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The facts of abortion
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The facts of abortion



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  • 1. The Facts of Abortion
    By: Kim Hardy
    Brooke Wauters
    Sarah McCarthy
    5th hour
  • 2. What is Abortion?
    Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy. Whether a woman’s pregnancy is terminated by choice or by accident, it is still considered abortion.
  • 3. Is Abortion Legal or Illegal?
    Abortion is legal in some countries while its illegal in others. Abortion is legal in as many as 30 countries including the United States.
  • 4. Facts you should know about Abortion.
    Whether you choose to get an abortion or not to, there are certain things you should know about it first.
    Half of the women that get abortions are under the age of 25.
    60% of women who get abortions have never been married.
    Whether a woman decides to get an abortion or give a baby up for adoption, it’s a hard decision and can lead to trauma after.
  • 5. Pros of Abortion
  • 6. Pregnancy through Rape or Incest
    If a girl is raped she may have trouble connecting emotionally with the child.
    A girl can have emotional problems after the trauma of the rape and may be unable to cope with a pregnancy or raising a child.
  • 7. Health concerns of Mother/ Baby
    If a mother is having health issues, it is often recommended that they get an abortion so they can receive treatment right away without further harm to the baby.
  • 8. Social and personal Issues
    A girl may not be able to afford a baby or take proper care of it, especially if the mother does not have the support of the mother and her own family.
  • 9. Childbirth could be just as Traumatic as an Abortion
    Although an abortion could be traumatic, going through childbirth could also have physical and mental challenges.
  • 10. Cons of Abortion
  • 11. Guilt/ Regret
    Some people say abortion is murder while others say it is the most humane way to terminate a pregnancy.
    A woman may develop an emotional attachment to the child and regret getting an abortion.
  • 12. Complications
    Abortion can cause serious mental and physical problems, in some cases even death.
    Abortions can lead to psychological problems such as depression and guilt.
  • 13. Other Options
    Adoption is an option that could give a baby it’s right to life.
  • 14. Quiz!

  • 15. Question 1.
    Why do some girls choose to have an abortion?
    Health Issues
    Social Issues
    All of the Above
  • 16. Question 2.
    What percent of women that have not been married that get abortions?
  • 17. Question 3.
    Is it considered an abortion if a women has a miscarriage?
  • 18. Question 4.
    What is abortion?
    Being pregnant
    Being at the doctors
    Termination of a pregnancy
    None of the above
  • 19. Question 5
    In your own words what is abortion to you? Would you have an abortion or keep it?
    Why or why not.
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