Edgar Allen Poe
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Edgar Allen Poe



This is a powerpoint for my Education in Technology class. I learned a lot about Edgar Allen Poe, and I certainly did my best.

This is a powerpoint for my Education in Technology class. I learned a lot about Edgar Allen Poe, and I certainly did my best.



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Edgar Allen Poe Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Edgar Allen Poe: The Poet
    Narrated and written by Sarah Milburn
  • 2. Poe’s Life
    Born January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts
    Parents died before Poe was three years old
    Lived with foster parents in Richmond, Virginia until left for school
  • 3. Poe’s Life Continued
    Went to School and accumulated large debts from gambling
    Decided to leave school
    Enlisted in US Army for two years
  • 4. Poe’s Life Continued
    Published book Tamerlane and other Poems and “Dreams” in 1827
    Foster mother dies in 1829
    Poe enlists in West Point Military Academy
    Second book Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane and Minor Poems is published
    Poe moves to Baltimore to live with Aunt Maria Clemm and her daughter, Victoria
  • 5. Poe’s Life Continued
    In 1833, Poe wins a contest for story “Message found in a Bottle”
    Poe becomes editor and contributor of the Southern Literary messenger
    In 1836 Poe marries Virginia and moves to New York City
    The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym published
    The Raven and other Poems is published in 1845
    Virginia dies in 1847
    Poe turns to alcohol and becomes engaged to Elmira Royster
    In 1849, begins tour of poetry readings
  • 6. Poe’s Death
    Arrived in Baltimore, Maryland
    Disappeared for a little bit, then was found in the street unconscious outside of a well-known tavern
    Sent to the Washington College Hospital in Baltimore, where he lapsed into a coma
    On the third night of his stay, Poe went into a violent screaming rage
    Poe died on October 7th, 1849
  • 7. Poe’s Burial Place
    Original Burial Place of E.A. Poe
    Insciption on site:
    Quoth the Raven, Nevermore
    Original Burial Place of Edgar Allan PoeFromOctober 9, 1849UntilNovember 17, 1875
  • 8. Poe’s Burial Place Continued
    In 1875, during a dedication ceremony, Poe’s remains were moved from the back of the Old Westminster Burying Ground of Baltimore to the front of the Church
    Poe’s remains were reunited with that of his late wife, Virginia and Aunt, Maria Clemm
    On the Memorial, there is a bas-relief bust (a stone sculpture made from chipping away at a slab of rock to make a picture that stands out) of Poe on the front of the ‘new’ grave
  • 9. People passing by will place pennies and roses on the grave in memory of Poe
  • 10. The Poe Toaster
    On January 19th, 1949 (Poe’s birthday), a stranger dressed completely in black approached E.A. Poe’s gravestone
    After placing three roses, a handwritten note, and a half finished bottle of cognac on the gravestone, after toasting the great poet, the stranger walked away, untouched
    Since then, the tradition of the Poe Toaster has continued
    However, in 2010, the Poe Toaster failed to show on the poet’s birthday, causing many people to believe that the Toaster had discontinued the tradition commemorating Poe’s 200th birthday in 2009
  • 11. List of Books/Poems
    For a complete list of Edgar Allen Poe’s books, poems, novels, short stories, and essays, visit http://www.iblist.com/author22.htm
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