25. Don’t Forget the PeoplePersonalizeyourmessagesbetterbywritingjusttoonepersonatatime.www.schipul.com/people
  26. 26. My #Fave NPTech ResourcesHoustonNetsquaredisalocalresourceforNPO’sandNPTechProswww.nten.org www.eschouston.orgwww.idealware.orgwww.netsquared.orgwww.meetup.com/NET2Houstonwww.aspirationtech.org
  27. 27. Questions?Sarah M Worthy | sworthy@tendenci.com |@sarahmworthy | @tendenci
  28. 28. Hello,mynameisSarahandI’mavolunteerandaGeek!Content Community Challengeshttp://spacepts.comhttp://spaceuphouston.orghttp://startupweekend.orghttp://startupdigest.com/Houstonhttp://tendenci.com@sarahmworthy | @tendenci | @spaceuphou | @spacepts | @schipul | @NET2HoustonI’m Passionate about #NPTech
  29. 29. Thank You for Attending!Sarah M Worthy | sworthy@tendenci.com |@sarahmworthy | @tendenci
  30. 30. Want More? Of Course You Do!Sarah M Worthy | sworthy@tendenci.com |@sarahmworthy | @tendenciRegister for theseUpcoming Seminars:Factors Every Nonprofit Website Needs for Effective Online FundraisingAugust 13, 2013 - Tuesday - Register On the ESCHouston.org WebsiteNovember 19, 2013 - Tuesday - Register On the ESCHouston.org WebsiteGetting a Handle on Your Nonprofits Content Marketing Strategy!