Master the “Moneyed Mindset” right now!

Learn how to train your mind to attract wealth and prosperity
“There seems to be some perverse human
     characteristic that likes to make easy things
didn’t achieve the outcome you wanted but because you did it unconsciously without realising? Well
maybe you’ve got some p...
Everything is controlled by thought. We are what we

You can’t attract from “NOT HAVING”
Success doesn’t come from a place or feeling of “NOT
having” or “LACK”. Have you ever ...
Conversely, if your conscious mind is wants to achieve financial independence and yet your unconscious
mind holds a belief...
Taking Responsibility – Good, Bad & Ugly!

Ok – here’s the part that some people find challenging. In order to be fully em...
the vibration we give off. It’s a simple law of physics. So, are you going to attract better opportunities if
you down in ...
3. Approach everything as if you already have it
   Get up every morning and frame your mind and body to feel as if you ha...
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Get The Moneyed Mindset


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Six Easy Steps to attract the wealth you want. Discover how to align your thoughts and your behaviour to attract the opportunities that will realise your dreams of financial freedom

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Get The Moneyed Mindset

  1. 1. Master the “Moneyed Mindset” right now! Learn how to train your mind to attract wealth and prosperity - from now on and FOREVER! Fire Dragon Coaching Limited +44 (0)8456 435 133 NLP Coaching & Training for Personal & Business Excellence
  2. 2. “There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult.” Warren Buffett Have you been working towards financial independence, affluence, luxury or overflowing wealth? Are you there yet? Have you been struggling to realise your dreams? Do opportunities seem to just slip away at the last minute? If the answer is yes, then your thought patterns could be holding you back. There are several ways in which we hold ourselves back from achieving our full potential. In fact, when you realise or find out how you’ve been holding yourself back it can be quite a shock and a very frustrating experience. You may be stuck in a pattern repeat; or you may have unconscious beliefs holding you back about actually attracting wealth and financial independence. You may have behaviours that seriously detract from your ability to unlock abundance, or you may just have fear around pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone so you don’t always take advantage of the opportunities that arise. Whatever it is, you’ll get an insight into where you are now and what you can do to get to where you want to be. Follow the “Six Easy Steps To The Moneyed Mindset” at the end of this document and see how your world changes. First, let’s talk about how your unconscious mind could be holding you back. Pattern Repeat We do like to repeat patterns, don’t we? Have you ever noticed how families tend to follow the same behavioural trends? Have you ever noticed that success breeds more success and that debt seems to breed more debt? What about a more extreme example? Have you ever wondered why a child who has experienced abuse often enters into an abusive relationship as an adult or becomes an abuser? It’s all about pattern repeat and the circumstances we attract around us. The other thing about patterns is that they are often ingrained in our unconscious and so we repeat them without even realising what we’re doing. You’ve taken the steps before, several times probably, and so it’s easy to repeat them. You may not even realise you’ve followed the pattern so seamlessly until you get out of the other end. Have you ever done something and then wondered why? Not necessarily because you Page 2
  3. 3. didn’t achieve the outcome you wanted but because you did it unconsciously without realising? Well maybe you’ve got some patterns which you might like to break or change to align and support your desires. And there’s something else you may not have realised, if you’ve only ever experienced a shortage or lack of money, then you’ll find comfort in that environment; it’s familiar. So, if you grew up with limited money around you then that may well be your comfort zone. And we all need a push to move out of our comfort zones don’t we? Or perhaps you’re used to living in an environment where you make loads of money but then you spend more or just lose it. Or perhaps you’ve only ever experienced having just enough money to make ends meet; chasing your tail and feeling relief when it’s just about ok. You might even be attracting those circumstances so that you can feel those feelings of relief. Are you wondering what you might be creating? Ask yourself right now “How am I going to feel when I have totally unlimited funds? How will I feel when I can live my life without any concerns or worry when I spend money? How will I feel when I am totally financially independent?” Now, if you felt even a remote or minute sense of apprehension or concern then you might find that your comfort zone is far removed from where you want to be and you may also have some limiting decisions around whether or not you can achieve it. The key is then finding the quickest way to release any concerns you have about moving out of your comfort zone and then break unhelpful patterns so your thought process aligns with your goals and supports your desires. You ATTRACT what you think Our thoughts attract our circumstances. At any given point in time, our thoughts have attracted the situations we find ourselves in. The good; the not so good; and the really ugly. This can be a very challenging concept to take on board (especially if you’ve had a tough time) and yet if you can get to grips with it, you’ll find it will bring you full control over the results you get. Let’s give you an example. Have you ever thought to yourself “please don’t let that happen” over and over again ... and then it happened? The fact is that we get what we focus on. So by focusing on the possibility of something happening in the way you don’t want it to we actually draw that situation towards us. One key point to make is that the unconscious mind does not process negatives. So, if you’re saying to yourself “please don’t let me lose that deal” you’re actually attracting the loss of the deal towards you. Now that will set you thinking! Page 3
  4. 4. Everything is controlled by thought. We are what we think. NLP and Timeline Therapy are tools and techniques which aim to achieve the same end goal as the majority of other techniques for personal and spiritual development – a clean thought pattern. “A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.” Ghandi Whether it’s positive thinking, Hawaiian Huna, NLP, Shamanism, Buddhism, Martial Arts, Yoga or any other tool for personal development, the aim is to get us back to ZERO. To return our minds to that childlike state where curiosity breeds curiosity, we can find things to be passionate about we are “thought baggage” free so we look at everything as a shiny new experience with an open heart. Also, think about how your thoughts actually shape your life. Think about the following statements and what they actually create: Sense the difference when you read the statements below out loud. • I can’t make money unless I’m working • There are opportunities to make money really hard (think about the barrier this everywhere, I just need to make sure I’m puts in the way of wealth … and in the right place to pick up on them. I’m potentially your health) excited to find a way of making money in my sleep so that I am free to enjoy my personal wealth. • In 3 years time I’m going to be really • I have the potential for financial freedom wealthy and significant wealth right now. • I’ll never win the lottery • People do win the lottery and so I too can win the lottery if I buy a ticket. • No-one makes much profit in the first year • With the right product, set up and concept of business – you’re lucky to break even you can make money in any market and without limit. Can you see the difference? Does it feel different when you say it? Remember, you get what you expect, so cleaning up your thoughts can raise your expectations dramatically. Just imagine what you could achieve if you believed 100% that you would achieve whatever you set your mind on. So, if you can take this concept on board then you have the control to change your thoughts and attract WHAT YOU WANT into your life. Why not attract your full prosperity towards you? Page 4
  5. 5. You can’t attract from “NOT HAVING” Success doesn’t come from a place or feeling of “NOT having” or “LACK”. Have you ever noticed that when something goes wrong, you might think to yourself, “Does this mean I’m going to have a bad day?” And then guess what, something else goes wrong! Well, this is because the vibration and thoughts you give off attract certain circumstances. So, the GREAT news is that it also works the other way. Have you ever noticed that when you’re having a fantastic day, you know the kind, when nothing can touch you, everything just seems to go well. Therefore, the key to things going well is the way you think and feel. It’s about maintaining your state. The key to really attracting financial prosperity is to behave and feel as if you already have it. So, that doesn’t mean you should rush out and spend loads of money but it does mean that you can feel how you would feel if you were totally affluent. Think about it now, what thoughts would be going through your mind? What would you be feeling? Would you be excited, would you be really peaceful? Would you be totally relaxed, would you be feeling thankful? Whatever it is, step into that moment and really feel those emotions and think those thoughts. The art to really attracting what you want is to feel as if you have already achieved it, every single day. Esther & Jerry Hicks have a really nice trick to change your thought patterns. They suggest that every time you catch yourself having a thought like “why don’t I have this yet?” you could change it to “won’t it be fantastic when I figure this out and get what I want. I cannot wait!” Can you appreciate how the feeling of optimism and confidence that you will work it out is a better place to be than feeling that life is unfair because you don’t have it yet? What is NLP? Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful, practical and results-orientated method of coaching your conscious and unconscious mind to align with your desires and goals. NLP allows you to make changes within a very short space of time – even minutes – getting you on track quickly to live a more integrated and purposeful life. What does that mean? If your unconscious values, beliefs, decisions and thought patterns are aligned with your goals and objectives, you will achieve them easily. No matter what you want; financial Wealth and independence, a new relationship, a career you love; whatever you want, you can have it. Page 5
  6. 6. Conversely, if your conscious mind is wants to achieve financial independence and yet your unconscious mind holds a belief that ‘the unknown is frightening’ or ‘financial independence is only for the lucky’ or that ‘it’s good to have the security of a job and a salary’, then you’re pulling in two directions. And if you’re pulling in two directions how easy will it be to achieve what you want? Not very easy! NLP is a series of tools and techniques created by Bandler and Grinder that allow us to understand how we organise our thinking, feeling, language and behaviour. Every one of us forms unique internal mental maps of our surroundings based on the way we filter and perceive information via our five senses. The way we filter information affects our thoughts, feelings, language and behaviour. Our behaviour directly creates an outcome or result. With NLP, you learn how to grow from every single life experience and, more importantly, find happiness in the NOW and attract the right opportunities to you. What’s more, it helps you to find happiness in what is actually happening right now, rather than repeating the message of “when I get there, I’ll be happy.” Just imagine, if you could feel great, no matter what is going on around you. What would that be like? Will I still have to work to achieve what I want? Think of it like this. NLP clears a path. If the path is clear to walk down then you’re much more likely to reach your goal than if all the old bits and bobs you’ve collected throughout your life are strewn across the path. Aren’t you? You can have whatever you want, but it takes work. If you think you can just “consciously” decide that everything will go your way from now on, without taking action, then things won’t really change. It’s all very well believing you can have what you want, or indeed you already have what you want (therein lies the key). But, to reach the goal your behaviour has to support your beliefs. So, if you think “I’m going to be really wealthy”, don’t sit at home and wait for the financial opportunity of a lifetime to drop into your lap; go out there and looking for it, talk about it, attend networking events and take action to achieve what you want. NLP clears any limiting beliefs that could be holding you back, conscious or unconscious. People often find that it is an unconscious belief that they are totally unaware of that is preventing you from living the life you want. NLP helps you to identify and STOP the voice in your head which questions your ability or says you’re not good enough. NLP helps you to identify behavioural patterns that you may have repeated over and over again, though your life; and then we give you the tools to ditch them! So, if you’re expecting a walk in the park, you won’t get one! However, if you’ve decided you want to take control of your life and you’re willing to get out there and make it happen, then this is the PERFECT place to start and continue down that path. Page 6
  7. 7. Taking Responsibility – Good, Bad & Ugly! Ok – here’s the part that some people find challenging. In order to be fully empowered we have to take responsibility for all of our actions, thoughts and emotions. To be clear, another person cannot make us something or feel a certain way. Based on the circumstances we make a choice. It really is 100% our own decision every single time. So, take responsibility for where you are now and then take responsibility for changing it. By doing this, you empower yourself to make change. You have all the resources you need inside you to achieve whatever you want. Every thought (energy) we create builds the reality around us. So we have to take responsibility for that fact that we create events; events don’t “happen” to us. What’s more, if you take this a step further then you realise that forgiveness should always be aimed inwards. If our reality is a mirror of our own thoughts, then the person to whom you should frequently direct love, forgiveness, appreciation and respect is you. This is the key. Once you learn to master this, it is far easier to attract what you want. A trick to change your state Emotions are transient; they move, change and flow. So, you can decide to feel how you want to feel at any given point. Here’s a little trick to show you how to do it. Can you remember the last time you felt really happy and you were REALLY enjoying yourself or feeling another really powerful positive emotion? Put a smile on now. And think about the event which caused you to feel that fantastic emotion, who were you surrounded by? Was it friends? Was is family? What could you see? What could you hear? What could you feel? Were you laughing? Were you talking in a really animated way? How were you standing? How were you moving? How were you breathing? Did you want it to last forever? Really go into that event and, looking through your own eyes, what are you seeing? What are you feeling? What are you hearing? Really feel as you’re there, right now? OK. Are you smiling? Good, now stand in the same way as you were then. How do you feel? Feel good? Feel great? Feel energised? So, you’ve just discovered how to change your state by transporting yourself (IN YOUR MIND) to a time when you were having a really fantastic time, when you were really enjoying yourself. And you can access that time, any time you choose, as a method to raise your mood and make you smile! That is how powerful your thoughts are. You could repeat this exercise for 5 minutes every day and see how your body feels when you do it. It bet you’ll feel great! By spending time focussing on a really positive experience every single day, you can radically uplift your emotional state. Why bother? Well, we attract things to us (people, opportunities, business, etc) based on Page 7
  8. 8. the vibration we give off. It’s a simple law of physics. So, are you going to attract better opportunities if you down in the dumps and you can’t get out of bed or if you’re out and about loving life? Think about it. Want to try something else? Get out your favourite CD, play it on high volume and sing along until it makes you feel totally alive. Or find a film which makes you laugh until it hurts, and watch it. Or open a book which makes you smile from ear to ear. Whatever your technique, spend a little time every week (every day if you can) doing something you really, really enjoy. That way, you (quite literally) lift your spirits and bring a new perspective to old problems or worries. Why not invest just 10 minutes every day this week and really enjoy bathing every cell of your body in these feelings of joy and happiness! Six Steps to the “Moneyed Mindset” 1. Honestly assess where you are and get organised – take responsibility then take steps Be honest with yourself about where you are in relation to achieving your goal. Where are you financially? Write EVERYTHING down that you own, owe and have coming in. Identify realistically what you need to earn or generate to clear any debt and then focus on generating that sum of money as step one. Then design a realistic timeframe around your financial goals. The next step is to write down every skill you have and work out how you can generate income from each of those skills. It’s important to take time over this step because once you have identified honestly where you are, you may need some time to allow your creative juices to flow! 2. Kick limiting beliefs into touch Everything has an opposite. So, next time you catch yourself having a limiting g thought (such as I’m not good enough to do that etc.) then identify what would be the total opposite of that thought. Once you have the total opposite focus on believing that thought 100% every single day. Let us give you an example. If you are fearful about something, you don’t delete the fear; you develop courage and confidence in order to diminish the fear. So, by cultivating the opposite of the limiting decision you will automatically diminish the limiting decision. Page 8
  9. 9. 3. Approach everything as if you already have it Get up every morning and frame your mind and body to feel as if you have already achieved your goal. Ensure you take time to step into that feeling. Think what you’ll see in your mind, what thoughts will go through your mind? What will you hear? Take 5 minutes every single morning to frame your mind to believe that you have already achieved your goal. Use whatever tools and techniques you need to REALLY believe you already have it! 4. Design the dream and drop it in your timeline – Go for it! Work out what you really want. Write it down on a piece of paper, detailing what you can see, hear and feel around you. Ensure you put an EXACT date on it and then write it in the present. It might read something like this.... “It is now the 21st June 2010 and I can see my new house in front of me. It’s so large it makes me laugh! I can hear the excited chatter of my friends as they run in to take a look around. I feel so proud of myself for attracting this towards me in celebration of my success.” Once you’ve got your dream detailed on a piece of paper I want you to (in your MIND) go out into the future to the date of achievement. Now, take that goal and literally drop it into that point in time in your mind. Then step right into that event and see what you’re seeing, hear what you’re hearing and really feel those feelings of total success. Then change your view so that you can see yourself in the picture and seal that experience into the future. 5. Behavioural Flexibility If at first you don’t get to where you want to be – do it differently! The way to achieve what you want is to take any failure as feedback and change your behaviour. Success is a process of setting your course and then adjusting your behaviour or direction every time you have new information. 6. Repeat the steps - make the “Moneyed Mindset” a habit To gain momentum and to maintain the optimum state to attract success and wealth it’s important to keep repeating the steps. If you commit to doing this work you will achieve what you want. Good luck! Page 9
  10. 10. How do you use NLP? Improve your personal life with NLP Wealth creation Communication - internally & externally Empowerment & Confidence Achieving results/targets/goals - weight mgt; stop smoking Managing your state & behaviour Release Negative Emotions; Limiting Decisions; Resolve inner conflict Release Trauma & Depression Improve ALL Relationships Phobias Improve your business & Use NLP Communication & Training Rapport building Achieving results/targets/goals Coaching & Managing your team Organisational & Culture Change Eliminating bad habits/states ; Negative Emotions; Limiting Beliefs Negotiating Strategies Recruitment NLP in Education Learning Strategies Learning State Remove bad study/learning habits Focus, Goals & State Management – exam stress! Release limiting decisions Dyslexia Use NLP in Sports State management – ‘in the zone’ Strategies Modelling Goal setting Bad Habits Releasing Negative Emotions & Limiting Decisions Page 10
  11. 11. Help Children with NLP Spelling Strategies Learning State Language Limiting decisions Phobias / Fears How do you learn NLP? Fire Dragon Coaching runs a full range of NLP & Timeline Therapy Practitioner Courses that are certified by the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. We run training courses in the UK, Europe, Egypt & the Middle East & the USA. NLP Certification Programmes • NLP & Timeline Therapy Practitioner Trainer • NLP & Timeline Therapy Master Practitioner Training • NLP Trainers Training – In conjunction with The Tad James Company Other NLP Training Programmes • Business NLP & Timeline Therapy Courses • Fire Dragon Fantabulous™ Course for Women • Presentation Courses • Communication Courses for Business & Personal Relationships The next course we’re running is the Combined NLP & Timeline Therapy Practitioner Course in Cairo, Egypt. 17th – 23rd January 2010 Go to for more information. You can find more course and dates on the website – go to for more information. To book your place email us on or call us on +44 08456 435133 Page 11