Social Media and LinkedIn Workshop for Universities and Colleges


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Social Media Workshop Presentation for Universities and Colleges, career and guidance counselors. This presentation has been given at Northeastern University and MIT.

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  • So – you want a JOB? You can’t just walk the walk you gotta talk the talk. Getting a JOB doesn’t mean a) ask for one, b) beg for one. It means you are… see next slide
  • On an organic level, what is a job?
    At the root of it, it is being
    -and engaged
    Those three things TOGETHER will lead you on a path/journey/proccess/whatever to getting a job. The end justifies the means – you work hard, show people that you’re smart and actually can do things, and they’ll want to hire you. Think of it as an interview/audition without even having one. Every status update, connection you make, tweet, message, etc, is like an audition for a job that you don’t know exists and you don’t know if you want it.
  • # How to build a following of raving fans for your product or service
    How we do this: provide give aways, contests, opt in email box, groups
    Successes: My group on LinkedIn has 15,000 members.... providing a newsletter for the group
    Your show has 500,000 viewers without any advertizing... all social media and PR
  • Topic 1: How to get started with online networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter:
  • What’s your company?
    What’s your website?
    What’s your blog?
  • MORAL OF THE STORY IS: Use power words!!!!!!!!!!!
    -current and past experience
  • Use the word “I”, not “Lewis Howes. Do not write in the 3rd person.
  • why this is bad
    What you should do instead… next slide
  • Talk about importance of groups
    -being in them
    -responding to and starting discussions
    -starting your own groups
    Next slide to illustrate importance/power of owning your own group
  • 3 Action Steps:
    1. Create an event on Facebook or LinkedIn events application
    2. Stay active (status and profile updates)
    3. Be ready to react
  • TA-DA! With social media, you hit 100% of the time. Why? Because you converge your interests and passions with people who actually care. You can connect to people on social media that
  • Social Media and LinkedIn Workshop for Universities and Colleges

    1. 1. Sarah Merion June 16, 2009 Social Media Seminar
    2. 2. What does getting a J-O- B r e a l l y m e a n ?
    3. 3. Thoughtful Interested Engaged
    4. 4.  "News controlled by the people, for the people.” @AlexShalman  "Information content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies” @danschawbel  "People using technology to communicate” @athill  "A bottomless discussion over coffee you enjoy with the smartest minds around–everyday :)” @craigmurray  Idea, thought, information, and relationship exchange
    5. 5. • Connect and network • Ask/answer questions • Establish self as expert • Gather research/data/resources • Become a thought leader • Stumble upon a job
    6. 6. Build a following of raving fans
    7. 7. The 4 Big Social Media Forces
    8. 8. Hierarchy Of Needs
    10. 10. The Easy Stuff  Headline  Photo  Status  Summary  Specialties  URL
    11. 11. “My Company” is BORING. = H U G E Opportunity Cost
    12. 12. “Other” is the new Pink.
    13. 13. words use
    14. 14. POWER UP!!!
    15. 15. Don’t Be This Guy
    16. 16. Hi Sarah, It was so great meeting you last night at the Law School event! I really enjoyed hearing about what you do. Looking forward to connecting with you again. Best regards, Maureen
    17. 17. Tribe It Up!
    18. 18. Spark up some conversation!
    19. 19. You want a lot of these
    20. 20. • Twitter is a social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time • Twitter is the pathway to spiritual enlightenment • Twitter is a news platform • Twitter is for risotto lovers • Twitter is the talk of the town lately • Twitter is like a breath of fresh air on the Social Media scene Twitter is a micro-blogging application that allows you to send tweets of up to 140 characters
    21. 21. This is what 140 characters looks like. It's actually longer than you might expect. If you add URLs, sometimes you have to get cr8tiv.
    22. 22. 1. Create a social media plan What Now? 2. Write out your goals 3. Benchmark your results
    23. 23. With social media you hit 100%