Music industry ownership


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Compared a major (Sony) to an Independent

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Music industry ownership

  1. 1. Media Studies G322 Section A Section B Representation Institution && textual analysis Audience TV Drama Music industry
  2. 2. Major Record Label Independent LabelProductionDistribution & MarketingExchange Target Audience & Consumption
  3. 3. Simon Cowell Syco Columbia RCA Label Sony music Sony (joint -/Epic label Nashville Masterworks ownership) Horizontal Integration
  4. 4. Recording studios Distribution companies Sony retail shopsVertical Integration
  5. 5. Independent Record LabelIndependent Artist Independent Distributor Independent online store Production Distribution Exhibition/Exchange
  6. 6. Major label
  7. 7. Independents
  8. 8. Compare & contrast
  9. 9. Case Studies
  10. 10. Present Shaz Sparks “Red Sky” Nicki Minaj “Here I am” -released in 2008 -released in 2010 releases-red-sky-remix-package.html Sampled Shaz’s vocals from the original Issues raised – Illegal downloading, Digital File Sharing, Copyright infringement, Digital Economy Act, Privacy laws, Emi takeover,
  11. 11.  In the exam you will need to be prepared to discuss the following in relation to your study of the music industry1. The issues raised by media ownership2. The importance of cross media convergence and synergy in production distribution and marketing3. The technologies that have been introduced in recent years at the levels of production, distribution, marketing and exchange.4. The significance of the proliferation of hardware and content for institutions and audiences.5. The importance of technological convergence for institutions and audiences6. The issues raised in the targeting of national and local audiences (specifically British) by international or global institutions.7. The ways in which your own experiences of media consumption illustrate wider patterns of audience behaviour.
  12. 12. The ways in which the candidate’s The importance of own experience of cross media media consumption convergence and illustrate wider synergy, in Issues raised in patterns and trends production,the targeting of of audience marketing and national and behaviour exchangelocal audiences (specifically, British) byinternational and Issues raised by global media institutions ownership in contemporary media practice Music industryThe importance oftechnological Technologies thatconvergence Significance of have been for institutions proliferation introduced in in hardware recent years at theand audiences levels of and content for institutions production, marketing and and audiences exchange
  13. 13. Majors Independents PRODUCTION PRODUCTION DISTRIBUTION DISTRIBUTION EXCHANGE EXCHANGECompare and contrast – advantages and disadvantages - similarities and differences Effects –influences Give specific examples and detailed case studies
  14. 14. EssayDevelop a detailed (1000 word) comparison between Dr Rubberfunk and a Sony/EMI Artist of your choice in terms of how their music is produced, distributed andconsumed.Dr Rubberfunk Vs SONY/EMI ArtistYou MUST use the following terminology in your answer-Manager, A and R, Recording Contract, Recording Studio, Mixing Desk, Apple Mac, Logic,Major, Conglomerate, Independent, Jalapeno Records, Creative Control, Big4, VerticalIntegration, Horizontal Integration, Kudos Records, Digital Files, Marketing, Promotion,Plugger, Advertising, Mass, Niche, Audience, Convergence, Synergy, Social Networking,Sound cloud, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Last FM,, Download,Streaming, File sharing, CD, Vinyl, Retailers, MP3, Smartphones.Section 1: ProductionSection2: DistributionSection3: Exchange/Consumption
  15. 15. Convergence Distribution = e.g. ipad =various advertising e.g. Internet pop-ups, viral Synergy =Syco media, video, music, e -Simon Cowell marketing, You-tube clips, mail, web, photos, etc. Rebecca Black X-Factor & Sony –Proliferation Friday – Lily Allen –My relationship of hardware Space -Madonna & Nicky Minaj-collaboration Technologies Target AudienceIn Production = Gorillaz Consider some of the possible (you!) Current trends of album “The Fall” examples for each area of the ways that young peopleproduced on the ipad – questions that may come up in accessing media (e.g. Nicky Minaj –sampling Shaz sparks vocals the exam mobiles, internet) Sony(Big 4-record EMI – label) Dr Rubber funk recently bought Conglomerate -advantages of the By Citigroup 2011 (Universal Oligopoly control over Internet- digital take over?) media =horizontally & technology –cost A US finance company vertically integrated -disadvantages-piracy / EMI owns Virgin record label illegal downloads & file & HMV (vertical sharing Integration)