Gay bashing
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Gay bashing



Sarah Vance

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Gay bashing Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Gay Bashing: “The Lavender Scare” 1A AP Language- A4 Broom
  • 2. Background
    • Began during McCarthy’s Red Scare
      • Included firing, red-listing, and ousting of anyone who didn’t fit the “straight” guidelines
    • Many people fired who were gay or possessed “signs” of homosexuality
    • Homosexuality= Mental illness
  • 3. Why?
    • Began with Red Scare and consisted of the ousting of any homosexuals (usually men) from government positions
    • Responsible people:
      • Senator McCarthy
        • Tirades against "Communists and queers"
      • Most Important:
        • Kenneth Wherry and Clyde Hoey
  • 4. Witch Hunt!
    • Huntees: anyone even remotely considered gay or homosexual
    • Hunters:
      • President Eisenhower
        • Gave mandate in 1953 that “sexual perverts” were to be fired from federal jobs
      • Wherry and Hoey
  • 5. Witch Hunt! (Continued)
    • Scapegoats:
      • Usually bachelors or “manly” women
    • Public’s reaction
      • Gay and Lesbian movement started
      • Media encouraged discrimination
  • 6. Public Opinion
    • Then: Homosexuality was always frowned upon, but homophobia was heightened in the 1940s and 50s
    • No end to the witch hunt, yet
    • Gay’s still face persecution everywhere they turn
  • 7. Gay Bashing Today
    • Proposition 8
    • Gays illegal in the military
    • Milk and Brokeback Mountain
      • Criticized for showing homosexuality in a positive light
    • Phrases like “that’s gay”, “faggot”, etc. very prevalent
  • 8. Connection to Crucible and Red Scare
    • Very similar in 1940s and 50s
      • If people were accused of being gay, it was assumed that they were and the person was discriminated against
    • Today the movement to prevent discrimination is larger than ever, but bashing is still a part of society
  • 9. Accused
    • In The Crucible, those low in society or generally not liked were accused
    • Today:
      • “ Feminine” and/ or stylish males; males in art and theatre; male hairdressers
      • “ Butch” females; females dressing in male clothes; athletic females
  • 10. Public Reaction
    • In The Crucible, the public fed the flame of the witch hunt
    • Today many are trying to equalize gays and lesbians
    • Movement and laws to stop gay bashing
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