OUR GOALS 2005-06                                                                 Mentee name & Mentor name          Goal ...
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Blue Ribbon Mentor Advocate Mentor Program Goal Setting example


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This goal setting activity example is from the Blue Ribbon Mentor Advocate Program and can also be accessed here: http://superstars.americalearns.net/2006/06/june-2006-syndee-kraus-go-to-for.html

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Blue Ribbon Mentor Advocate Mentor Program Goal Setting example

  1. 1. OUR GOALS 2005-06 Mentee name & Mentor name Goal Activities/Steps to complete goal Roles and Responsibilities Timelines Mentor MenteeMentor’s involvement in Help Mentee w/ her Fashion class. For Will seek help from tutors Show interest in academic Fall, 2005 thruMentee’s academic academic classes, Mentee will use tutors when needed progress Spring, 2006progress from university for assistance Open to discussion w/ parent if requestedRead and discuss Read books, write summary, and then Selected following books: Read selected books by Summer, 2005books from Summer discuss, like a book club format Romeo & Juliet agreed upon date.Reading List That Summer 1st book by June 23 When we do this, we’ll also plan Chinese Cinderella something else for part of our time together Will take the lead on starting the discussion because she has been involved in book clubs before.Stay involved in outside Activities that we both like: Wants to run at least Contact horse stable for Tennis: Fall 2005activities Bike riding once/week at middle school summer schedule All others: monthly Tennis track Will build up to running 5 times 2005-06 Horseback Riding around track RunningCook together Learn about cooking foods from other Look on internet for foods to Teach mentor to cook the Winter 2005 countries cook international foods I already Put together a cookbook of these foods knows how to cook from other countriesWriting Ideas we had: Will continue working on fairy Get more writing buds from Summer 2005 Finish fairy tale sequel tale this summer internet Writing buds from Stuart
  2. 2. Goal Activities/Steps to complete goal Roles and Responsibilities Timelines Mentor MenteeWork on art skills Improve drawing of people After Mentor introduces her to Look in arts newspaper & the local arts newspaper, brochure from arts center for Mentee will look at on a short-term class on drawing weekly basis for ways to learn people more about drawing peopleWork on Oral History Both of us will complete a family tree Read material from internet on Will get info from internet on Two interviewsProject Learn skills used in this project: conducting interviews. creating family tree Summer, 2005 Interviewing Assist Mentee in staying on After reading info from Joy and Tape recording equipment & task w/ this by planning our practicing with Mentor, will techniques used in time to include it. contact: interviewing Great grandmother Types of questions Great Aunt Possibly put together a product that can be presented to group outside of just familyActivities w/ other Cooking Will contact mentors about Jodeci Ongoingmentors & mentees Bike riding ideas Devontae Technology project? Latisha F.Technology project Possibly build telescope Will contact husband about Other ideas? Spring, 2006 helping us w/ thisVisit historical places, Places, museums in Western part of NC Contact friends, family in Open to staying one overnight Spring, 2006museums, cultural or southern VA. Western NC & VA if trip is 3-4 hours awayevents Asheville, Black Mt. Look in newspaper for places Luray Caverns to visit Also, Raleigh (science & history museums); Greensboro Historical Museum, Center for Doc. Studies Other ideas from other mentorsVisit Library Read books, browse about 1 hour/2 x Include in activities scheduled Summer, 2005 month this summerMake holiday gifts Start thinking about ideas of what gifts Fall, 2005 could be made for family membersExplore Interest in Think about places we could go to attend Summer, 2005documentary films showings or check out, like arts and entertainment newspaper, video store, arts center.Prepare for future in Visit a college Don’t know quite how to pull Use internet to research 3 Spring, 2006high school & college off the college visit, but will talk colleges she would like to visit. w/ program coordinator & other mentors