Grow Your Member Base with a Compelling Content Marketing Strategy


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As Presented at the Assistance League Texas Networking Conference 2013, hosted by the Montgomery County Chapter.

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Grow Your Member Base with a Compelling Content Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Grow Your Member Basewith a Compelling ContentMarketing StrategyPresented at the 2013Texas Networking Conference .com1
  2. 2. .comSarah M. Worthy | @sarahmworthy | CXO,1. Content Marketing Overview2. Content Tailored to Your Members3. Tips and Tools to Keep It FreshOur Agenda.comThanks forComing OutThis Morning!2
  3. 3. How can we keep it interestingwhen our message is the samefrom year to year?How can we increasememberships and memberengagement?How can we increasetraffic to our thriftstores?aseHow can we appeal tofuture members?Sound Familiar?3
  4. 4. Great Content Marketing is Inclusive4
  5. 5. AttitudeCounts!"Great content meets two criteria:It’s useful and it’s interesting."- Sonia Simone,Chief Marketing Officer at Copyblogger Media, LLC5
  6. 6. Outline YourStory ArcMeasure &ImproveGet to KnowYour MembersWrite OutYour PlanCreateYour GoalsStrategic Components6
  7. 7. CreateYour GoalsWhat Do You Want?7
  8. 8. CreateYour GoalsDevelop SMART Goals8
  9. 9. Exercise: How Would You MakeThese Goals “SMART”?CreateYour Goals9
  10. 10. WriteYour PlanIdentifying Your Priorities10
  11. 11. WriteYour PlanCopy my Template - Calendar11
  12. 12. Your Plan ProvidesConsistency & FocusWeeklyMonthlyDailyWriteYour Plan12
  13. 13. Who Do You Want to Act? Get to KnowYour Members13
  14. 14. Your Target AudienceCapacity to GiveDesire to GiveDesire to Give toYour CauseGet to KnowYour Members14
  15. 15. Discover YourMembers’ Interests Content Mapping Process is Part of a Free Persona Template:Get to KnowYour Members15
  16. 16. "We believe that Life is Too Shortto Work at a Boring Company..."Get to KnowYour Members16
  17. 17. Get to KnowYour
  18. 18. Outline YourStory Arc18
  19. 19. YourStory ArcResolutionConflictSuspenseThe Problem19
  20. 20. @SpaceUpHouStory ArcResolutionConflictSuspenseThe Problem20
  21. 21. Outline YourStory ArcGet to KnowYour MembersWrite OutYour PlanCreateYour GoalsYou Are Here:Measure &Improve21
  22. 22. How Do You MeasureEngagement? Measure &Improveimage source:
  23. 23. WebsiteTrafficWhat doYou Measure?NewMembersStoreTrafficRenewals ProgramParticipationLifelongMembersRenewalsFamilyStatsRecurringDonationsVolunteerTimeMajorDonorsEverything??!!23
  24. 24. Measure &ImprovePICK 1 THING24
  25. 25. Measure toidentify-> Preferences-> Wants-> NeedsCMHouston.orgMeasure &Improve25
  26. 26. Join: Tutorials: &Improve26
  27. 27. Report on Data and Engagement:Measure &Improve27
  28. 28. "We have always imagined a learningjourney for our members -- becomingmore and more engaged over time andeventually becoming donors or supportersin other ways."- Rebecca Vierhaus with the League ofAmerican Orchestras (The League)28
  29. 29. New VisitorThe Content Marketing “Funnel”JoinsRenewsVolunteersLifelong FanThe Journey to Create for Growth29
  30. 30. AdoptionEngagementRetentionTask SuccessHappinessHEART Metrics
  31. 31. New VisitorThe Content Marketing FunnelJoinsRenewsVolunteersLifelong FanThe Journey to Create for GrowthHappinessEngagementAdoptionTask SuccessRetention31
  32. 32. Keeping it Fresh32
  33. 33. Boring or Perceived Boredom?33
  34. 34. 34
  35. 35. Get Your Members On Board35
  36. 36. 36
  37. 37. Show Them Their ImpactStartupWeekend.org37
  38. 38. "Thou Shalt Not Waste Their Time... "38
  39. 39. Use Post-It’s to Stay Focused“3 ThingsToday”rule39
  40. 40. Download Free Book Online:www.nonprofitmarketingguide.comRead Beth Kanter on Curation:
  41. 41. Register for theseUpcoming Seminars:Factors Every Nonprofit Website Needs forEffective Online FundraisingAugust 13, 2013 - Tuesday - Register On WebsiteNovember 19, 2013 - Tuesday - Register On WebsiteGetting a Handle on Your Nonprofits ContentMarketing Strategy!41
  42. 42. Questions?42
  43. 43. Thank youDownload This Presentation:
  44. 44. http://spacepts.comhttp://spaceuphouston.orghttp://startupweekend.org M. Worthy | @sarahmworthy