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  • 1.
  • 2. People are particular about their staplers
    (just ask Milton)
  • 3. Background of the stapler
    Previously known as the “fastener” or the “Hotchkiss” the name Stapler wasn’t used till 1909
    1914 staplers were used in offices, 1 for 500 employees and the staplers were either loose or wrapped in paper
    Staples were not glued together until 1923
    Swingline revolutionized the stapler with its top loading design in the 1930’s
  • 4. Stapler Etiquette
    What not to do:
    remove a stapler from its designated home
    jam the stapler (you will be hated by all)
    leave the stapler empty
    staple a document together more than once
    borrow someone’s stapler and not return it
  • 5. Target: College Students
    Remember when you were a freshman…
  • 6. everything you had to juggle:
    class registration,
    navigating your new campus
  • 7. and a social life:
    learning new games
    how to hold your liquor
    Falling in love…
  • 8. Not to mention…
    The actual work. The last thing you need to worry about is finding a stapler as your rushing to turn in your mid term paper.
  • 9. Target: College Students
    Everyone needs a stapler, especially students. With recent budget cuts colleges are having to cut back on everything including staplers in common areas. Though to some this may seem a nominal tool some professors will refuse assignments if they are not stapled making it a necessity for a successful college life.
  • 10. Strategic Idea
    College students are learning how to balance in their new found freedom, Swingline helps them keep it all together.
    Swingline helps them keep it all together.
    Life in college can be hectic and cluttered, Swingline helps you keep it all together  
    Pulling your scattered college life together
  • 11. Recommended media
    Ambient around college campuses and local hangouts (pizzeria, libraries, fraternity row, cafes, bars)
    Online: Social networking sites