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2012 Social Media Parent Discussion Card
2012 Social Media Parent Discussion Card
2012 Social Media Parent Discussion Card
2012 Social Media Parent Discussion Card
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2012 Social Media Parent Discussion Card


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  • 1. ww w.s SOC ULLY p Jo ww w.n rint hnIAa 1, to .c la L 5 ING w.m etsm pomy NE -year- X T o yc allow /4n BOW , ar X e ld teen the Insg himato OR speciall in your lu t bm z.or ets SOC NET IAL f c KI y C Th a loylife te/rnret.eYo ompete XBOX L lub, like t o.c a P ty NG yo e d w iv s one yof timeeotnl ur stafRE ith othe e, whic ex ur oc p te u Har om n s uth /in m ine p f notices r layi SOU he players h WOR KI You h • S eri en me d vey bec piasticular ng andC ed ar ome af R ch is spen via summave rece en s nt ays la din o CYB IAL na E atMEDIA SAFETY DISCUSSION A cia ce a p“dum ter, John onltine g med HarS ting with g sb e y prog er camp tly learn n BULLER ORKING C l os l in yo eped” hi am ve ww on Ne + w ce tw yo • S Netw .bgc pt P ork postine s bcaegin another ur urvCow iti lu b C SOYW fin in m for ds out th g partner John and at Har y. s. vey ha Several ra has b m, has a counselo d that La upco een usin Faceboo for your ra e r u NET ING or a.n Jo p inHar Clu vic on h to tell yo player. g m g k Gu ia oc a kin et hnr, In y in i e g ve b o cia us e ru u that Oth a s comm ing eve to inform page th tee l n a to ro a 15te ’s T nnl m ww ide l Ne g+a /Ppla yourC-yea thel oe p y ors abo that Laura, teens in l en e John er is ap unication ts and fi her cam t s So w.b line two allo gramXBOubs ’s frie teine ou arned his o teenbee o po X r-olch twly game ut your has p b e p on th ropriate, yo etween Lald trips. W ers R nd yp d en le SOC CYBE ING cia gc C rk +ws hs rtunity pecn nt ork pr lor for BG , :es nds le in yo chat ld par e n e l+N a. on the In • imluto co to ceolly une, our Clugem at sher Cs /C have re addcoXinseyou pa o th tn of has a page of he u notice ura and hile ITOPICS FOR PARENTS ia lo av v ro ww NETWAL in etw net/ sia g in teHYoubT er caete resscebookreco , likes hen he Y rnet do mp mp gy Bg X iLi s. W w.s CY beer a BULL d lo +ow O de b campers w in he r with som picture sh r cam C C mmur or P e t of W on. Yoyou has a FaCthformve r gnize th le the w ww.n prin • ER a e w e he BA r hand esk rogr ratio • ltimsu ce chmstappro ith en hsubje, whicWhie e frie e nds w has ORK ubhate onlin , af g to ot s lub, lik ing one youth s:progra/Doc f noach in teer ld ct ips. h campers w et u BUparen a wpt+ ld ay tices d fiepla with hi th co tr w . your C , which + G ms/ •nW in partbeen uusin ts anis r. sp yersdvia r . s posted yYosma ve/ cture or t, should yo e ou pl pi here -year- old te en in X Live ly XB O player Harve s uid C beco has iculp me asand ch lin yoe me cos ic o med Pa you g e in he is nv a an he arr. ev k? Sayattin ur ding sh s viadayse y lub hat step mingnantenbetween La ersation? e haC she summt• .o orecently ould you u approac en e pictur m .m clu ha 4 LL sh rz D neIN YI N G , a 15 X, especial ith other ng “dum later,Turhteen mcandation o Harvey. g with ends whereYB c up on es John frline gac u /S u notice a fri s yo p c ? progmy er rcayosafknow R ned speak b t u e le g/ mp co G ar h Laur John XBO w spendi m oun ped” S /D finds ariaminyopa + , ut so e Jo •4 g ralim, Pa ERhas been.cuidelreaesyin pwElothfothat Laitha,e camp abou fe ha in t unse S her er w th a ay mpete tices he is g with your hig co approp tsite ila iain plars m and oc mou th g rl with ce hn rt 2 s n Fa ur a to pl him to co staff no attin Club u mefor m g is u anot gem hesitune . Sev re at r On peout the upco • Werming ts ceboce UR rthere are so o la ok O yo direc d allows rnet. Your aying and chrvey. John an lsting vi beginstio tene pa r play rarveat.hasin eral nt35ura abrcen or? U ming ev/meey ainfo po ton e he of H on th t er in he ha y ion th ve La nd to p • e in B us e th to for st ur teen ci page f CE af al ne te the In time online pl ed Ha Har s o yo ch Severa vey cious ruhas.dll sbeu that er. Other u approa tuecamp directt of mmunichat ki ts sand rmf her ca atd camp twork e fu N p fo co L W • endia part o S th sh an Joould yo teen with there? er ur his ap LYp ion be o f t fi your pmpers / lar nam rtners. mora e er IAL in th • a at nd a s? a lot of h in particu e gaming pa ey has your teen e online scaboutnt, sh hn has be ks in 21 rly o centworkingpropriaN pri twf einfoeld trips. arent ori as you apI ro SOC ORKING ea ut lin rv s in ’s frie game re his oldyou sp en th e socialnne t o on the tpa teG ate fo yn Lauraio While of ta a pa pe ha •h h , you ee rmat en tio one yo become on t that Ha ther teen portunity op nds • As e or should partne • e are rc e rs?ha d W v of chat r f ge notic so r an is co the n to ad leave, ur u rooms. ther ther58 anatecampein fiv yos ta beha hat areST ith e acial netd her nsider a n? NETW Harvey w r, John M ww finds ou r player. O has been pict r e u it er e b her w pi O anothe that a hn • How dress yo reco wheWhenstaff pe d nin nt o ion? h h may en e the pot m cturewoe campers in e A en e late w.m daysw ww himc for BIL ll yoLaura,Joold partner do you ap u gn g eh th su know ize for or h rc orientat• As ain ppe her un ndT so tialfriend sh rkhag po a pa fo n coha in s si ed • Doeyo bjec in place e fy n proach idelines t with the ofur pafrent t -ma oupi va h reb rmatiobuter . ISrT conseqwhere tes?Boys & Girls Clubs of America YBLYR G C (BGCA) d” y lu te at u • hen u 1 rt u en e ve nt m late in s sted “dumpe beginbtod thT about his oms. WWhat wou .sp E • Te ww en t il o h ha , d e sh or ld yo w rt of5yo 0 sa l thinnsfideredr ctureaoritshen oue onu soICe from pl nces your n llied ue ONL eClntly let.c neyli orsyour te ro ub rin ar rum r EC guis him.3 lif she E m th co o .p your ns- vici selor fogame chat e e the ld yo nver a pa aap ci s ve receg coinou omlinfe.cogeH at sh gniz• What e u ask? they satio mea ation isit co gs youttes?t ve r haouthre uhan hile proachet acing in pe y • o ld t S* w al n child PRIV INE a w un th u reco • ayere n? rmn rcen orking si h aDohyou ec pp yo speak o You ha postinp nd-S tee bo/4n epam e, NOpers of with him. steps ca IN cam in th rnonoke leav/m yoL your S W? • info on h tw as h to th gu child eow en aten onc with e dur r m kn iv w Laurrkin approp oa BUL A er ece en summs Harveya Fa xfriet.ods therscad WObjec e m t teen n kind of 58 e in alr ne t o nli th aboug si riate from you put • What riate forpsocih hur oequeappes m mit eliniats in d m hetherd o e. ne. e camp di tte? id nc e yo ropr es e e pl mo e ther es , s to ting rm ses the suG Eth rs lif mx ha teen’s info rg ldafety s.ias r Icam sa n? e hile ACY in pl op t f es thehas found that small-group discussions lub, lik progra teyousing nity to.aad/dr trip d is fconvRpe tio In the a sim a re tfu you e• Wpp so rector your C , which ur incse, p eninportu ts and sp Rep a / th heet s posted t fie a S er ilar si apace to pr dult teceial e h nsl to placingninaonlin th e ages ace forth nline are soci pr e toev po rnt coa m th a ed ere e m o ea re n o staff . e ? en in X Live ha bea eop ev n x oach an E livi tuatio *Ba thte en b n at fro site? ey a . an an al ne old te O s via in rea mring g h en tweeapprurrts ure she yha SO to his fr ng room La o er t of s do a or dng m . hat aresedenhemlatout in life netwnotki• Whaore Mo ne part of yo n in th m r on d campe tworking ear- XB ayer tee s nts ios be u Pe upco ing icHow do yo tice a pict/20 Say? here sh URevbsi iends a ew •W untertu so al h it h t kindr has at an b no o fu a 15-y cially her pl e ent you o y ve enco 004 i-Sore? soci ou e er ap a ro tha e n ur pa ce rs? k? 0 ds w MO 2 John, XBOX, espe te with ot is spending n ly , fo wcommun• edu, yocould you asfrien9/ place to prom turehe jo bout th m rhear ion onAF line me th h it m per pving rian o thinformat u c CES te ? ay na of p te an said rent or . Re and opo tec e some ientat TEC BILE pe c ria at to play him to com aff notices atting with d he sa und is se pryo • nc hatherowith w u put in the fu strip ined to is inrerm Jamal E su . ic g fo th a o e s nfo fo m ion ion? ap W at me ion into e talkin ing ve n• rWthaonar said cer social ea is considoffer unique opportunities for learning st nu y th tha the pageeof orstepsccan yo ilar situat about join; onl design a th share at blog h t o e th s . ur o netw allows rnet. Your aying and chrvey. John an l u . rve r r t rc C ng a nhe hand em a si oa e s ura gin yo g m ut n orking ered ea otmayaen nlin e om te te the In time online pl lar nam ed Ha rtners. Severa via de ey honfou hbe• What a and front apprm ch La p direand? m y your e- . He tells is ideas g ha a er in d en du 15 tex ima ave s r pe enteyour teouldayou ral with the cam ctor na e are mail h them f1 ,50 HNO n n ointold ocounte et ntial co n e. po sites? LOG lt b d yet tu ad abou 0s Celi c r hformatae. Mo terin th r la h nseque orkinrned 13 needed to dress, p how easy t tu a lot of h in particu e gaming pa ey has s p t ge r nt sexou se rce re’s , sh t t u voceako t g urse eir ioand N in life fro de re g nc tfu vep n on aikola s in om erce mes s or As ta pa t shtould yohesp ate tee e social netwWh IES m plac es your ch nts . tso ONL ut lin rv n In ua • regis hone it is gra ha ci one yo become on that Ha Other teen eo n sa • vid se enor ern lity role ere ar l ral m metha aren onth n al have s ne in tworki g inapprop ild de s ? at ad ter. Ja nu ds out ILE OGIES ne t s ge pie urxu of c . A th ha n s campers on mal ha mber s fo . ssthrough sharing. PRIV INE ct line vice sh u ww Harvey r, John fin other player hn has been e et ther then tagetd or eha s C s. Earlie been da MOB NOL ur th ay t , a os ally ow whe ne r cellaffvandoci ng site riate th e ey he p you kn ll-ow & Am fow st ph gro alientation? privacy ow ld you ON s not ro te tin days la d” him for an ll you that Joold partner he p pp li r ? ug ra o su e kn y• Do f the esgin plin er su parentnor • What nac ? w w.sp give Unsur roceedsan a a risqu today Nik g for o w ACY H en igh “dumpe begin to te out his oms. When ct ow haguidelinm ges g ica ur e nes ww w.m rin LIN im ab h e to é TEC rv sho messaewosf whad pressur photo o olas pictu t. ve ice se parttee yo y w ub ors ab ro tiv of n pIn the ed site uld pw enw.o yc E P out w iderliveb w.i t to d your Cl vicious rum game chat e the via re als eylva e Lif fro cons la te der s teWere th k es nu ns ation is m toyng siuns? g ro collectww ts ng olubm m/4 RIV ar Rum fe ge afor e he a cture Celia r to retu imself. H o fh re cogniz him. fe g ce o eP in kn w postin in the online ave, you re t with • xt ive n toinform ag r w is t ki h m d nd w so de cialed tworheb friends ildage nu ov opform relife nein ACY the om K ing in ua dao been Nikof asepi w of her g forwards rn the fa e your rs ol th E .c MOB y gar o of o ne ojec e site your ch ouyo o 13 er p rdo have ONLIN Y le ec es t ki u n ab a of d ts yco pho He vo Harvey ’s friends e subj ea Jan fro g • Whasa sriate for meo r nea 12-1equences he join iate rt thw ? ha.o ration .com afety and Nikolas rlier toda o mmunity to quick lfriends fo e picture r. a so t nli RE mself. ir th ess th • phot of hi e vor.Sponsored by Sprint, BGCA has developed a series of four TECH ILE en n? ge ch s co ropr m e is your te nity to addr ersatio 7 mic approp. ima “stente l consto placing inapp? ed a sh tgreat rglo mal C/eleiaildre SOUths. Ea qué How do turn th. fa m ch ly sp C read r advice. e ex iae ly m join strip des y to valu hat n r PRIVA is conv b gg .govtam ing l mon lkd ra n opportu ch th eg po lse fro t are th e lat tin in life and kionly ; ng site ign. rH t areg p o ke el a ris CRCia essure hementds the pict is mo r to reyou us ure throug do you approa na o ur t talkin his • Wha counter s ofer g”;cial networ me your nli m al eetells lth erideas ab mics safged are ar Jamai en s. H e — son a r b em ing/seve to p ias a ES prNOL outesk ety eeds to Celia•anoforw s for adurce ut tuation ar with yoe th . si hout • How you as k? Say? place ent to prev ture? may en ion on a so yet tu m e- e e n rned heneor oggi l addr er tohow / proc u over . ble ed Fng’souess, phonal ieasy then ids-pof what to verasom Nikolas throughoild? ed . se OGIE do Ce d riend D lia es girlf your vi ch as adiscussion topics in the area of Internet and media safety to • Wha t would u put in can yo ilar situatio n in th e fu inform at • Wyo room ha this great 13 W at s oab giet e’s h yoe nf toll re p living about t advi e his ideawweasyster. Jamalu,nuorm Unsu geato a fe moto quickly ths. isarut e beenand ow ritois o s mber it is re r iv S of rl etspre child w es hem monhingad havunder sage sa es st teacha ble t steps sim In the iends onlin shar sh ce H t n w to am sa c th th d Cge, E p lieout ble datth • Wha en from a fr to priv C thA ld w w.o mber al in to hasynotti es ors ofy.ase phen prend up eliaitacann actoonline inat fonce e • lls em ho nu he s ou r ha day o g o r to his joined acy? T yo o onm p U. ocee in a te asrisqo e ta your te • C e ve hiim le h te he • What . He Tte heck s, phon u ging not form e u Ru a websi strip design shou k dreso JaA al has uard paboua lp p th yourncom munxity urenetwodsion pres ro utébphot Nikrolas text ns of wha to e wat th is siturking si sung pla ken back picture in ahelp parents and guardians share thoughts and tips on how to a m mes o of websimail ade a ar ert. m a on ste ttion rote nd d p yoR use th child? t to do Cel re her ce (e.g himand ca comic only your e- tes scoregilo ents N uum saW to a • A ld p st u • ge te)? to se lin ps w c• How do ith your hat advice at onia forw retu., otha lf. Hn ILE under• ed toqllecto siteknow Yre to riv ; S k orseof few of ce rn n e soci e MOB NOLOGIE to join e are needthe ue ing in s yo Oga Be e h t o aw s ndth ine photth her d xt ar age st at t m rm out U rding .gov belo en ymomen cyour com derstand o in ulgirlfriend ds the pi favoal k t g text sho a te r. m fo ur y and na ed 13. • Kn sele of n ? he abation D io hi . w the u an • un on ild m ur ow Is ouunity. e ictureand caive yo ad /p quic you g ns or ctur • R owld yoiv give ct u 13 an y’ es yo• Hch putsextinglin n backklyid re al for ur vice e TECH ch from iva ildre O? ildre taddress tough topics. yet turn re d s pr ch /v sp ad shou yo e w ep d • Do ngomWhaot u us ake ime? on a socimessa ug ild. ab is do yo be ta cr • eo thro ch t advice o u ith for g n cy n leasomethi m ent t sh place is ., rn sage, it cannwithouldth(e.g tu e geshout out • Wha privacy? rt suenr righ tingregardin peli ildisit n da y pict o ur ch v re si ? mes • Does e wrong youryou bo ation as about E sp s knts olo n online as have benticy Nowatur p fromHecy ik as ONLIN Y in th yo child? th ikol ld pare daio form io e lf. to g mse end up m site)?child so ng ur urknoild?a teachabl ch w and N t shou rlier phinuo of hi rm favor. ki et un give yo Celia l • Wha s. Ea llectin ? s weturn the issio e ot e C networessa hing ould youderstand ges? PRIVA month tes co qué 13 si a ris of reb m is gesh put id t mes that on sa lking severa web r the age re her to dssite e picturn d Celia pressu th end vice , it cann oueo hat adup xt/picture/v online or ce al ta ge unde rwar s a vice. • W ne g te in th ar Jam ng messa eeds to Celia fo nds for ada hout s ndin orki tw ot e wro be taken in a text erhe oc se you ov eat bloggi about then pr of what to do her girlfrie ad throug r pp • Wha in ng ime? ng plac ? back an g a crsite)? e (e.g living room t this gr ideas it is Unsure to a few of quickly spre op ria xt • Is se t advice you both kn ow ., on a d can In the iends abou share his how easy r ge messa of the phot o blee. t sendin ould shou social to his fr to em joined . He tells th phone num t be s teacha hat shtext/p g ld yo te he Rumor mmunity. n as a •• W Is sext icture u give yo websi strip design ail address, Jamal has no your co situatio ing a /video ur messa child abou m . u us e this • Wha crime? comic only your e- gister ? ges? t GUIDELINES ed to re w do yo ith your child MODERATOR ROLE ; once t shou to join e are need • Ho tw that ld you m about momen rstand a text both and na ed 13. ve him ild unde online or in and can know yet turn you gi your ch out back ? should • Does hing is put be taken ., on a social t advice rding somet , it cannot place (e.g • Wha privacy? n online ow rega from childre ge messa in the wrong t nts kn ild abou The moderator should introduce the topic. If n ld pare g informatio end up ng site)? your ch t shouThe small group format is flexible and makes it • Wha tes collectin ? networ ki u give s? ould yo eo message websi e age of 13 vice sh id unde r th •W hat ad xt/picture/v g te sendin crime?easy for parents to engage in in-depth discussions multiple group discussions are taking place at • Is se •W xting a hat sh ould yo u both know?with one another. To maximize the quality one time, you may use several moderators orof conversation at adult functions, structure introduce the topic to the larger group. Eachdiscussions as follows: moderator is in charge of facilitating a 20-minute discussion. Speak clearly, and remember that it’s• et-up: Seat participants in a circle S your job to encourage questions and discussion• Topic Introduction: Allow three minutes to among your peers. Be sure to take note of any introduce the topic relevant comments and use them to recap and• Discussion time: Have group discuss the topic close out the discussion. for 15 minutes• opic recap: Allow two minutes to recap the T discussion MATERIALS Bring copies of any research materials you wish• Total Discussion Length: 20 minutes to share, as well as the discussion cards. Use the prepared questions on the discussion cards provided to stimulate discussion. Questions maySET-UPChoose a moderator prior to the group meeting. also be directed to the attendees at the end of theYour discussions will rely heavily on interaction discussion to encourage your participants; however, the designatedmoderator should review the topic in advance. Themoderator should prepare a few sample thoughtsand ideas to jump-start the conversation. Thesediscussions work best when chairs are set up in acircle. Have a flipchart and markers, or a pad andpen available for another participant to take notes.© 2012 Boys Girls Clubs of America • 2041-12
  • 2. This page left intentionally blank.Please print all four pages double-sided for best results.
  • 3. CYBER SOCIAL BULLYING NETWORKINGJohn, a 15-year-old teen, likes to play XBOX, You have recently learned that Laura, yourespecially XBOX Live, which allows him to teen’s summer camp counselor, has acompete with other players via the Internet. Facebook page that she has been using toYou notice he is spending a lot of time online inform her campers of upcoming events andplaying and chatting with one youth in particular field trips. While the communication betweennamed Harvey. John and Harvey become online Laura and her campers is appropriate, you noticegaming partners. Several days later, John finds a picture she has posted on the page of her without that Harvey has “dumped” him for another some friends where she has a beer in her hand.player. John invites two friends over one evening, • s a parent, should you approach Laura about the Aand you overhear them telling John that Harvey picture or should you speak with the camp director?has been posting vicious rumors about Johnin online game chat rooms. When your teen’s • o you know whether there are social networking Dfriends leave, you recognize the opportunity to guidelines in place for staff and campers?address the subject with him. • ere they a part of your parent orientation? W• ow do you approach this conversation? H • hat kind of information is considered W• hat would you ask? Say? W appropriate for social networking sites?• What steps can you put in place to prevent • hat are the potential consequences your child W your teen from a similar situation in the future? may encounter later in life from placing inappropriate information on a social networking site? ONLINE MOBILE PRIVACY TECHNOLOGIESIn the living room you overhear Jamal talking Celia and Nikolas have been dating forto his friends about this great blogging several months. Earlier today Nikolas picturewebsite he joined to share his ideas about messaged Celia a risqué photo of himself. Hecomic strip design. He tells them how easy it is then proceeds to pressure her to return the join; only your email address, phone number Unsure of what to do Celia forwards the pictureand name are needed to register. Jamal has not message to a few of her girlfriends for advice.yet turned 13. Rumors of the photo quickly spread throughout your community.• hat advice should you give him about W online privacy? • ow do you use this situation as a teachable H moment with your child?• hat should parents know regarding W websites collecting information from children • oes your child understand that once D under the age of 13? something is put out online or in a text message, it cannot be taken back and can end up in the wrong place (e.g., on a social networking site)? • hat advice should you give your child about W sending text/picture/video messages? • Is sexting a crime? • What should you both know?
  • 4. SOCIAL NETWORKING RESOURCES CYBERBULLYING CYBERBULLYING STATISTICS*Visit to learn more about • 2 percent of youth have been bullied while online. 4social networking. You can also download helpful One in four has had it happen more than on social networking to help you have meaningful • 5 percent of youth have been threatened online. 3conversations with your children. Nearly one in five have had it happen more than once. • 1 percent of youth have received mean or 2 threatening e-mail or other messages. CYBERSAFEFUTURES.ORG • 8 percent of youth admit someone has said mean 5 or hurtful things to them online. More than four out of 10 say it has happened more than once. • 3 percent of youth admit having said something 5 mean or hurtful to another person online. More than one in three has done it more than once. • 8 percent of youth have not told their parents or an 5 adult about something mean or hurtful that happened to them online. *Based on 2004 i-SAFE survey of 1,500 students grades four through eight. MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES RESOURCES ONLINE PRIVACY Know that personal information and privacy are valuable — to you, to youth and toAs texting has become central to teen social marketers. Here’s how to help protect you andlife, parents, educators and advocates have grown your teen’s personal information when they’reincreasingly concerned about the role cell phones play online. Follow the simple steps below and learnin teen and young adult sexuality. A new survey from thePew Research Center’s Internet American Life Project more at that four percent of cell-owning teens aged 12-17say they have sent sexually suggestive nude or nearly WHAT CAN YOU DO?nude images or videos of themselves to someone else • Check out sites your children visitvia text message, a practice also known as “sexting”;15 percent say they have received such images of • Take a look at the privacy policysomeone they know via text message. • Ask questions • Be selective with your permission • Know your rights • Report suspicious websites as appropriate