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  • 1. Audiences and ProducersSTARS
  • 2. StarsMost stars of the earlyfeature period (1920’s– 40’s) had such welldefined screenidentities that theywere virtuallytypecast.Can you name two orthree actors who haveclear screen identitiestoday?
  • 3. What is a star?Worksheets 1 and 2
  • 4. Star Vehicles• Films which are constructed around the image / persona of a popular star• Star vehicles started in the Golden era when Block-booking was invented• Films were sold on the ‘star’ not the story.• Popular stars like Greta Garbo are part of Star Vehicles.• An example of film as star vehicle is Beverly Hills which was lead by Eddie Murphy
  • 5. Star Vehicle• Which films would you consider to be ‘star vehicles’?• Do these stars repeatedly play the same kind of roles?• Why are they pleasing to their audiences?
  • 6. Stars and the discourse of fandom We will be looking at an official star site of one of your favourite stars• Which of the stars qualities are highlighted?• Do the images feature the stars recognisable persona?• How does the site link to the stars persons and specific film roles?• How is the star being ‘sold’ to the audience?• What does the site offer fans
  • 7. Stars today• Do you agree that Hollywood films are dominated by just a few actors?• Do you think, from what you read or hear, that actors are spoilt and demanding?• Are there actors that you consider to have responsibilities to the films they make?• Are there others whom you consider to be making too many films around the same character or theme to exploit their popularity?
  • 8. Stars as………• Stars and celebrity: Jennifer Aniston• Stars and Britishness: Hugh Grant• Stars and representation: Will Smith
  • 9. British V American stars• Can you name any British actors that have made it in Hollywood?• How important for the British Film industry is the use of UK ‘talent’ in films financed outside Britain?
  • 10. British V American stars• /30/artsfeatures?INTCMP=SRCH• Please read the article and create a case study on One British Actor and one American and consider career, roles and publicity (for themselves and when selling a film)• Please complete for next week