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  1. 1. Veterinarian<br />By: Sarah McCarthy<br />4-27-11<br />3rd Hour<br />Career/Technology Foundations<br />
  2. 2. Introduction<br />If you love animals, are good with people, and are comfortable working in any condition; you would probably find the veterinary career suitable.Whenmost people think of a veterinarian, they usually do not realize all of the different things they may do on a day to day basis. Although it is true to say that a veterinarian is an animal doctor, there is many more things involved with this career. In order to get a better understanding of this career field, I will be researching what being a veterinarian is all about. Hopefully this research will strengthen my overall decision in becoming a veterinarian.<br />
  3. 3. Nature of Work<br /><ul><li>Performing surgeries
  4. 4. Treat diseases
  5. 5. Prescribing medicines
  6. 6. Protect humans against animal-carried diseases
  7. 7. Broaden people’s knowledge of animals</li></li></ul><li>Working Conditions<br />All Veterinarians<br />Livestock Veterinarian<br />Traditional Veterinarian<br /><ul><li>Indoor
  8. 8. Work in sanitary conditions
  9. 9. Mostly mental
  10. 10. Noisy
  11. 11. Long hours
  12. 12. Have to deal with pet owners
  13. 13. Risk of being bitten or scratched by frightened animals
  14. 14. Lots of Driving
  15. 15. Work outdoors
  16. 16. Work in all weather
  17. 17. Often work in unsanitary conditions</li></li></ul><li>Training, Qualifications, Advancement<br /><ul><li>A.P. Biology, Human Anatomy/ Physiology, and Zoology are offered in my high school
  18. 18. Veterinarians must graduate from Veterinary school
  19. 19. Must have Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, or D.M.V.
  20. 20. Most Veterinarians enroll in a four year program.
  21. 21. I would like to go to Michigan State</li></li></ul><li>Job Outlook/ Employment<br /><ul><li>Employment will rise 33% by 2018
  22. 22. Employment opportunities are better in rural areas than in cities
  23. 23. Not very competitive for jobs
  24. 24. I would like to start out in Kentucky and maybe take care of race horses because I am very passionate about them.</li></li></ul><li>Earnings<br /><ul><li>Average in Federal Government in 2009 was $93,398
  25. 25. I would like to live in a rural area and have a family. This salary would most likely fit my needs.
  26. 26. My first purchase with</li></ul> these earnings would <br /> probably a house or <br /> car<br />
  27. 27. Related Occupation: Veterinarian Technician<br />Similarities<br />Differences<br /><ul><li>Working with animals
  28. 28. Risk of getting bitten
  29. 29. Work in all kinds of conditions
  30. 30. Employment is growing
  31. 31. Take on more duties of a nurse
  32. 32. Shorter Hours
  33. 33. Less Education
  34. 34. Less Pay</li></li></ul><li>Summary<br />As you can see, being a veterinarian can be very difficult. With the factors of demanding owners, dangerous animals, and sometimes emotional attachments to certain animals; things can get pretty tough for a veterinarian. Despite the hardships, being a veterinarian is very rewarding. It must be very satisfying to know that they have the knowledge and power to save an animal’s life.<br />
  35. 35. Works Sited<br /><br />