High concept movie
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  • 1. The chances are you probably haven’t seen this film but many many like it.It has been noted that every film we see has a formula and there arebasically around seven or eight stories that have been told in thousands ofdifferent ways with only character names, locations, and small detailschanged.With their one-line pitch, instant iconography, easy marketability andconsumer appeal, and star-name, they introduced cinemagoers to bite-sizemovies. Welcome to the high-concept movie. They are easily recognisableand easily digested.
  • 2. Every high-concept movie includes very similar things in its formula:There’s a predominant theme of good versus evil which always sells, withthe main character having to face a major problem. They also feature theextraordinary in either the character or the situation, but one is sodominant it fights against the other to create obvious and seeminglyunstoppable conflict.They deal with broad themes that are recognisable to any type of filmgoer,who can, whether they are male or female, black or white, English-speaking or not, identify with such themes. Lost love, war, fear, life anddeath, family, and honour, are all dominant within the films themselves.Examples would include Jaws (fear, death), Top Gun (honour), Pearl Harborand Saving Private Ryan (war, honour).
  • 3. The Star
  • 4. The DirectorThe most dominant Hollywood directors of the past twenty years, Spielberg, Tony Scott,David Fincher, James Cameron, Stephen Sommers, Simon West and Michael Bay have allbased their careers around high-concept films.
  • 5. ‘Top Ten Films’ website has stated that these are the top ten ‘High Concept’ movies of all time
  • 6. ActivityIn pairs you are required to research into a High Concept movie and discusswhy it can be classed as such.You have 30 minutes to prepare a presentation to give to the classYou must write notes on each presentation in order to complete adocumentation titled ‘The High Concept Movie’Your documentation should consist of:Definition of a High Concept FilmMasters of the high Concept film (Directors who survive of creating highconcept movies)A list of what you believe to be the top ten High Concept moviesConclude with YOUR opinion of ‘High Concept’ Hollywood